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    • It’s always good for an elected leader if he or she is voted in unanimously. Not only does it look great in the history books, but it also gives them more leeway in their decision-making.

      And no, I am not going to express any concern about the nature of Enkidu’s vote vis-à-vis the concept of unanimity.

      • And like any great leader, Bunker starts his reign by silencing the opposition- in this case, punching it in the face.

          • Bunker is a damn fascist! And everyone’s been cheering up for him, too! 😮

            So…I’ve got all your votes for when I run for Emperor of Earth, right?

              • Aside from leading through the use of force? I don’t know. But it’s fun calling people fascists every now and then, don’t you think?

                  • Fascism is often confused with Nazi-ism…they really weren’t the same thing of course…the “National Socialist Worker’s Party” in Germany was quite different from the Progressive Fascism in Italy..and neither one was “right wing” – they were both offshoots of Marxist philosophy.

                    • Elfguy wrote:
                      “the “National Socialist Worker’s Party” in Germany was quite different from the Progressive Fascism in Italy…and neither one was “right wing” – they were both offshoots of Marxist philosophy.”

                      Er, what?? Offshoots of Marxist philosophy”??
                      I’m sorry, that’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard (apart from creationism).

                      Now, the Nazis were fascists, but not all fascists are Nazis, true. And fascism under it’s official definition (yes, there is one, see below), can grow out of a left-wing or a right-wing sociopolitical current. Both Hitler’s NSDAP and the Italian fascists under Mussolini (and the Spanish fascists under dictator Francisco Franco) were RIGHT-WING, antidemocratic, militaristic and strongly nationalistic. Read Mussolini’s Spirit of Fascism if you don’t believe me.

                      That the Natis called themselves “national socialists” has nothing to do with socialism as we define it now. It’s just labels. Hitler could have called his party the Carebear Party or whatever, that doesn’t change their world view.

                      Hitler hated the communists. His early political alliance with Stalin, the German-Soviet Non-Agression Pact or Molotow-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939, broke down in 1941 when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. One of the reasons the brownshirts won and Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1933 (after his “National Revolution” military coup in 1923 had not gone that well for him *cough*) on a platform of among other things eradicating the communists from Germany… up to then, the Communist Party had been a legal if radical left-wing political party in the German Weimarer Republic. Hitler’s supporters and allies came from CONVERSATIVE circles, from Big Business and the military.

                      Similarly, Franco’s military coup in 1936 destroyed the democratic Spanish republic.

                      The Antikominternpakt of 1936 was a pact between Hitler Germany and the Japanese Empire with the express purpose of fighting the ComIntern (short for The Communist International or Third International), the international communist organisation founded in Moscow in 1919.

                      The only thing the communists and the various right-wing fascists of the 1920s-1940s had in common was their wish to destroy the bourgeoisie. The Marxists wanted a “workers’ paradise” without social classes or wage slavery but were highjacked by assholes who wanted to overthrow the current social hierarchy to grab power for themselves, while the fascists wanted to abolish democracy and replace it variously with a nationalistic, capitalistic dictatorship of the military-industrial complex (Mussolini), a return to a nationalistic ideology of “blood and soil” and a strong social hierarchy (Hitler), and a nationalistic military dictatorship that led back to an absolutist monarchy (Franco). [disclaimer: That doesy not mean all monarchies are automatically fascist, thank you).

                      I can’t post URL links here, for fear of this posting being eaten as spam again, but for starters please google
                      “The 14 Characteristics of Fascism” by Lawrence Brittfirst published in Free Inquiry magazine in 2003,
                      or “Fascism Anyone?” by Laurence W. Britt, from Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 23, Number 2.
                      Or anything about modern neo-fascism. But again, I can’t post links here, since… well you know.

                  • Capitalist pig-dog!

                    I know I’ve heard this lame curse somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

                    • Believe the propoganda if you want, Christina, but Nazi-ism only became “Right wing” after the 1960s, and yes, Hitler hated Communism, which was a different branch of socialist/marxist philosophy than his, which stressed eugenics and racial “purity” (Biggest load of BS in history by the way..everyone on the planet is effectively a mongrel by now…woof woof.)

                      Bit of trivia: Did you know that the name of the country “Iran” was suggested to the ruler of the area by a Nazi, because it meant “Aryan?” – Yes, Iran is an “Aryan Nation” Up until 1935 it was “Persia”

                    • And how do you know it’s not YOU who is so filled up with propoganda that you’ve started spewing it yourself?

                      Oh, and Kevin; sorry for feeding the troll.

    • People, people, really, lets not bicker and argue about who stole ideology from who! This is supposed to be a happy comic!

      Lets just all agree that fascists, nazies and commies are all evil men and their systems of government are all wrong, and instead look forward, towards a better future.
      A future where I’m in charge.

        • Hey, if it worked for God Emperor Leto II, why not?

          I’ll pass on the grizzly death scene, though.

      • Nazis are evil, fascists are unpleasant, commies are misguided. But that’s just a broad-brush observation.

        Doctrines and ideology aren’t in themselves evil. Individuals are evil. Obviously individuals who would want to sign up to a doctrine involving the murder, enslavement, imprisonment or deportation of innocents are in general more likely to be evil.

  1. Never kiss her sister…uhm, okay, so he can still have wild and reckless sex with her? 😛

          • And they killed it way too soon. Oh well, at least we got a killer movie out of it. Summer rocks hard and kicks ass!

            • It’s a shame Wash got killed there, though, he made me laugh silly since the very first dinosaur fight.

              And gods be good, when Kaylee and Simon make out at the end I just wanted to jump in there with them.
              Hell, apart from Book I’d do them all.

  2. If Enkidu wants to turn this thing around he just needs to follow a simple 9-step strategy:

    1) Attack Bunker repeatedly and continuously. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t anything to attack him with, make stuff up.
    2) Challenge his eligibility to stand. Was he actually born in Lesser Earth, for example? Have we seen a birth certificate?
    3) Look at the people he’s associated with. Evil wizards, pirates, dragons, treacherous half orcs (ok maybe don’t play that one up so much).
    4) Emphasise his inexperience whilst simultaneously attacking all the difficult decisions he has had to make whilst in an executive role.
    5) Find a bunch of women with babies who are prepared to say that Bunker is the dad. Whether true or not, mud sticks. And if Bunker’s like most candidates, at least one is probably true.
    6) Find a sassy, sexy, youthful running mate who your core voters will swoon over. Fleece, perhaps?
    7) Buy the local crystal ball news channel and ensure they only ever tell one side of the story and present their opinions as hard facts and news.
    8 ) Arrange for a grass-roots campaign movement sympathetic to your agenda to be set up, ostensibly to promote democracy and good governance but really just to attack Bunker for you. Call it “The Beer Party.”
    9) If all else fails and Bunker wins, frustrate, block, obfuscate and interfere at every possible opportunity to make sure he can’t do anything, then after four years campaign again on the slogan “Bunker Hasn’t Done Anything.”

    • Pfft, obviously you’re still stuck with old conceptions of competition between candidates.

      If he really wanted to beat Bunker to leadership he could just poison him or have his plane…err, flying mount crash-land and delete him from the list of candidates.

      That’s how modern, confident, competent leaders solve their problems in these enlightened days.