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  1. No comment.

    Ok just one. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok another one. Why the hell didn’t Erias just stop Tammi. It is supposed to be so powerful. And doesn’t Erias and Abraxus have a wierd thing together.
    Also, please translate what Tammi said. I haven’t had enough experience with that kind of language to fully understand it yet.

    • After consulting my English-Drow-sucking-horse dictionary, I believe what Tammi is saying is “I’ve kind of got my hands full right now.”

  2. To reiterate Erias: This is really not cool with me.
    I knew there might be jokes and innuendos about it, but really, Kevin, isn’t that a bit too low?

    I shall now wash my eyes with the power of cuteness to remove this unsettling image from my already disturbed mind. Cuteness:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHAshi4vdbg .

    I’ve been keeping this on my links for awhile now for when I need to cheer up.

      • No, I use it to clean up my head and think happy thoughts in the face of Kevin’s depravity.

        Kevin ruined my innocence.

            • I won’t. Believe it or not I’m not actually out to shock anyone, I just thought it was funny. Lena tells me I lack the thing in my brain that says what is appropriate and what isn’t, so the comic is pretty much bereft of that point of view. That said, there are still things I find kinda gross to actually look at that I think are hysterical to joke about, so you probably won’t see them — just because I don’t want to draw them.

              Unfortunately I have read that the suggestion of a thing can be far more upsetting than the actual depiction… so that an effort not to show something gross can be worse than if I did. That’s one reason I decided to chuck the whole notion of appropriateness and just draw what I want.

              • Some time ago I had expressed my concern with your using profanities and my fear that H.O.L.E. would degenerate to potty-mouth humor. True to your word you didn’t let that happen so I don’t expect that this kind of thing will take over the comic. So… let’s see, Abraxus is an evil, amoral former paladin mount and Tammi is an evil, amoral Drow that has more use for a horse than man. Really, who didn’t see something like this coming given Kevins twisted sense of humor? The only problem I have with this strip is that with my overactive imagination, I can’t help but picture all of the sordid little details of something like this. Even if I don’t want to. Oh yeah, If this kind of thing really bothers you, avoid Clerks 2. It features a bit on, and I quote “interspecies erotica.” Rosario Dawson summed it up pretty well with “that is sick and wrong and totally disgusting …but I can’t seem to look away!”

              • Don’t get me wrong, Kevin, I’m not really all that disturbed about it, as I know and can think of quite a few worse things.

                It’s just that, maybe like Don B. said he feared, I fear it might degenerate even further than that, and while your obvious lack of concern about such things is actually a good thing in my eyes(hey, I don’t even know what appropriate means 😈 ), I still fear a downward spiral into ever increasing potty-mouth jokes.

                I like it that this place has no restrictions on adult language and themes, it’s much better than if it was family friendly, but I know there can be such a downward-spiral into regular “shockers”, and that’s just not as fun.

                And finally, I do admit I have some strong feelings about actual zoophilia, and I dislike equines.

                • I feel that the strip has a fairly even keel since the beginning, action-wise, and the only thing that has changed is that naked people can now be seen from the front and the characters speak a little more realistically. Also I think my characterizations and writing generally have gotten better, but that might just be me.

                  • I don’t think it’s just you. In my opinion you’ve improved considerably since the start of the strip. I will say that I like how you come out of nowhere with the “WTF?!” moments. Keep us guessing and we’ll keep coming back. Nothing will kill a strip quicker than predictability. Even if the content is sometimes kinda twisted. 😕

  3. Wow. I’m glad I haven’t had breakfast yet, I’d hate to be vomiting it up. Urk. It’s rare for me to be of one mind with a mollusc-head, but yeah. Not cool.

  4. Look at my horse, my horse is amazing, give it a lick, it tastes just like raisins.
    With a stroke of its mane it turns into a plane and then turns back again when you tug on its winky.
    Shut up woman, get on my horse!

    Mmmm, sweet lemonade!

  5. reminds me of rayne summers and his “I love this guy!” horse joke

    to be fair to kevin hes not the first one to do this joke so give him a little slack!

