40 Responses to 703 – White Smoke Mountain • 71

  1. Kevin, your point that this may not be the smartest DM has been proven. I tip my hat to you, sir.

  2. Honestly, I’m now tempted to make an adventure around some insane high level retired adventurer who built his menagerie of death traps etc. just to relive the thrill of his glory days whenever he does ANYTHING. Bonus points if he’s not a spell caster, so he actually DOES have to do all that back-flippin’ and etc.

    • If that’s going to be a pbp-adventure, I might like to get in on that adventure. Sounds interesting. ^^

      “Wow, MY grandpa didn’t do backflips over a pitfull of spikes to get to the fridge.”

  3. maybe I played too many parkour games but wouldn’t that be a cinch for a rouge? Faith Conners or Altair could do that in there sleep, hell even Laura Croft.

    whats stopping them from using the chains as a swing btw?

  4. Why this isn’t a trapped room at all, it is actually a day spa, and all that mud is for the therapeutic mud bath. Just cause it might melt away Your skin doesn’t mean it will not reguvinate and moisterize mine.

    And I see Bunker has sheathed his sword in the proper place.

  5. I wonder what Martin’s and Bunker’s plan was. It looks like they told Enkidu and Freya about the hacked adventure (well, Freya was the first one to suspect something fishy was going on), but left Zobbie and Morty out of the loop. If that is the case, I foresee troubles ahead once Morty and Zobbie find out. After all, Morty considers Bunker his best friend, while Zobbie will see it as just another proof of sisterly betrayal.

  6. In any case, a powerful wizard wouldn’t need a secret door. He’d just use teleport to get in and out.

  7. Would this place even be considered a “home?” Seems like these dungeons and such are just places to keep your high-end gear and treasure so you don’t have to be worried about a group of jerks breaking in and stealing your shit. But of course the jerks just see it as a challenge and come looking for your loot anyway. Jerks.

      • The thing is, this just isn’t his “home” proper- it’s like saying the moat, walls etc are the lord’s “home”. He’s got his quarters in the main keep, everything’s pretty much close by and that’s it.
        You don’t design your house in a way that forces you to cross several hundred meters or more of death-trap filled dungeons every time you wake up to take a piss at night, still groggy from sleep. That’s more of a front-lawn area, and just like your average front-lawn, anyone who wasn’t invited should expect to get shot/mauled by the dog/shot by the dog then mauled.

        So yea, there’s not much call for secret passages in such places, not for a powerful wizard anyway.