683 – White Smoke Mountain • 51

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29 Responses to 683 – White Smoke Mountain • 51

  1. @Kevin:
    Panel 3, Bunker’s first speechbubble has a missing word: “Name ONE of them that’s here for me….”

  2. Okay, is this the DM talking through the trollop (pun intended) whose name I cannot remember or is there a new player that I missed somewhere? Because this little heart-to-heart sounds quite out of character for the sadistic guy running the campaign.

    • A busted clock is right twice a day, and anyone can be insightful every once in a while. However, the DM isn’t evil, he’s just stupid. And it is IN character for him to need to use an in-game voice for anything important he wanted to say, even if it is something that’s important in real life.

      We are probably safe pretending that this is a conversation between two characters about the players. That seems to be what they’re doing, anyway.

  3. This is interesting. Violet does appear to have access to RL information, and yes, she seems too insightful and supportive to be the DM.

    The RL plot thickens a bit with what she just said about the interpersonal drama between those three players.

  4. I bet she did the whole pep talk just so she could sneak bunker’s head between her breasts. Which is made even more awkward by the fact that she’s supposed to be voiced by the GM.

    But yes, it IS more comfortable that way.

    • I’d say that the DM is just enlightened enough to realize he doesn’t have to take personal ownership of the actions of every NPC in his game.

      • And I say he secretly wants to have boobs and put Bunker’s face between them.

        I mean, who doesn’t?

        • hmm… Boobs are a very special gift that should only be presented by a female. I would not want boobs… unless they were pamela andersons’ and I could take them on and off.

              • I would venture to guess that half troll boobs are better than full human boobs. Though I would take an elf anyday.

                • Well, save in totally unrealistic illustrations for adolescent gamers, I’d expect “real” elf boobs to be consistent with the rest of their morphology: slim, almost non-existent.
                  Long live human boobs 😆

                  • All this talk of breasts aside, I’m getting more and more curious as to what the other half of Violet’s genetic makeup could be.

                  • “I’d expect “real” elf boobs to be consistent with the rest of their morphology: slim, almost non-existent.”

                    Indeed. They’re vegetarian, too, that plays a significant role.

                    Which explains why drow, while physically smaller than other elves, due to living in caves with limited space and limited food, have larger breasts (the females anyway): They eat meat. For once, something the game designers got right.

                    Alright, the real reason is because sword-and-sorcery fantasy artists are almost all male and teenage gamers like busty drow priestess in dominatrix outfits…. 🙄

                    Not sure if the male drow share this view, though. 😉