    • I’m just as sick as the next guy, and probably more so, but I have a weak spot regarding inter-species sex. And Furries.

      • When Arabax was in his humanoid form was it still gross?

        I would SO do Tammi, even though she’s a different species. Or at least I would have, before she tainted herself with horse-juice.

        • I don’t call something with tentacles sprouting from its face “humanoid” except in the most basic anatomical sense of “two legs, two arms, a head”. By that logic, the Gingerbread Man is humanoid.

            • Isn’t the internal composition of a body also part of the definition of “humanoid”? I’m not a biologist, so I won’t be too shocked if I turn out to be wrong.

              • No it is not. The first definition give on dictionary.com: having human characteristics or form; resembling human beings. Since the vast majority of things you can’t see the internal composition, so internal composition is not a factor. A mannequin is humanoid but its internal composition is non existent. So basically “humanoid” does mean two arms, two legs, a torso, and a headish thing. Hands, feet and definite human faces are not required.

        • When he was in tentacle form, and I must admit I didn’t get it’s not his usual form until recently(Was it hinted before the recent plot arc? I’m kinda bad at over analyzing strips), he was engaged with another tentacle face. You want to show two horses getting it on, I’m OK with that, same as a nature documentary.
          And even if two horses changed into humans and got it on it’d be fine with me- the magical rules of shape-shifting aren’t the same as normal rules.

          And Drow are human enough. What, they’ve got dark skin and white hair so they’re not? Skin color doesn’t make a species in this case, and they can produce viable offspring with humans and other “demi-humans”.
          The question of what the “races” truly mean in RPGs has been raised a long time ago, and I’m of the opinion that it’s just like human “races” with stereotypical magical bonuses and fancy “history” thrown in(what, blacks get a bonus to Jump skills and +10 to Penis Size in D&D, or maybe we should restrict them to certain alignments like the Drow?).
          If it can breed with you without special fancy magical means then it’s technically the same species.

          Of course, everyone knows Dwarves are the superior race. That’s why they all live in caves and have so many Klans…err, clans.**

          *I’m still unsure what the PC term for blacks is now. “African American” is stupid since it implies all Africans in America are from dark-skinned peoples.
          **It’s a joke I’m sure someone would misunderstand to mean I support the KKK somehow.

          • How about just ‘black-skinned people’? I know I wouldn’t feel offended if someone called me a ‘pink-skinned person’, because it’d be pretty much true. Well, apart from the tanned bits.

            • But the point is, only a small percentage of Africans ethnicities really have truly black skin. According to geneticists the “original” skin and hair color of Homo sapiens sapiens is brown.

              And I’m not up to all the bizarre insanities of political correctness, but I heard that it’s not considered good form to call them “blacks”. Not sure if “people of colour” is still allowed, or if it’s grossly inappropriate?

              Anthropologically, the correct term for that specific phenotype is “negroid”, but any biologist used it today would probably get lynched.

              • It’s just that I know(or got the impression) this is a strong thing in the USA and didn’t want to be misunderstood.

                I suspect there’s no truly PC term for any kind of racial feature, since the whole idea of PC is that we all look the same and have the same IQ(talking about mentally challenged people…you know, RETARDS) and woe to he who notices a difference.

                All men were NOT created equal. Some of them are even women!

                • Politcal correctness. Am I the only one who this whole concept pisses off? I get that a derogatory term or name is unacceptable. Generally, the use of such things is from ignorance or just a desire to be rude or offensive. Aside from the fact that as far as I’m concerned toilet paper is NOT bathroom tissue, I consider myself a Canadian as opposed to an Irish/Polish Canadian. I was born here after all. I don’t forget where my ancesters came from but I’m about as Irish or Polish as the people who were here when the Europeans hopped off their boats and declared “This land is ours!” Culturally speaking. Seriously, if this continues, we are all going to sound like politicians engaged in bafflegab. How the hell did so many people get so thin skinned?

  6. Dear Kevin,

    A while ago you said that there would be more nudity / cussing, because you were looking to do this comic about the things that you enjoy.

    Now we have this comic.


