14 Responses to 682 – White Smoke Mountain • 50

  1. Panel 3 looks like Bunker is having some Shrinkage going on. Clearly an indication that he needs to get his balls back.

      • Heh, I think Chris was implying that his balls dropped off(i.e he’s a whiny coward and not acting as a “real man” should), which I personally hadn’t thought of.
        Kudos on the pun, Chris.

        • I’d say that all this is very important to Bunker. Yeah, he’s a boyscout of almost Superman comparability but he’s not really been much of a whiner until now. I suspect that Violet will give him some kind of smack upside the head (literally or figuratively) saying that he is a better man and paladin than he gives himself credit for. His biggest mistake was to let everyone walk all over him and then walk away. I guess you could say that he let them take his power from him where it counts, his confidence. I looks like he’s about to do the same thing again but this time Violet seems to be there to show him how stupid that would be. I’m STILL not sure what she’s really doing with this group but I’ve liked her since I realised that she’s neither stupid or an unwitting pawn in all this. I hope that she turns out to be a friend of the group not an enemy. Except for Enkidu. Most times his friends seem more like enemies that just haven’t gotten around to killing him yet…

  2. I think everyone is forgetting one thing. All he’s wearing is that speedo, and they have been in a dungeon which, if large enough, is probably the same as a cave in temperature and cold inside. I think this is clearly nothing more than a case of SHRINKAGE! Yep, ol’ George on Seinfeld was right. Cold + Manhood = Shrinkage.

  3. Actually White Plume Mountain, being volcanic, is hot and steamy inside.

    The shrinkage is not climate-related.