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  1. Hell, if he promised to lead me to more victims and loot I’d vote for him too! ***Bunker 2012***

  2. Ahh, I see that Bunker hasn’t decided to be a military tyrant, after all. He is a leader who gives the people what they need. This is a great relief.
    Freya needs a rational reason to accept Bunker as leader.
    Enkidu needs (another) beating.
    I approve, candidate Bunker. Carry on! I wonder what the other voters will end up needing. 😀

  3. Already friends???
    They are???

    Bunker is too kind. You don’t need ennemies with friends such as these 😆

  4. Let us see…
    Freya needed a rational reason for Bunker to be top dog and got it.
    Endiku needs to be eaten by a Gazebo again…. 😆
    Martin needs some tough love as he isn’t a totally rotten egg like Enkindu. 😉
    Morty needs to get his troll shape bak and stop being a furrie.
    Fleece can help administer tough love/ distract Martin and finally
    Zobbie needs an asprin or something.

    • Wrong.

      They ALL need tough lovin’. At the same time. I can see Kevin drawing it too for the grand finale.

    • Morty is a troll again. He was completely de-cursed. Being a troll was the result of a reincarnate spell though, and not a curse, so that didn’t go away. He maintains his dwarfish appearance with a Hat of Disguise.

      The grand finale is still months and months off, Orald.

      • “And the group finally get’s thier shit togetter.”

        The End

        Good plan Orald 😆

        PS that was not a attack.

      • Years and years off, you mean, hopefully.

        I know, I didn’t say it’d come about right now, Bunker still has to understand that essential truth about his party members, among some other side-quests like the Erias affair, and that will take a lot of time.
        Then they can have that orgy.

          • Come on, you know there’d be an orgy somewhere.
            Or at least an orgy of death and destruction.

              • You know, I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit, but I never took the time to really read that comic. there are just so many webcomics around and the big ones have so many strips. I’m still plodding through 8-Bit Theater every now and then.

                And I love his song.

                  • A very amusing one. The guy does have a village of undead at his beck and call too. I like how they are resolving the leadership issue. When we were playing (my friends and I) I always grabbed party leader from the start, just cause I was the only one who really wanted it. There was one other guy who was party leader when I was GMing, and he would sometimes fall back into that “I’m the boss” thing in-game, but my character would always slap him down and remind him to fall in line. Since my ideas usually didn’t start with “KILL IT!” like his did, he would usually back down and defer to my more thought out plan of making us way more money.

                    • Sounds like the kind of guy who would pluck the gems out of, and melt down, a priceless gold statuette, reducing a 5000GP work of art into 50GP of gold and 150GP of gems.

                  • Not unlike Martin, I have the feeling that Richard is… complicated. He’s a mass murderer, and yet there are strange little hints of something more.

                  • Richard may be a black-hearted, bloody handed undead murderer but he goes about it in a very unique and hilarious manner. I think that H.O.L.E and Looking For Group would be perfect for a crossover. Both you and Ryan have a sense of the absurd that I think would mesh well together. It’s probably just a dream on my part but life is boring without a little bit of that now and then.

                    • Yea, murder is much more acceptable when done in a comedic way.
                      Maybe that’s why clowns can get away with murder.

  5. I have been in the same office space for 12 years. We won’t go into my mental health situation.