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  1. I have been watching too much disney. Bunker will now and forever be London Tipton. Finally someone openly and explicitly admits to Martin’s gayness.

      • Everyone is a little gay. It is just how much and to what degree they are open about it. So yes Martin is gay, but he also likes girls. His gayness is strong enough to crush on Bunker.

        • I don’t think that’s true. As much as it’s widespread to some degree among the populace, I don’t think most people really have any same-sex sexual desires. It’s one thing to point out the truth about how much more widespread it is than its detractors think/claim, it’s quite another to claim all(or most) people are like that.

          Besides, I want my club to be exclusive. And no fat, hairy dudes allowed.

      • Well, in the words of Andrew “Dice” Clay (paraphrased because I don’t feel like looking it up):

        “Either you suck cock or you don’t.”

  2. Oh, my… o_o I see it now. It all makes so much sense! This isn’t D&D, it’s been a BESM campaign all along, and Bunker has the Unanted Harem flaw!

    I kid, I kid. ^^ But Bunker is sure one popular boy. In panel two, hen Violet tells him about Martin’s crush, though, you left out a “you”.

    • I was just about to post the same thing.
      I had the gut feeling that “And Martin has a crush on like I have never seen.” should read: “”And Martin has a crush on YOU like I have never seen.” but I wasn’t 100% certain because I’m not a native English speaker. 😐 So I first went to read the comments.

    • There is an “Unwanted Harem” flaw? 😆 I can absolutely picture what it means. Oh god yes…. hilarious.

      • I’m not sure whether it actually exists — I’ve only seen the BESM book in a shop once, and I didn’t look in it that much — but since the Unwanted Harem is such a trope of anime, I figured it might be in there.
        That, and it was a fun thing to write. 😉

      • The Ars Magica RPG has a flaw called “Curse of Venus” where you appear beautiful and attractive in the eyes of members of the opposite sex (and some members of your own sex, too), even if you’re plain-looking, and they follow you around and try to hit on you even if you’re not interested in them at all. (Although I think that should be called “Curse of Eros”, really.)

        The KULT Splatterpunk Horror RPG has a more disturbing version, called “Sexiness” (again a misnomer, I think) which means for some reason everyone wants to have sex with you they moment they meet you. Not just because you’re handsome/pretty (although a high appearance stat is a prerequisite to take that flaw), and they don’t want to meet you and take you to a romantic restaurant or marry you.. no they want to fuck your brains out, even if you’re the moste chaste person alive, even if you have zero interest in them or are too naive to understand what they want from you… they drool over you and don’t take no for an answer. That’s a rape waiting to happen if I’ve ever seen one. Of course, if the gamemaster is fair, not every NPC will go the rape route, but the flaw specifically states they will try their damnest to get you into bed and don’t listen to a word you say. Which can present a ton of problems all by itself if y a character wants to be taken seriously. Very sick fun to combine with flaws like lecherousness, various sexual hang-ups and phobias, or flaws like obliviousness… then you end up with a character who is either too naive to wonder why everyone is so happy to meet him, or someone who has stopped caring long ago and never listens to what other people are saying either.
        Although combining Lecherousness and Sexiness in one character would probably result in a character who never stops having sex long enough to participate in the scenario. And is the first to die in a Teen Slasher Movie. 😉

        • Eeeesh. That second one sounds pretty horrible. What kind of payoff do you get for something like that? Because it’d better be something like a Triple Iron Fist Combo Attack…

            • Sounds like Sakura from Urusei Yatsura…she spends half her time beating down male characters who are trying to grab the various parts of her anatomy…

              Then there’s Blue Opal from Phil Foglio’s XXXenophile, who wants to have sex, everyone wants to have sex with her, but she’s cursed by the gods that she CAN’T unless someone beats her in battle first. And, being one of those ultra-heroines who isn’t even vulnerable to the “Female disablement anatomy” rule, she’s…shall we say…very very frustrated…

            • “That does sound pretty awful. You could never interact with any NPCs, ever!”

