The Tuesday Videos: Pets and Geeks Edition

First the pets.

Lassie was a pretty great dog, not only for her ability to save Timmy from the well by talking the stupid kid’s parents into following her out into woods every week, but also for being able to be a farm dog with hair like that. But just how would the farm have fared if Lassie hadn’t been a dog at all?

The next video satisfies our geeks quotient, from the proud creators of (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar. Unfortunately I can’t embed it, so you’ll have to go check it out on their website. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you here.

Game On

The last video is a strange amalgamation of geeks and pets. It is hardly necessary to watch the whole thing, but I’d recommend hanging in there until the howling starts. (Please direct all flaming at Tonya, who sent this to me, and is therefore completely responsible.)

26 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Pets and Geeks Edition

  1. Kay, that guy in the last video is like the scariest clown ever. Seriously, that dog makeup is just creepy. The second video was just awesome, but after watching the first three seasons of The Guild (which, consequently, I was reintroduced to from this comic, and I thank you for that) and Do You Wanna Date My Avatar, I am not at all surprised. And lastly but firstly, that first video was just damn funny. Funny because it’s true.

  2. First vid- BWAAA-HAA. Ok, it was cute, I’ll give it that.
    Second vid- OMG, these guys are great! Very well done! Another quality vid.
    Third vid- Kinda creepy and gaaaay, but I guess in some circles he would be considered quite talented and original. Having been through years of church camps, it made me nauseous to re-live the cheesiness.

  3. [insert tongue in cheek]
    Hey Kevin, was it only a week ago you vowed to cut back on the God baiting?
    [/insert tongue in cheek]

      • I know that I’ve commented that the entire human race is a bunch of Mutts…but the third guy is taking it a bit too literally I think…

        • I didn’t say anything at all about god, religion, or Christianity. I just said the guy was a geek, which I’m pretty sure we can all agree on.

          Besides, as I mentioned, that video is entirely Tonya’s fault.

  4. Vid 1 : accurate description of most likely thing to happen and very appealing to my twisted sense of humor.
    Vid 2 : The Guild are hilarious too.
    Vid 3 : *trows a flame at Tonya as i am waaaay too lazy to actually do any flaming.* Okay, that was disturbing and i was trying to come up with a play on words with rabies and christians in it, but i only got; “I guess that is a rabid Christian” and “A christian that wants both your soul and your bones”. I’m a bit disapointented in myself actually.. 🙄

  5. First… cats’ meow?

    Second how dare you try to make me install M$oft Silverlight. EEEEEvil. The video is great but i youtubed it.

    Third I would like to personaly thank you for freaking me out.

  6. On the subject of Geeks, how many others here have stumbled over the “Warzies versus Trekkies” websites, where Star Wars Geeks and Trek Geeks spend endless hours debating whether Star Trek ships would beat Star Wars ships if they fought?

    The Star Wars geeks are so desperate to win that they arbitrarily shackle the debate to the “official canon policy” of Lucasfilm versus that of Paramount.

    Summary of those “Canon Policies” follows

    Lucasfilm: Unless George Lucas himself says something isn’t canon, it is. Comic books, technical manuals that say every shot from a Star Destroyers’ Turbolasers is the equivalent energy of 50,000 atomic bombs, and novels that actually contradict the movies are ALL canon.

    Paramount: Only LIVE ACTION TV series episodes and movies are canon. Even the Animated series, which was produced by Gene Roddenberry himself, and starred every Trek actor (except Walter Koenig), doesn’t count.

    Gee, sound like the Wars side is a little desperate? They get to use comic book silliness like the rebels having a base ON THE SURFACE OF A SUN, while the Trek side can’t even use the Trek technical manuals. Never mind that Trek tech items are always smaller and more effective than their Star Wars equivalents (Miniaturization is a universal indicator of the advancement of technology) No, Star Wars gets to “win” because…well just Because. Guess the Warzies figure when the Force is with you, you can’t lose, even if you’re using clearly inferior technology in every area except long distance travel speed (Yes, Star wars ships can run away a lot better than Star Trek ships…but Trek ships can use their FTL drive in combat, and near planets.)

      • I think the Lexx would probably beat Star Wars ships…at the very least it could easily blow away an entire fleet with it’s main gun.

              • Being a fan of both SW and ST, I’d go with SW having the more powerful capital ships. ST ships seem to be a little more versatile and manuverable. Lexx could probably outrun either but not put much of a dent in them. Personally, I think that the Magog worldship from Andromeda would kick everybodies ass. I’ve never heard of Ship though, where can I find it?

                This debate puts me in mind of the video gamers and their favorite systems. I don’t mind arguing the good and bad points of a system compared to any other. What bugs me is the hostility you can find in some one-system people. If you love your system and want to make love to it using a convenient port, that’s up to you but don’t tell me that my system sucks because you don’t have/can’t afford one. Same with movie franchises. ST is mostly technobabble and social commentary. SW is a mix of fairy tale, mythology, duster and space opera. Aside from both being sci-fi, I don’t see how you can really compare them. I usually do it only to annoy the hardcore, pompous fans. If you reall want to annoy them, tell them that both suck compared to the awsomeness of Babylon 5(my favorite actually).

                • Ship can be found in the Pandora series, by(greatest author to ever live) Frank Herbert, and partly co-authored with Bill Ransom, starting with Destination: Void, followed by The Jesus Incident, The Lazarus Effect and The Ascension Factor. Hence the “Flattery won’t help” refrence.
                  I highly recommend reading at least the first three books, but the fourth I’ve only started once and forgot to finish, mainly because it didn’t have a strong Herbert style to it, him having died about a year before it was published and Bill Ransom finishing it by himself. Which now reminds me I need to finish it.

                  To put it short, Ship is a rogue AI in a spaceship, with god-like powers(space-time manipulation etc).
                  So what do all these lasers, phasers and other little toys mean compared to an almighty, all-knowing god?

                  Besides, if you piss it off you’re liable to find Nerve Runners running down your spine. Chlorine is recommended, have a nice da…eath. 😈

                  • I’ve read quite a few of Frank Herbert’s Dune series and liked them. The one reason that I stopped was because he could’t seem to stop. So far, the only lengthy series that I’m still reading is David Webers Honor Harrington books. I remember buying books back in the 70’s and early 80’s where sequels were fairly rare. I’m going to check out the Pandora series as there are only four books and I haven’t read any of Herbert’s books in a loooong time. Thanks for the information Orald.

  7. Hi Kevin, I must admit, I find the last video kind of adorable. But I wonder, how often he does that stunt? Is it already a cherished tradition for his familys parties? …