The Tuesday Videos!

This Tuesday is all about the music. Our first entrant hails from Bulgaria, and drops a bomb of love and longing for her guy, Ken Lee.

The second video hits a bit more of a nerd note, with a remake… sort of… of the sci-fi classic Total Recall, which posits what this eye-bulgingly wacky movie might have been if directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Finally, because no collection of video can ever go amiss by including a Star Trek flick, we find the long lost episode… Encounter Over Planet… aw, that would be telling.

11 Responses to The Tuesday Videos!

  1. I don’t care what anyone says- the first Conan The Barbarian movie was great and Arnold’s acting was, not oscar worthy, I’ll admit(but then again, how many performances really are?), but just what was needed.
    Besides, even though he’s not my type, he’s damn sexy with the war-paint on and sword in hand in the orgy scene.

    Oh, and its music track is heavenly.

    • Well… I think if Arnie cared just a little bit more it’s possible that not EVERY character he played would have to be Austrian. Some actors get onstage and become other people. Arnie is always just himself, but since he’s got a personality that’s well suited to it, that’s usually okay. He ain’t no kinda actor though.

      • Sure every character Arnie plays is Austrian – much like every character Sean Connery plays is Welsh, even if he’s playing a Russian submarine commander. But then again, he’s Sean Connery, which Arnie clearly is not.

        • “I want your clothes…your boots…and California.”

          There was clearly no intelligent life on that last planet…makes you worry about the fact that any alien race that finds Earth will have the opportunity to see and listen to our radio and TV broadcasts as they’re approaching.

          It just might put them in an invading mood, don’t you think?

          Alien (thinking) Ok…this race is too stupid to survive much longer anyway, might as well put them out of our misery.

        • (about Sean Connery) Welsh? What the heck! He’s from Scotland.

          Also, he’s probably the only one who could say “God shave the queen” and get away with it.

  2. That first video is hysterical! If she had said Pig Latin it would have made more sense.