The Tuesday Videos: BP Edition

BP stands for Bad Press.

Or maybe it’s Bad Planning?

Ah… now we know. BP stands for Biggest Prick.

At the very least, it stands for Skewered on the YouTubes.

28 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: BP Edition

  1. You know they were burning endangered species alive? Not even willing to give rescue crews the 10 minutes they needed to go in and save them?

    Yeah, I’m pretty disgusted with this whole fiasco.

    • I didn’t know that. I did know that once an animal is “oiled” the likelihood of it’s survival, even if captured and cleaned, is only about 10%.

      Of course the tallies of dead endangered animals hasn’t been looking good either. They may have thought that burning them was a better PR move.

      • Ashes are harder to count as dead endangered animals than whole corpses, and they’re usually also less photographically potent. This should be considered similar to accounting fraud or destruction of evidence.

        • Burning their victims’ bodies so as to hide their crimes…Now who does that remind me of?

  2. What? Is there an oil spill somewhere? I bet if they offered the well to anyone that could plug it free of charge, it would be plugged in a day.

  3. What’s the matter? Now you won’t have to buy oil to fry your fish, they’ll come pre-oiled. Yum!

  4. Love how the government has been (and still is) deliberately blocking cleanup equipment from operating and/or even going onsite by such clever means as not waiving the old law that ships bringing in supplies and equipment have to fly under an American flag, or stopping equipment that IS in place from operating because there aren’t enough life jackets on board, or because “They might be needed somewhere else”

    Or how they drag their heels on approving any potential means of stopping the leak (which have to be approved by the government before they are tried, them’s the rules)

    Wonderful how the government springs into inaction to keep that oil leak going, isnt it? Obama could have had the leak plugged inside of 24 hours if he’d just issued an executive order saying “Whatever you need to stop it, go get it, no government red tape, and try whatever method will work without waiting 47 days for government approval first.”

    • So, tell me.

      You really, really think that under, say, GW Bush, things would have been handled better?

      No, second that. You really think that, without any government whatsoever, all this would have been better dealt with?


      • I think the point he was driving at was that Obama’s supposed to be the messiah, a true savior for our dark times and a herald of CHANGE and HOPE.
        At least that’s what they promised people during the election and afterward. Couldn’t possibly just be a slick piece of promotional propaganda, right?

        I was going to mention his astonishing and quick solution of the situation myself in my post above, but chickened out.
        Kudos, Elfguy.

        • A simple waiver of this would have made things a LOT better (and yes, Under G.W. Bush, this WAS waived due to Hurricane Katrina, yet Obama doesn’t think this oil spill is enough of an emergency to allow foreign flagged ships to help out)

          I think it’s incredibly amusing that you want to bring up Dubbya…if memory serves, he caught months and months of crap from the media because it took three whole days for relief supplies to start rolling into Louisiana after Katrina…and now, more than 70 Days after the Deep Water Horizon blew up, the Obama administration has done practically nothing…and Obama is supposed to be a great big left winger!

          Doesn’t Obama CARE about the poor Manatees who are going to be bathing in crude oil?

          • I’m not sure what Obama’s game is all about anymore. I mean, clearly he’s no idiot…so is he just delusional, full of hot air and empty slogans like all politicians, or is he actually a genius with the same secret plan I thought of a couple of years ago? You know, letting things get so incredibly fucked up that people will at last open their eyes.

            I mean, it’s hard to believe that’s not his secret desire and that he’s genuinely just ineffectual…or just a power hungry politician.

            Where’s my* CHANGE, dammit?!

            *Well, not mine, I don’t have an American citizenship.

        • Oh, this, I agree he sure ain’t the messiah, I had an argument over Obama with a friend before his election about this, as I didn’t understand at all the obamania.

