The Tuesday Videos: Vampire Politicians Edition

Today’s first video is a campaign speech. I know, I know, it seems dry and boring, but this isn’t just any politician. This is Basil Marceaux.

The next video is here because I just can’t help it. Whenever I see one of these, I have no choice but to share. It’s like a city bus shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet or a Baptist picnic being crashed by naked Playboy playmates. You just gotta post.

And now for the other side of that fence…

One more for the bonus!

15 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Vampire Politicians Edition

  1. The Basil one was funny. I’m not sure what he said, but I took a peek on Wiki’ and there was stuff about making most crimes legal, and I think he said something about lots of guns for everyone at the start of the speech, so he’d get my vote if I could.

    The lesbian video was fun, purely for artistic reasons, of course. And the redheaded guy there was kinda cute.

    The two gay videos mostly stretched on and on though. I suppose that makes them more accurate parodies of Twilight, even if I haven’t bothered to watch those pathetic flicks.

  2. not enough action, explosions, firefights, and kungfu for me to consider that spoof a twilight for dudes.

    maybe if they went all matrix on each other instead of fondling (or both)

    • No, I think that would be “Twilight For Boys“. Real men don’t care for explosions, firefights or martial arts tricks.
      Real men care only for SEX.

      And ladies, sorry if anyone has led you to believe anything else.

    • I kinda agree with Stephen. Although the boringness of it did make it a better parody, I probably would have put at least one good sword fight in there.

      • Doesn’t a ‘sword fight’ in a gay parody bring to mind as being something good for an instant XXX rating? On a side-note, I’ve been wondering with all the new 3-D movies coming out this year, has there ever been or does anyone have a plan to make a 3-D porno?

        • 3D is already getting really big in the porn industry. Sales of the cameras have been a hit at national conventions.

          … or so I’ve heard…

        • 3-D porno?
          If someone can think of it, it exists.
          And if it exists and is porn, the Japanese have already done it. Probably ten years ago.
          It’s not like their animators don’t know how to draw oversized… parts of the human anatomy. And tentacles.

  3. Poor Basil (is his last name REALLY “.com?”) – clearly he’s confused…and even Glenn Beck made fun of him on his radio show (Come on Glenn…it’s really not cool to poke fun at someone who clearly needs some professional help…)