              You can as long as the NPc is not, shall we say, sexually compatible with your character and thus not interested… or finds himself tempted by strange desires but is too ashamed to act on them. Or has a Code of Honor, is extremely married, or something. The flaw does not remove free will. But if the gamemaster is devious, it can result in rather awkward or unpleasant situations for the PC.

              • Well the other alternative is if the character is (if female) such an incredible badass that anyone who puts a hand where she doesn’t want it gets it handed back to them….

                  • You’ve never heard of “Quit punching yourself”? It’s where you overpower someone so badly you can grab them by the wrist and move their arm so they hit themselves in the face. It’s a fairly common trope.

                    • It was a try for a rather well known(among fans, at least) quote from RvB, and kind of a running-joke, so far only performed by a perpetually angry, badass female.

          • KULT is a very dark, extremely adult Occult Splatterpunk game set in the modern world (or what looks like the modern world at first glance), invented and written by two Svedish guys, first published in 1991, the American edition was first published in 1993, both now defunct, but recently, there’s been an English-language reprint of the two Core books.

            Sort of what you’d get if you asked David Cronenberg to direct a crossover between Hellraiser, Dark City, The Matrix and The Dark Knight and sprinkle a twisted form of Gnosticism and Postmodernism on top. No superheroes, no anime powers, no pretentious emo goth vampires or eco werewolves (I’m looking at you, World of Darkness!). But as all of Reality As We Know It was created as a prison for Mankind, you’re basically fucked from the start.

            You could purchase Advantages (which gave you positive mental balance, explained as greater self-confidence, stronger willpower etc.) and take Flaws (which added negative mental balance points on the Sanity meter because they fucked up your self-confidence or affected you in ways that made you seem sociopathic or crazy to others). But the Flaws and Advantages did not have to balance out to zero. (In case you wonder, a person with Mental Balance of zero, the median of the scale, is technically a completely sane, balanced, mundane person who does not gun down his neighbor’s dog and eats it… although that can either mean the character is at zero because he has no advantages or flaws at all, in which case he’s Joe Genero, or he has a ton of advantages and flaws but they cancel each other out numerically.)

            Admittedly, I like the Insanity system of Unknown Armies better, but then Unknown Armies came out in 1998. As for magic, no-longer-human characters can gain all sorts of weird powers in KULT, but the magic paths system offered in the OkKULT supplement was one of the most powerful, potentially game-breaking thing I’ve ever seen (note: I haven’t played Exalted), but at the same time deliciously fucked up. Yes, you screwed with Reality in ways that enlightened reality-benders in Mage: The Ascension could only dream of. But since only Children of the Night and other abnormal characters could become sorcerers anyway (you need a mental stability of either -25 or +25 to even be able to purchase the advantage Magic-User), the gamemaster can always restrict the game to normal, halfway sane human characters with a mental balance stat in the +/-15 range.

            Not to mention that becoming a sorcerer turns a character into an occult beacon for all of those creatures that live beyond the Veil… and no-one tells your characters that!

  3. Interesting that Bunker just dodges Violet’s question in panel 3 by ignoring it. He’s in denial about Martin.

    • It’s Martin, runner-up for the Biggest Jerk On The Party-award. Wouldn’t you be in denial about that? At least at first?

      • “It’s Martin, runner-up for the Biggest Jerk On The Party-award. Wouldn’t you be in denial about that?”

        You have a point there.

        If Bunker was less of a doormat trying to be nice to everyone, and instead better at bluffing, he could use that knowledge to twist Martin around his little finger. But it’s not really in character for him.

  4. /me wonders if this is how the (w)H.O.L.E. thing ends…..Kevin alluded to HOLE ending at some point and this story has taken quite a turn towards a possible end (and in the middle of the most classic of modules, too).

  5. Like how even in the middle of all Bunkers angst and emo crap, Violet is still committed to him.