The Tuesday Videos: 3 Act Play Edition

To begin, we bring the happy.

Then the drama…

And finally, the funny!

25 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: 3 Act Play Edition

  1. CROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Kevin. Now I have the overwhelming urge to watch the Conan movies. I wonder if Netflix has them on instant play…

    • Liked the “gay shower” joke part being juxtaposed to the real “gay” scene in the movie.

  2. I actually wanted to link the AT AT video about a week ago after stumbling upon it.

    The Conan musical seems familiar somehow…And the only downside to it was their brief use of “Conan The Destroyer” shots(the one where he’s crashing the two riders&horses with the big net).

    And yes, Adam doesn’t really need cloths. Also Eve. Maybe the Gay Friend needs though.

    @Connell: The original one at least is quite available on P2P, so it downloads rather fast. And given that only the original should interest you that’s all you need.

    • That one Destroyer scene does really stick out at ya, but it could be way worse I suppose. At least it’s not a Kindergarten Cop clip. BTW, it might seem familiar because the same guy did a Total Recall video a while back, which I also posted.

      • Oh yes! I knew the voice and style sounded familiar somehow.

        And it really sticks out for me because I love the first film, but the second I’ll gladly pass.

        Kindergarten Cop really sucked, that’s for sure. But what can you do with a film that takes place where there are lots of kids? It’s bound to fail.

    • LOL.

      I also found the poster’s comments funny, pushing people to use tasers instead if firearms. Tasers can hurt you too since it’s electricity, have a much shorter range(often contact) and I’m quite sure the stopping power isn’t as good as a gun. Also, guns are a better psychological determent, as people know what they can do, and they make lots of noise(useful for animals too).

      I’d definitely use a gun over a taser any day.

      • Ofcourse a gun will work -alot- better then a taser.
        Hell people on hard drugs won’t even be fased (phased?) when they get Tase’d.
        It’s sad, in the Netherlands the gay goverment is basically copying the USA in everyway, but very poorly.
        In texas you shoot a trespaser you are a home defender, in Holland you hit a burgler twice (or even once if you are under any martial arts) and you get seu’d for taking the law in your own hands…

        this makes me a sad panda 🙁

        PS yes I realise my rant didn’t have anything to do with..well..anything on this site. 😛

  3. Ok, this isn’t about the stuff above, but about the Wiki.

    Since I was one of the people who said that they would work on it, now it has happened, I feel honour bound to do something.

    However, I have been making searches about various characters and irrelevant things come up. I would assume that the tags that are at the bottom of each comic are searchable text using the search bar on the top right, but it doesn’t seem to bring relevant results up.

    Adding to the Wiki would be a lot easier if I could use that.

    Any ideas?

  4. Kevin, I think I’ve got another filter problem, trying to reply to Chris’ reply to my post.
    Yesterday it also started with the “reply” option.

    • I don’t see any more flagged items than before, maybe they got shunted straight to spam?

      BTW, one link is usually okay, two links attracts the filter’s attention. (Depending also on where the link is going. If it’s selling boner pills you’re also likely to get knocked down.) If you’ve already got the filter’s eye on you, it may become even more restrictive.

  5. When I click on the AT-AT video, it tells me it isn’t available in my country. WTF? I see that more on and more of that S on the internet. Tribalization of the internet: The national edition.