32 Responses to 696 – White Smoke Mountain • 64

  1. Overalls are annoying. Maybe it sits better on the woman-folk, but the few times I used them I was annoyed by how moving your hands(especially upwards) makes them uncomfortably tight around the groin.
    The only compromise is wearing one at least 1-2 sizes bigger than you.

  2. Hah! Freya’s mistrust to the rescue! Payback will be sweet. :mrgreen:
    Unfortunately, Martin’s better at bluffing and cheating than them and will try to weasel out of it if confronted directly.

    The elegant way would be to get their own copy of the module online or in print from the bargain bin, because I doubt Martin hacked into an official database. If the module is old, there must be lots of paleogamers who’ve played it before.

  3. Bunker does have the ability to spot things when the circumstances gets worded to him in the right way.
    Then again, put the H.O.L.Es.”Martin” into a sentence indicating foul play and it becomes instantly more believable. 😆

    • If the game module is readily available for download online, the quickest way to prove something is amiss would be to download the original and show it to the GM. (Otherwise, just find a paleogamer and ask him for details about the adventure.) I believe Martin only hacked the GM’s version, not the whole company server? Because I doubt he can do that.

      But it would be funny, certainly, if the police came in and arrested Martin (that is, the player) for unlawful hacking, and his character gets the same abrupt ending as the knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

      • According to Martin, he did actually hack the server, replacing it’s version of the adventure with his altered one.

  4. The comment system seems to have put me on a No Posting list. 🙁
    It ate two of my attempts to comment today.

  5. Despite the general consensus, I always did like Martin. And seriously, if you know one of your fellow player “hacked” the module, just roll with it. So what? Just make sure he knows that when it comes time to dish out treasure you’re on the A list to get the good shit. Otherwise you might accidentaly let the DM know what’s up.

    • If you were to see what he sees every time he pulls down his pants you’d do the same, though I suspect his is the result of a bout of hysteria.

  6. I couldn’t wait for the next video blog, I just found this and it’s so adorable.
    Somehow I have a feeling she’s gonna be disappointed with heaven after looking up to it so much, but I’ll be glad to hurry her there all the same.

    I can’t WAIT to see you in heaven! 😆

  7. Okay, I have to ask. What -if anything- does Freja’s player get out of a steady relationship with the DM and even engaging him in sexual activity? Apart from in-game advantages, that is. He sounds less than mature, so what does he do that makes her continue to go out with him?

      • So she’s what, like 15? Cause that’s the only kinda girl I think would be impressed by a car. Is it at least a nice car?

        • I think quite a lot of girls are impressed by cars and other shows of wealth quite pass the age of 15.
          Of course it’s beyond me to claim such women are in fact subtly(and some less than subtly) whoring themselves while still possessing a mighty opinion of themselves, so I won’t claim it, nor even hint at it.
          I’ll also abstain from claiming there’s an evolutionary justification for it.

          And I think it has to be a nice car to compensate for the hysteric nervous giggle he gets every time he pulls down his pants.