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  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m totally lost. Good cliff hanger for the weekend. And they are in a dungeon so what do did he walk into? What happens while he is in there? Or was that real life Enkidu leaving? Also when did Morty stop being a furry? I wonder if they remeber why they are in the white smoke mountain? I sure don’t. Were is Zobbie during all of this? Will I stop asking questions? Will I ever bother to go back to old comics and find out some of these questions myself?

    • Er… who did just walk out in a huff? Enkidu or Bunker? 😐 I guess Bunker, because the speech bubble was pointing to the right. And because Enkidu isn’t stammering. 😕
      The “SLAM” obviously was the sound of a real-life (fictional) door being slammed by the player.

      Geez. This is the second strip where I find myself agreeing with Enkidu! At least in regard to the first panel. That is so wrong. 😯

      Although, come on Enkidu, by the second panel you’re just being an ass (as usual). It’s not like Bunker planned on having all his armor, weapon and equipment eaten by a Green Slime. You can blame Bunker for a lot of things but not for this. Maybe you lot should go and loot some new gear for your group’s front-line fighter? Just a thought. No? Nevermind then.

      Wow, Enkidu is tall. I mean, the character has always been tall, what with being a (half)orc, but… here he looks like 7’4”! I guess a successful intimidate check temporarily casts Enlarge Person on you. 😉 (Hey, that’d make a lot more sense than some other things in D&D.)

      So, Bunker, Enkidu is threatening your authority as leader. As he has done before. How about you using your high paladin Charisma to, I don’t know, make an intimidate check of your own? Or diplomacy? Even if you don’t have charisma as a player, just roll the damn skill check for your character! Because even back in AD&D 2nd ed paladins were contractually obligated to have a high CHA, it’s one of their main stats in 3rd edition, and probably in 4E too. Perhaps you should remind Enkidu that you helped turn him back from being Miss Piggy into a male? Hello?

      Actually, from all I know about male psychology, this was the perfect point for Bunker-the-player to announce, “Bunker (the character) punches Enkidu (the character) in the face! Shut up, wizard-boy. You think I need armor to kick ass? Now give me your sword. And if I find your orc aiming fireballs at my back, I’ll peel his chainshirt off his broken, bleeding body. Understood?”
      Because so far Enkidu has struck me as someone who only gets something into his thick skull when it’s beaten into him. He’s the kind of person who always pushes others to see what he can get away with. In a strange way, Enkidu wants Bunker to lead them, to glory and plunder!

      But unfortunately, Bunker being a doormat is entirely in character for him. And the others are not helping.

      “Also when did Morty stop being a furry?”
      Morty hasn’t been a rabbit-dwarf anymore for some time now; the curse on the dwarves was lifted (or more correctly Swillsberne’s curse on the Golden Keg was removed so the dwarves turned back to normal), and Morty is back to being a troll, too (Er, I think?), but wearing the hat of disguise. Remember, Morty was a troll again on the ship, when Bunker asked to borrow the magic hat so that male Zobbie could try out what he’d look like as a female character.

      “I wonder if they remeber why they are in the white smoke mountain? I sure don’t.”
      Something about three legendary weapons to slay Mr. Tentacle-Face?

      • I wonder if Martin planned this outcome (getting rid of Bunker’s player), or if he’s just as perplexed as the others?

        • I doubt it, since it was Morty who started the backstory re-telling by asking what Bunker missed the most from his lost paladinhood.

          I believe Martin’s only plan concerning Bunker was to put him in his underwear / even less 😉

          They are truely mixing in-game and real life far far too much 😉

          • Though more obvious in times of personal crisis than when things are running smoothly, since the beginning this comic has followed the actions of the game but really been about the personalities at the table.

            @ Pulsa: Bunker walked through a doorway and slammed it behind him. He’s on his way out so he won’t be in there. No. #543. Yes. Unconscious on the floor. Doubtful. Extremely doubtful.

            @Christina: Morty is back to being a troll (in a Hat) but the curse on the keg is still in place and the dwarves at large are still furries. Morty was “cured” when he tried to lift one of several curses afflicting Enkidu, and the ritual rebounded curing him instead. (Being a troll was the result of a Reincarnation and not a curse.)

            • Thanks for answerin my questions. I’m trying to resist askin more. I just saw wha Freya said in the last frame. I must have been really tired last night to miss that. So Freya has openly admitted to Morty that she is at least attracted to Bunker.

  2. actually while I think bunker is overreacting to Enkidu’s outbursts I do not believe Enkidu is right this time.

