The Tuesday Videos: The Musical Edition

The first video is here for a variety of reasons. This kid sounds good, he’s clearly having fun, but most of all it really makes me smile. This to me is one of the best things you can do with YouTube… other than overdubbing old Star Trek episodes.

This next one smelled a bit viral to me at first, except for the little brother running into the scene. I dunno. Clearly that has little to nothing to do with why I posted it though.

And finally, in keeping with this week’s themes of fun, family and music, comes today’s final video. For those of you averse to sweet, I warn you that’s it does depict a bonding moment between a father and his child.

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  1. loooooooooooooooool

    Loved the black metal video, I’m sending it to my pals 😀 Thanks a lot! 😀

    • Yea, but the kids running around her make it all kinda creepy.
      I wonder if she does private performances though…

          • Uh…I live in a naked house too, when it’s too hot or entering/exiting the shower…But then again I live ALONE.
            It’s also kind of, you know, an incest-ish thingy.
            OK, so they’re little kids who don’t care about it(like how you can bring kids up to a certain age into the other sex’s locker-rooms at the pool, from what I dimly recall), but what happens in a few years when they start to understand?
            Am I such a puritan to think this is creepy?

            And while I don’t care much for what people do in the privacy of their homes/beds, I must say I’ve been “scarred” by my father wandering around the house naked most of the time in his final years(pity he didn’t die sooner), among his other obnoxious activities.

            And believe me, you wouldn’t want to see my father naked.

            • This could be an interesting discussion in cultural “norms” if I had the time or inclination to get involved (I’m supposed to be working as I type this).

              And sorry you had to see your dad naked.

            • I think in most naked homes, not having clothes on has nothing to do with sex, so no, it isn’t really creepy or incesty. Now if you were to take a person without this sensibility and thrust them unprepared into that situation… well, results may vary depending on the open mindedness of the individual, but it’d probably at least be uncomfortable for awhile.

              For the record, I am FOR naked people.

            • Could be from Europe. You know it’s perfectly normal to go bathing with your siblings there, right? Social norms, etc.

              Nudity != sex. Nudity = lack of clothes. That’s it.

              Some sets of clothing are far more sexualized than nudity ever will be, as well. When was the last time you didn’t think something naughty from seeing a girl in a PVC corset?

              • There’s bathing and then there’s bathing. When my sister and me were little then yea, or my mother bathing me etc. That’s different when the people involved are teenagers and above(though I think you start understanding several years before puberty…I know I already did at least around 8-9 y-o).

                Nudism is great, sure, if you grow up with it. Raw meat is also great, I guess, if your society doesn’t cook(not talking about sushi here…And sometimes I do have half a craving to try raw meat, but I’m crazy so it doesn’t say much).
                But the fact is that just about all human societies now cover up their bodies, at least the loins(genitalia=sex), even when those don’t serve any purpose for protecting from the elements.
                So it’s weird.

                And just so you know, TSED, I could think some very naughty things whether the girl was wearing a pornstar-like outfit, nothing at all or just about anything really.
                But being nude(or wearing such outfits as you mentioned that emphasize her sexual traits) exposes and enhances said characteristics, so I’d be even more inclined to think that way.
                BTW, IDF uniforms are very cute on girls, guns not as much(just messy, stinky and in the way).

              • Probably. The craziest time for total nakedness was in West Germany during the “1969er revolution” (because it started in 1969), when the radical and not to radical left-wingers proposed freedom from all dusty old social norms, promoting free sex, free nakedness, free drugs, free education, free… everything.

                And in socialist East Germany (the “Deutsche Demokratische Republic” *cough*) before the fall of the Berlin Wall, naked bathing was far more prevalent than even here in former West Germany. Beaches full of them, or so I read. The fans of the Freikörperkultur (free body culture, the nudists) still go strong over there.

                The weirdest offshot of that is a recent proposal, here in the region where I live, of a Naked Hiking Trail through some woods (you don’t have to be naked to use it, you can go with clothes on, but it was supposed to be a hiking trail for wandering around nude). Now, for some reason, the local municipality didn’t maintain the trail (keeping it clear of undergrowth) or put up the promised signs…. now the nudists are complaining that Germany has become too conservative.

                Frankly, I’m not a nudist, mainly because, well, I’m a biologist, and the idea of wandering through some woods naked, either with hiking boots or barefoot, brings up some warning signs in my mind: ticks, gnats, niting midges, ants, wasps, sunburn, nettles, plants that can cause phototoxic reactions when you touch them, etc etc.