    • About the things he enjoy… *shudder*

      Worse thing is, I didn’t realize what happened until I read the comments. On a full stomach. Yuck.

      Can’t wash it out of my head!!!

      • If you enjoy video games about slapping hookers, that means you enjoy video games about slapping hookers. It does not imply that you enjoy slapping hookers. Trying to say that I would like to give a horse a blowjob because I made a joke about it… in a cartoon… is much more over the top than the joke itself.

        Not that I’m claiming that is what you were doing. I’m just sayin’.

  7. I don’t see cussing and I don’t see nudity, sooooo huh?

    never heard him make that promise either but maybe I just didnt notice

      • Use Fantastic Brand Brain Wash! Washes out the most stubborn scenes of cruelty, sex between ugly people, bestiality, and romantic comedies! Try it today!

            • I see yet another person didn’t like the ‘Avatar’ live action movie. The only thing about the wave of dislike rolling across the internet that surprises me, is that people didn’t see it coming. It’s a live action version of a cartoon; it’s ten-to-one odds (Yes, I’m being generous) that it won’t fly.

              • I was afraid that The Last Airbender would be shit when I saw the first trailers. I thought, hey let’s wait for the first reviews on the Net, on TVTropes.org and Rotten Tomatoes to roll in before I go see it. And apparently it’s even worse than I imagined it. 😥

                I think I’m going to see Prince of Persia a second time instead. That at least was a perfectly enjoyable Fantasy flick.

  8. 😯 WTF?
    Erm… it took me two tries to even notice where the drow is.
    Geez, Kevin, how did that advance the plot or enhance the story? 😕
    Alright, technically, the damn horse is not an animal, because it can talk and think. So it’s more like a weird four-legged space alien.

    When you’re a biologist with anthropology as a hobby, you’ve seen (well, not personally seen, as such [1], but you know what I mean) some pretty bizarre things and ideas that mankind has come up with over the millenia in regard to getting their jollies. Including bestiality, or more correctly, zoophilia and zoosexuality, dating back to Bronze Age stone art (no, not stoner art!). The Romans for example are said to have had brothels where specially trained animals could be used as masturbation aids, although prostitutes doing it with animals while the client was watching were lowest on the rung of the social ladder. The Greek practised zoosexuality, because hey when you have a whole pantheon full of gods who regularly turn into animals or even more weird stuff to do it with humans… well, The Egyptians (males and females) apparently fornicated with “sacred animals” as part of religious temple ceremonies to honor their animal-headed deities. (I’m sceptical about the reliability of any medieval or Victorian Age Christian historians making such claims, but Greek sources, including renowed Greek historians like Plutarch, exist.)

    The Norsemen and Celtic people may have practiced sex with horses and donkeys. There are descriptions of zoosexuality, especially among young men, but women also, from Africa, Middle East, Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Americas. And let’s not forget that famous painting by Hokusai, “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”, 19th century during the Edo Period, which despicts what we today would call “hentai” with squids. (Of course, it’s just a painting, probably entirely dictional, not proof of actual practise. But it’s clearly meant as erotic art.)

    The three Abrahamitic religions then condemned the whole thing as unclean and a sin and very very wrong, because Man was created in God’s image and animals weren’t, and told its followers to take the eir lusty eyes off their neighbor’s ass, sorry, their neighbor’s ass-cheeks and his wife and donkey, too.
    [1] For that, you’d have to study medicine.

    • Are hip boots really illegal in one of the Nordic countries? (Because of farmers having sex with sheep.) I was never sure if that was a real thing or just made up.

      Can’t say why yet, (spoilers) but today really was a plot point.

      • Well, i do know that the nickname for the boots used while shearing sheep is called “Sheepf*ckers” in certain parts of my native Norway. :mrgreen:

        • You’d be surprised, but for its time the Bible is full of concern to the welfare of animals, with laws about taking good care of animals, feeding them before yourself and forbidding abuse(I know forbidding zoophilia isn’t to do with abuse* but with the “cleanliness” of it, but at least it’s there).

          Hell, I don’t think women get the same level of care there.

          *Though looking at Arabax, I don’t think he’s suffering much from it…Maybe after Erias chops off his winkie though.