          But IMO, this is too much, too often, and anyway too partial. Sure, he ain’t the messiah. But, to read elfguy makes it sound as if:
          – Obama is the worst president the USA ever had
          – In fact, the USA (the world?) would be better if there was no federal government at all and the companies were allowed to do as they please in any and all matters

          While I may understand his obsession and hate of obama (politic opinions sometimes are too much akin to faith for me, so while he’s just another politician to me, if Obama is the devil to him, this explains a lot…), the second is just ridiculous IMO

          • I’m not really sure where you’re getting either of those points from Elfguy’s statement. He only compared Obama to one other president, and that was only after you did first. And he never said anything about getting rid of government, he advocated getting rid of the red tape in this particular situation. You’re reading a LOT more into his statements than what is even vaguely implied. As for obsession, I don’t see any signs of that either, but you seem to have an obsession with defending Obama from non-existant attacks….

            Overall I’d have to agree with the general sentiment here. They’re all politicians. As it was put in a book I read, “Poli- meaning many and tics being bloodsucking insects.”

            • Well, you may have missed it, but this is by far not his first post on this subject. If you haven’t, I invite you to read this.
              Every time, he talks about obama and, to a lesser extand, of the US government, as if they’re the ones responsibles for the crisis. He also conveniently forgot that the drill didn’t began under Obama.

              While him and his administration may be (or not) more or less inactive and/or incompetent and/or corrupt, this is just too much.

    • Yeah, it’s almost like he’s been bribed by the oil industry just as much as GWB was. At least this is the only way I can make sense of the continuing occupation of Afghanistan and extension of that colonial war into a region of Pakistan that is similarly untapped by international mining and energy-drilling companies.
      You want to argue that President Obama is every bit as much of a corporate whore PotUS as GWB was? No need, I’ll declare that his actions have made that point for you. The real question is what has to be done to reclaim American governance from the false dichotomy of crook and crook-er instead of arguing which party is which. Focus on any individual politician as a target to be defeated sets everybody up for the other left hand to put someone in place that’s just as bad.

  5. (A few lines I saw from a like video)
    News reporter: “It has recently been reported that a gigantic oil spill has engulfed the gulf of mexico… Many endangered species of fish are ending up covered in oil and dying slow painful deaths. What does BP, the company many say are responsible for the tragedy, have to say for itself?”
    -Camera pans to BP official with a microphone-
    BP Official: “Serves them damned fish right for trying to steal our oil! Its obvious the whole thing was an ichthyic plot to open the oil pump, then control the flow for their own purposes! However, the whole thing must’ve gone awry, but its their own fault now. Karma, and all that, y’know?”

  6. Don’t know if any of you have seen it, but BP has started sending out “reporters” to cover the situation for their website. They report from the areas BP won’t allow the real reporters into, and claim here’s no oil to be found. They also report on the “Mighty BP Army” that is mobilized to valiantly clean up the non-existant mess. The stones on these guys continues to amaze me.

    • The oil is not just on top of the water. That’s actually the least of our and the ecosystem’s problems because you can try to gather the oil on top, spray it with oil-eating bacteria, etc.

      No, the real problem is the HUGE cloud of oil drifting underwater, many square-kilometers large und hundreds of meters high in places and getting bigger, which scientist found when they went down in submarines. They had not expcted it, but there is was. But no-one believed them at first because BP officials argued that oil is lighter than water and thus it would naturally float to the surface, right? No, sorry, turns out that’s wrong.

      And it seems that the (toxic) chemicals that BP is using to break up the oil into tiny droplets and preventing it from clotting so that the oil-eating bacteria can act quicker and easier on the oil are actually making things worse. Yes, it’s standard procedure for spills – although I read that less toxic chemicals exist but the more toxic ones are cheaper – but it appears we may have to re-evaluate what we knew about underwater oil spills.

  7. Say a TV document yesterday, about a finland (IIRC) family that tried to live 1 year using as little oil or oil-derived products, such as plastics, as possible.

    In short? Once all oil has been either spilled or burned in our cars, we’re gonna be in deep shit

    • Never fear! Conspiracy theorists from Russia have announced that all our standard explanation of oil formation (origin from biological matter, compressed and refined underground over millenia) is the result of some conspiracy, that Peak Oil is nothing but a lie and political ploy, and that “abiotic oil” is created by the Earth all the time, refilling the reservoires, but this abiotic oil exists in places where standard geologists do not expect oil to be and thus only THEY (the pseudo-scientists) can find it.

      I wish I was making this up.