18 Responses to 695 – White Smoke Mountain • 63

  1. Poor Charlotte Brown…next thing you know, Martin will hold a football for her to kick and yank it away at the last second….Then again, A rock may turn out to actually be a decent item…maybe it’s a small piece of the elemental plane of Earth.

    Of course Martin hacked the treasure, so he knew what to grab….

      • Hm. I had previously assumed the chest itself was magical and everyone would be allowed to wish for one magical item and the chest would provide it. Apparently not. Apparently the chest holds a number of pre-selected items. But if Martin hacked the module, then why the …? OK, OK, Charlie Brown’s pet rock. Rule of Funny. 😉

        I wonder what goodies Fleece, Morty and Enkidu got. Did anyone think to cast Detect Magic to see if all items are magical?

        A dragon statue… *cue ominous music* Why do I get the feeling Martin has read Dragonlance? 🙄 Although his statue is probably of a red dragon, not a golden one.

        • I am a bit confused on this part as well, as the previous panel stated “you may pick a Gift” and my experience is that a gift is usually some item with no real significance like memorabilia, while treasure are generally useful items ranked in effectiveness by chance and difficultly – so the rock is probably some sort of fashionable paper weight!

          On second thought if she makes a sling out of Freyas top not only will she make an effective ranged weapon but there will by twice the boobage.

          • There IS a magic item, a minor artifact in fact, that would appear as a rock, especially to a Newbie. I speak of none other then the Philosophers Stone. ‘Course, this group plays 4.0, I don’t, so I don’t know if such an item exists in Fourth Edition.

  2. Zobbie really needs to get her “adventurerer”-mode on or she’ll always miss out on all the all right stuff*.

    * I take it for granted that Martin** and Fleece will hog all the GOOD stuff leaving the all right stuff for the others.

    ** Martin having hacked the module knows not only where it is but also what is the good stuff.

    • I’m sure he’d know even if he hadn’t hacked the module. If not for his… ‘unique’ personality, he’d probably make a fine DM.

      • We’ve seen Martin (that is, his player) stand in as DM before, and it was an utter disaster. Not just because of the Monty Haul campaign style but also because he ran his player character as a gamemaster-favored-NPC. Remember? In the end, Enkidu’s player had rebelled and declared his PC the God of all Orcs, and Martin’s player declared Martin God of the Underworld, and… the others decided to ignore them.

        Seriously, Martin is the more insidious version of Rules Lawyer: the Rules Cheater, who knows all the rules and tables by heart, but only uses them to screw others over. Rules lawyers can be harnessed by a GM by giving them the job of rules consultant, as long as you make it clear that theword of the GM is still final law. But if they are the inflexible type of rules lawyer they make horrible GMs.

        Martin on the other hand knows all the rules (but only to get what he wants) and treats them as guidelines (if they get in the way of what he wants), and he lets others ride along (as long as they do what he wants), but he makes a horrible GM. He’s a control freak. A sneaky control freak. That’s why he gave his PC mind-control powers.