The Tuesday Videos: iLawnmower Edition

Today’s first video is all about landscaping technology. It’s one of those “old way/new way” videos, with a brief safety message thrown in at the end. Our host seems like he’d be a fantastic guy to have a beer with, which as we all know makes him perfect presidential fodder.

The next one shows something I never expected to see. Remember Steve Jobs pissy rant on smart phone antennas, when he said people should quit their bitching about the iPhone because the problem was endemic to the breed? Frankly I thought he sounded like a spoiled child and I didn’t really give anything he had to say much credence.

Sorry Steve.

I have always felt Chris Wallace was a chump, but it’s still kinda sad to see a supposed “reporter” so obviously pushing his own agenda. Ted Olsen is more than up to the task however, and gives back much better than he gets. Primarily this is about gay rights though, and watching Ted in action does give me a reason to hope.

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  1. Okay, I gotta be careful around here of who I let see that first one. I know too many wpople that would take it as a challenge.

    I watched the second one expecting something funny. Nothing funny happened. I am disappointed.

  2. In the third video, Chris Wallace was not (it seemed to me) “pushing his own agenda.” He was encouraging his guest to elucidate his (Olsen’s) position by asking questions from the direction of the opposite side of the issue. Note that this is the only time I have ever watched this particular reporter, and I couldn’t say whether he has shown bias on this or any other issue before.

    • Well, I don’t really like him, so I might have some bias myself. On the other hand, there is a REASON I don’t like him, and that’s pretty much it. I’ve never personally witnessed him being remotely objective about anything. However, at this point, I might be giving him a lot less room for error than I would give someone else.

  3. Off-topic:

    Ron, I’ve decided to check out DDO and have the game installed. I’ll probably get around to creating a character today or tomorrow on Khyber, as you mentioned you have some low-level char’s there(or is there a better option for a server? are they all about the same?). Any tips for a mostly soloing char’? I’ve heard mention of paladins before, but wouldn’t a cleric be better in 3.5ed? Anyway, a few names of your char’s would be nice so we could get in touch.

    • That’s awesome, orald!

      Paladins are good for solo play, as are clerics. Personally, I find clerics a bit more versatile, while pallys are more durable. Rangers also make for some pretty good solo play, since in DDO they get both ranged and two-weapon fighting progression (a trade-off, I imagine to compensate for the loss of the animal companion). Any class that can access healing tends to be more solo-able than those without.

      All the servers are the same, some just have different reputations that may or may not be accurate. Khyber is supposed to be the “drama” server, for example. Orien is the newest server, so I’ve heard that auction house inflation isn’t as bad there (I don’t use the auction house, so this doesn’t affect me). Ghallanda I believe has the most European players due to a recent server merge.

      Currently, my lowest level character on Khyber is level 6, I think, so we can’t group just yet (well, we could, but I will kill your xp). You will need to be at least level 3. Although, I’ve been thinking of re-rolling my fighter.

      Also have some level 4-6 characters on Ghallanda.

      I don’t want to post my character names here. I will instead try to send them via the LJ linked in your name.

      • LJ=Live Journal? My link, I guess…good that I made a profile there too, just to post on GRRM’s blog, less than once a month. I think I’ve got only 10 posts there in almost a year now.
        Anyway, it’s princeopansies there.

        • Oh. Thought the LJ in the link was you. Noted.

          Would you prefer I contact you some other way?

          Actually, you know what? Scratch all that. I’m just paranoid by nature, and really, it’s kinda silly in this case. On Khyber I am Dunreith (main) or Pretzelcoatl, On Ghallanda I am Duana or Bobbisox.

            • Muahaha! Now I’ll hack your accounts! Or was it crack? Maybe social engineer your accounts? Where’s that Coward when you need hi to explain things?

              Anyway, I’m Odrade(everyone’s welcomed to try and crack), I’m on Khybar(added your Khybar ones) and I’m still working the knots out of the UI and game system(action points and enhancements?), and fighting to close the DDO Store window that keeps popping up every few minutes.
              I’m in the starter village, have done some beginner quest and will do some more later on to familiarize myself.
              But I’ve tired of it for now and will stay away for a few hours at the least.

              • The store popping open is a recent bug due to one of the new starter quests being a store use tutorial (you have to open the store and buy a cheap item to complete the “quest”). When anyone opens the store for this quest, it opens the store for everyone nearby. I’ve only seen it happen in the tavern in the starter area, so you should be fine once you leave.

                Action Points are used to purchase Enhancements, which are like mini-feats. There are also Enhancement chains that represent the closest DDO can get to Prestige Classes.

    • I have 4 characters on khyber. I think they are all level 4 with possibly 1 level 5. I stopped playing because I had a life in comparison to my friends who outlevelled me and left me in the dust.

      I would like to give bard, or maybe rogue a shot. I bought the “veteran status” and “32 point build” account options so I can make a new character that starts at level 4 on any server.

      Maybe we can get a decent group going on? I lost my job so I have lots of time on my hands now.

      • From the few hours of play I’ve rather liked it so far, but I had two graphic driver crashes already. Hopefully my update would take care of it and it’s not a real disagreement between my system and the game(which runs smoothly and with very fast loading times).
        I was just about to get to level 2 BTW.

      • Creating a static group would be cool, if everyone’s play times meshed.

        I don’t have veteran status (yet), but I could run a new character to level 4 in a few hours if I had to.

        • My play times were never predictable, I’m just fickle like that. But some display driver crashed again, for the 3rd time in about 24 hours(and I don’t really get crashes otherwise), despite the update.
          If it’s a display driver it means updating my Nvidia card’s software, right? Done that, so what’s next?

  4. Woot, I have an Android phone. So maybe by next year tomorrow I might finally have that third arm I have always wanted!

    • I’ve been carrying my cellphones exclusively in my pocket for years, but alas, no “third leg” sprouting yet, if you get my drift.

          • Argh, I requested that one deleted, t’was a mistake and not even supposed to be related to this post.
            This heat is making my brain even more addled than usual. Gods, and that guy in the first video said they had rains in the summer. 🙁