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  1. I like the closed hand negating the spell. Paff! I’m digging the artwork on this one. Watching Enkidu blast things with fire is fun.

  2. Id actually slap a DM that set a trap then stopped all my actions until I activated the trap. This guy deserves to have his game hacked.

  3. Enkidu sick em!

    Ruff! (insert boom)

    Good Enkidu! Have some treasure.

    Oh had to add, just when I was seeing a lack of nipples, boom, there ya go with Enkidu!

    Orald about your graphics crashing. 2 things, if your graphics card is crashing to desktop ie minimizing to desktop, your card is overheating, turn that fan up. If you get a .nv error on the crash your drivers are corrupt, probably from upgrading. If you do not already know, when you update drivers use “driversweeper” free program, after you uninstall your driver use driversweeper to clean all the remnants and then restart your system and Then install the new driver. 🙂

    • You, sir, disgust me with your nipple fetish! How low have you must have fallen to thank Kevin for Enkidu’s!

      And my screen just turns black, though by the sounds I know it doesn’t actually crash the game. I can even see and use the mouse pointer, but everything else is black. All I can do then is start the Task Manager and shut it down manually(when the desktop’s on the game minimizes to the task-bar, of course).
      All I get is a message that one of my display drivers crashed and has recovered.
      The thing is, I find it hard to believe it’s overheating since the game plays very smoothly and doesn’t seem demanding.

  4. It kinda sucks when you have a really AWESOME trap all set up for some fool adventurers, and then they go and don’t fall for it. I mean, the nerve! All set up to lay some smack down, and some clever asswipe hits on a simple solution you didn’t think of. But then again, if the DM is getting all his “great ideas” online, it probably isn’t as big of a letdown. It’s just funny that he’s like, “are you suuuuuuure you wanna do that???” (“Aw, come on, fall for it you guys”).

    • I’d put that false ceiling monster or some mechanical trap just ahead of the portcullis, it being a mimic or no.
      When you’ve got a prominent feature in the landscape people tend to overlook subtler things around it.
      I’m much more worried about the area leading to a treasure chest than the treasure chest itself.

          • I was playing in a 40k tournament once when my opponent attempted a really cheesy ruse to take out my commander. I had been stomping the piss out of him and this one over-geared special character was all he had left. He had been hiding the character until the end, hoping I would give him an opening. When I didn’t, he finally just swept out in a desperation move and charged. Unfortunately for him I had kinda figured he must have had something up his sleeve, since he clearly hadn’t spent his points on quality troops, and I had left a squad of particularly shooty troops on overwatch for the whole game. When he came roaring out I chopped him up halfway across the board.

            I had avoided the trap.

            Now this player, a grown man, went to the judge and complained that I was cheating. The judge came over, looked at the situation, and decided that I had not. HOWEVER, the judge then asked me if I would let the player get past anyway and kill my commander. I told him that in a friendly game I certainly would, but since we were playing for points (the commander was worth 5 points) and I was neck and neck with one of the other tournament participants, I would really prefer not to. He responded by reminding me that we were also being scored on sportsmanship, and that was worth 15 points. I smiled and said fine.

            My opponent missed my commander, played a reroll card, missed again, then complained to the judge a second time, who ruled my commander dead. I lost the entire tournament by 3 points.

            I have never had a DM piss me off that much.

            • Love someone who considers having a good defense set up to be “Cheating”

              “So I spent points on a squad of elite elfin archers and a firebally wizard that I kept up at the crest of the hill, and you just bought a massive horde of axe-wielding orcs, and you think I’m cheating when you get shredded?”

            • o_O WTF???
              Was the judge his friend or what?? For someone supposed to be impartial, he sure wasn’t. Or maybe that other player was that annoying…

              • I think they did at least know each other, but the other guy was whining, while I was just standing there. Having judged these tournaments myself, I would have told the other player “Better luck next time,” but I guess I just wasn’t fated to win. Shame too, because I annihilated that tourney, except for the guy who won, who I only narrowly beat.

  5. *sigh*

    That DM isn’t the smartest guy around, is he?
    There has been these massive scorching clues that Enkidu usually do the opposite of what he feels people wants him to do. 😆

      • Minor challenge for you: Describe what kind of tool (or how they’re a tool) for every member of the player cast. NPCs are too easy since they’re all GM tools.

        • I don’t even know the proper name of every name in a standard-issue toolbox. I have a light hammer and I have a Swiss army knife, and I use them for pretty much all my repairwork…

  6. whew alot of catching up and now im current (yay). greetings yall been away for a while (comp was down) but im back and loving the story

    • What, looking old, worn-out(maybe drug-addled too) and with vague similarity to Theoden in LoTR, if Google Images is to be believed?

      Frankly, I think Theoden wouldn’t take it too well to be compared to a half-orc.

  7. This is why I always poked at things with my spear, or any other sharp/pointy things I had on hand before touching them… treasure chests, grates, doors, anything that could be trapped.

    Not all traps were set off just by touch though… but enough of them were.