35 Responses to 689 – White Smoke Mountain • 57

  1. I’m just wondering; wouldn’t taking charge be counter-intuitive when standing in water?

    • Consider it Enkidu’s douchebag fine. Bunker is now The Authority, he gets to levy those out.

      • Yup. :mrgreen:
        “Hey, Enkidu, you’re okay with me taking your chainshirt, since you won’t be using it for a while? What with you being unconscious, I mean. No problem, you say? Great! You’re a chum, Enkidu. I wouldn’t want the chain to chafe your bruised ribs, buddy.”

  2. Well Morty, Freya and Zobbie are pretty decent people so you can’t loot them. Martin and Fleeces stuff is probably boobytrapped so it’s likely worth your life to try. Enkidu deserves what he gets and is in no shape to protest anyway due to being beaten to a bloody pulp by the resident paladin. I’m sure that Bunker would kill him if provoked enough but I don’t think anything that he’s done so far in this dungeon has been all that bad considering some of his previous actions (“That orphanage was asking for it.”).

  3. Enkidu never had a great fashion sense, but on Bunker the chainshirt with the dorky neckline looks like he’s a transvestite Hockey player drag queen crossdressing in his grandmother’s sequined evening dress on his way to audition for a role in a performance of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert by the local dungeon amateur theater troupe[*].

    ([*] What, you never heard of the Goblin Amateur Actors and Stagehands Guild? Come on, Martin hacked the dungeon module. They’ll probably meet Vampire LARPers next.)

    In other words, I thoroughly approve. :mrgreen:

      • It reminded me of that chapter in the Dragonlance: War of the Lance novels, where those big, muscled heroes Caramon and Sturm Brightblade try to dress up as washerwomen to infiltrate the slave quarters in the fortress of Pax Tharkas, where the Red Dragonarmy kept the human prisoners.

  4. Shouldn’t they be concerned why the hallway is floated with water? Maybe a pipe broke?