  9. I thought I’d reply to all the commentors grossed out by this with one sentence:

    How can it be wrong if it feels SO right.

  10. Does Kevin not share the strips with Lena before releasing them to the general public? Then when they tell me to change something, I wouldn’t. I would do that just to piss off who ever I showed it to.

    • I used to, but I don’t anymore for two reasons.

      1) If you show anything to anyone before it officially goes “live,” it is perceived as a license to edit. These strips take me long enough as it is without having to do them twice.

      2) Lena didn’t like the fact that she wasn’t getting the comics at the same time as everyone else, and was always feeling disjointed by the story whenever she looked at them online.

  11. I am amused.
    Mostly not by the cartoon itself; that’s just a joke about how Tammi and Arabax just don’t give as much of a shit about what Erias wants as they do about getting it on, coupled with some pretty tame sexual humour. Not bad at all but it’s not something that is gonna knock Swift and Joyce off reading lists around the world by the end of the week.
    No, I am amused with the reactions to this cartoon because I am a dark, bitter and twisted soul that has been known to laugh at midget porn on occasion. People freaking out over implied horse sex… really! Have these noobs been goatse-ed and tubgirl-ed yet? This is far, far less gross than 2 girls 1 cup at least.
    If the shocked or dismayed readers want I can point to a small list of these internet standards that form the background for my assertion that this particular comic strip is really rather tame. I could do this with five minutes research time. I won’t because with the terms “goatse” and “tubgirl” you could do the same thing and it’s twice as hilarious if I make you google for the mindfuck yourself instead of providing a URL.

    • Anonymous coward, the standard for good taste should not be the most tasteless things in existance.
      Therefore, saying “worse things exist” is meaningless.

      • The whole concept of this comic and the character interactions in it are not aspiring to any particular standard of taste, so why hold it to any such standard? It’s D&D with boobies damnit, don’t get disappointed when falsely projected standards get broken by the author making jokes–particularly since much of humour requires shock to work properly.

  12. just… HOW did that end up in your mind of what you WANTED to draw? I wouldn’t have been able to draw that unless I was posting it on some gross out site JUST to mess with people.

    I’ve seen way more gross things but that was a bit of a shock to see on this site. I’m all good now though.

    • How did it “end up” in my mind? I don’t know. How does anybody think of anything? It’s not really a new concept… as Christina notes. I can think of 5 Hollywood, theatrical release movies off the top of my head with the same imagery… one of which is not even a comedy. And don’t get me started about what’s on the internet!

      I could take you through the creative process that led me here, but not without giving away more story elements than I want to at this point. For me it was no different than anything else I’ve drawn, and much less gross and disturbing than the time Swillsberne took a woman’s severed head to his bunk for a little R&R. The point for me was not even the drow on horse action, but rather the fact that these two are so selfish and callous as to engage in their sexual activities where Erias would find them, and then not even care about it when he did.

      As far as I’m concerned, (at the very least as it pertains to this comic) gender, species, corporeality, religion… as long as it is between two adult, consenting sentients* then it’s fair game. If you wouldn’t allow cartoon Arabax to get his winkie sucked on by cartoon Tammi just because they’re different… then what does that say about you?

      *In the real world however, I’m gonna say this only includes humans. I don’t care if you call me a bigot for it. 😛

      • lol. I guess so. But you didn’t DRAW Swill and Sarah’s head doing that action. And I know very well what’s on those movies and the internet and I stay away from it.

        This comic was actually kind of funny. Just way unexpected. Although I probably should have saw it coming after I saw Violet with (I think Enkidu) under her skirt…

  13. I have no problem with Tammi doing that… but how are they getting away with it in front of Erias? In comic 668 Erias made it pretty clear that this wouldn’t be allowed.

    I’d expect a disintegrate spell aimed at Tammi to be Erias’s response, not just a “This is really not cool”

  14. I thought is was funny. And I’ve seen chicks giving a horse head before so it ain’t no big. No matter what you show me I’ve probably seen the same, or worse. So you go Kevin. And I’m curious to see where this leads with that weird ass relationship those three hooligans have.