27 Responses to 700 – White Smoke Mountain • 68

  1. Yeah! Some real armor, cause golden dragon scale armor is balls! I mean, one green slime drops on you and BAM! That shit’s gone.

      • Hey, even a slime’s gotta eat… And what is dragonscale if not dead hide of dragon? And everyone knows dragons are completely delicious. ^^ Nom nom nom…

    • Heh. That’s why one of the early enchantments I put on any decent armor is blueshine or some equivalent so some stupid low CR slime or rust monster doesn’t take it out. One should make the GM use a bit more imagination if he wants to take your stuff. :mrgreen:

  2. Braggadocio, thy name is Martin.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if his bragging at least was more stylish, cool and cryptic–as in a big joke that the GM wouldn’t get.

  3. but bunker! good gear means nothing when the person behind the character can’t properly use it!

    you can have god gear but a shit player is still shit =O
    likewise a awesome player in rags is still awesome =)

      • Agreed. Lousy gear is still lousy no matter who uses it. If a captain hands a soldier a pea shooter and says “You’re such a great marksman you can kill even with that” it’s time for the great marksman to roll his eyes and quit before he dies. Maybe he’s so good he could still kill a couple people with it but… no, just no. Not gonna accept it.

      • I personally like gear that looks like shit but is in fact epic.

        Daemon scale loin cloth of replenishment! Wards against blades, arrows, corrossive substances, and anything that has to do with crushing. Gives plus 2 to stamina.

        Also looks good on the beach.