21 Responses to 680 – White Smoke Mountain • 48

  1. Tammi is important to the plan? Hm. 😐

    I spend so much time commenting on yesterday’s blog comment, I have nothing more to add to today’s strip.

    I wonder if Erias knows about the weapons that are supposed to be able to slay him.

  2. Damn that “some people are still needed for my evil plans so I can’t kill them, yet” thing. Poor Erias, I truly sympathize.

      • *Looks mournfully and impatiently at planet Earth*

        Soon, soon…

        LOL, Kevin, in what way is “cunt” an empowering word for women, according to your sources? Was there an explanation of the claim?

        • Some book my sister read traced the etymology of the word and discovered that it was really something positive. I’d tell you more, but that’s really all I remember. (The discussion was over margaritas.)

    • And another thing, seeing how easily he’s shoved around makes me wonder if the title of this strip shouldn’t have been “Erias gets pissed on“.

      • Please – some readers were already in an uproar over the suggested beastiality. Now you have to bring golden showers into it?

        • Now what’s wrong with those? 😉

          Just kidding!

          Though if it’s done between consenting, Homo-Sapiens adults then it’s not really comparable to bestiality.

          I’m not sure if this works in the English speaking world, but here it’s a rude slang term with the meaning of being spat on(being the ruder “cousin” of it), ridiculed etc.


          (no I don’t think it’s overplayed)

      • When I first read the strip’s title, I thought Erias was so frustrated that he decides to get dead drunk. But then I remembered the difference between American and British English, so technically Erias gets pissed OFF.

        As long as there’s no dwarf tossing next…. 😉