    Bunker is a good leader and has proven it over and over, however while it seems he might have issues (just like everyone else) this does not change the fact that bunker has been a good leader.

    • I expect the gang to crumble and disintegrate quickly after this, now that no-one keeps Martin and Enkidu in line anymore.

      Or who knows, maybe Freya will become a kung-fu!pirate queen and whip them all into shape. 🙄

      And then her sister becomes the end boss villain, called Dark Enchantress Zobbie.

      • I expect “Evil” Bunker to come back in bunker’s place, and lead the party in new, evil directions! Either he’ll announce himself, and everyone except Morty will be fine with it. OR, he’ll pretend to be “Good” Bunker, and only Martin will notice (and do nothing except take advantage of the situation, of course!) Hilarity ensues!

  3. As for the whole bit with Bunker holding himself responsible or Archie’s evil deeds, that has to be psychosomatic anyway, otherwise Archie would lose his antipaladinhood the first time Bunker did a good deed, since Archie didn’t kill Bunker when he had the chance…

      • Personally I always thought Antipaladins shoule be LE instead of CE…they should still have a code, just an evil one.

  4. I guess Bunker lost his bag of holding with the thousands of other gear Warriors usually stock up on.

    I agree that Bunker is a good leader, I’d follow Bunker… well as soon as he put some freakin pants on.

  5. I can’t help thinking “Poor Bunker. Did you really expect SYMPATHY from that gang?” when i look at his expression in the middle picture. 🙄

  6. you know, until someone mentioned all the lines in the last panel belonged to Freyja, I thought the last two bubbles were from Morty.

    Well, it made sense given his stature.

      • yeah, i was wondering about that. either it does change his perspective, or he’s REALLY good at staring into thin air

    • Wait, where did the lower speech bubbles come from? Am I hallucinating now? 😐 I could have sworn that when I first saw the strip on Friday, there was only the upper speech bubble of Freya saying, “What’s the matter with him?” I’m sure I would have remembered the other lines…? 😕

      Unfortunately I forgot to save a copy to my hard drive on Friday, so I don’t have proof.

      • You’re not hallucinating. I didn’t think the idea that it was Bunker who left was being translated clearly enough, so I added that bit. No proof needed.

  7. Poor Bunker. Poor Bunker’s player.

    While Bunker himself is quite tough, I get the impression that his player is actually an emotionally vulnerable person, who does not deal well with personal attacks.

  8. Happy 4th of July guys. For those Americans amongst us. And hell, even if you ain’t, go blow something up with fireworks anyway. It’s just good fun.

    • In Germany, Fireworks are only sold commercially between Christmas and New Year, for use on New Year. You can’t get them any other time as a private citizen. I was told it’s forbidden to use outdoor fireworks any other time of the year, unless you are a certified fireworks engineers, although that might not be true. You certainly don’t see the police cruising around after New Year to arrest teenagers who let off firecrackers left over from New Year celebrations. So it’s more like you shouldn’t store large amounts of potentially volatile fireworks stuff at your place, not just because they might catch fire and burn down the house and your neighbor’s house too, but because they could fall into the wrong hands i.e. those of small children or idiotic teenagers. And next thing you know, BOOM, and someone is missing a finger or a hand.

      That of course doesn’t mean there are no public fireworks displays in Germany outside New Year. Of course there are. But those are set up by professionals.

      • Personally I hate fireworks. Only serves up to make noise and frighten dogs(my late dog, for instance), not to mention they attract those wretched dregs of humanity…You know, kids.

        It reminds me of people getting excited about guns. A gun is a useful tool, but it makes so much unpleasant noise which some people find…exciting?
        In my short time in the army I had had just about enough of that noise(only in practice, I wasn’t a combatant)…And I can say for a certainty that only idiots really liked practicing with their guns(i.e all the NCOs and officers and some of the regulars).

        One FUNNY story related to gun noise was that in my first practice since being posted at my regular base after boot camp&job course, there was this girl who started sobbing because she was frightened by all the noise. Ah, fun times…

        Oh, and guns are also heavy, messy and a pain to clean(try working in an armory and cleaning hundreds, bah) and load(like dozens of clips, each with 25 bullets…My poor thumbs).

  9. Honestly, i think like Stephen (i mean Christina) : I don’t see exactly how the group can continue, and the characters are not likable anymore. Just standard webcomics wanabee.

    And morty showed like an inconsiderate. Him between all…

    Reading through all the archives for that 🙁