                At least Germany does not have venomous snakes. (Well, technically we have two venomous snake species, Vipera aspis, the Aesculapian snake, which only lives in the Black Forest in Southern Germany because it’s more of a mediterranean snake, and Vipera berus, the European adder, which used to be common but is now highly endangered and very shy; both have bites that are not normally deadly to adults because although the European adder has a very strong venom, her bite only carries a very small amount of venom, not enough to cause more than mild discomfort to adults. There’s not been a death from snakebite in Germany for over 50 years now. (There was one woman bitten in 2004 who died but she was over 80 years old and doctors said the bite wasn’t the actual or only cause of death.) There are more yearly deaths caused by allergic reaction to bee and wasp stings!

      • The Westboro “folks” are evil freakazoids…come on…going to a dead soldier’s FUNERAL holding signs that read “God Hates Fags” is beyond ANY sane social norm.

        Maybe if we all wish REALLY HARD, a bunch of miniature black holes could open up, suck all those braindead idiots in, and then disappear?

            • Have you ever been to a Southern Baptist church?

              It’s true. God does hate happy and carefree.

              • I had the strangest notion creep into my head maybe an hour ago, while I was cleaning the dishes.
                I imagined how funny it would be if a bunch of anti-gay bigots like all those TV preachers or Mr. Eat-Da-Poo-Poo(from Kevin’s blog a while back) started hearing these strange musical notes everywhere and ended up getting all into a room while those notes mixed together to play some stereotypically gay song(Village People song perhaps?), and they all stood there shocked until someone said: It’s true, we’re gay, and we have been from the start.

                Could have had something to do with the BSG music I had on… 😛

                Probably not that hilarious, but I had to share it.

            • I know the original meanings of both words, I just wanted to make a lame pun, that’s all.

  2. Worst thing is, aside from the clean house and constant corpsepaint, I know some guys like this.
    When you enter someone’s house for the first time and see everyone trying her best to be bigger and badder than the next guy, with decorations (and pseudo-medieval weapons) everywhere and porno on TV, not to be seen, but to affirm that you’re so hardcore you only use TV for porno… Well, it’s a strange new world.

  3. ok I’ve now officially wasted half my morning looking up references to add to the wiki. Anyone else want to comb through back issues to figure out where the more interesting events in each character’s lives have been?

  4. “Welcome to the darkside, little one. Today we’ll bring out the My Little Church Burning Playset ™ as the next step in your barbarian horde training.” Awww…so cute! Kids can take alomst anything in stride…naked sister on drums, father in corpse paint. By the time this kid gets into high school she’s gonna be either an outcast or one of the coolest kids in the school. I gotta say that I had no idea where this was going until he broke out the lighter fluid.

      • It’s funny what a little nudity can do. She’s sitting on a pillow that she put on a coffee table. And before anyone asks, yes, I did too read the articles in my dads Playboy mags. You can be literate while still possessing the “HEY LOOK, BOOBIES!” reactions of a teenage schoolboy. 😉

  5. I liked the chicken song, because I too love the hell out of chicken. Naked is always good, better when it’s a girl being naked, and the burning church made me lol. Also my wife who was watching from over my shoulder. Thanks for that Kevin.

  6. It’s interesting to see the dialogue on the Naked Rock Band entry. Having traveled a little, USA is the only country in which I have found nakedness is a topic of conversation. Complete nakedness in most countries, would be about as noteworthy as talking about someone’s elbow being uncovered. Most of the world doesn’t seem to equate nakedness as sexual. Having been raised to be embarrassed about my nakedness, of course I had to challenge that weird belief in my young adulthood and enjoyed quite a bit of streaking until I got bored with that, too. In Miami, every time I go out there is some drunken tourist getting naked, and so, it too has lost it’s memorability, plus sometimes, it’s just too hot to wear clothes.

    • And that last bit is why I love being in Canada. You can always put on another layer when it’s cold. You can’t always take off another layer. Especially when it’s hotter outside than body temperature.

      • You can always take off another layer. If you take off the skin, you’ll lose a lot of blood really fast, and this will cause your body temperature to drop significantly!

        This has… other… drawbacks, however.

  7. Having recently experienced a heatwave up here near Ottawa, there was a few times I wished I could have crawled out of my skin let me tell you. Heat plus humidity equals feeling like you’ve had the life sucked out of you.