The Tuesday Videos

As many of you know, James Earl Jones was a later choice for Vader. David Prowse delivered all his lines on set thinking he was his own character’s voice. If you’re curious to hear any of those original takes… so am I. This is funny though.

I love this commercial because it’s funny and kind-spirited, but will it make you want to drink Pepsi Max? Maybe…

Lena and I always laugh at those cheap infomercial style commercials that always start out with someone doing it the “old way”, which invariably involves futzing up some mundane everyday task with the accompaniment of much sighing and obvious frustration. These have come to be known as the “Doing it Wrong” commercials, and they’re always good for a chuckle. (A recent example is the Snuggie commercial, which depicts a woman trying to sit under a blanket, which is so obviously difficult and onerous a task that she cannot help but need a Snuggie.) So her now, for those of you like me who enjoy these snapshots into the lives of the retarded-for-pay, is As Seen on TV – A Tribute to Doing It Wrong. This one is for you, Lena.

16 Responses to The Tuesday Videos

    • No, you’re not the only one. But then again I opt for option #4: All of the above.

      Also, the bearded middle guy(i.e the “star” of the commercial) is cute too.

    • Yeah, I’d pick the nerdy chick, too, if I had to pick one over the other.

      But I agree (at least partially) with Orald – why not both?

      • LOL. One great thing about being gay is you can do gay jokes with out guilt because you are. Exploiting straight guys insecurities is really fun. I feel sorry for you straight guys. Also the dude in the pepsi comercial who was checking the other dude out was cute but not the dude who drunk the pepsi.

        • Why feel sorry for me? I agree with where Orald is coming from, even if I can’t get completely behind him.

          (see what I did there?)

          • It’s always more acceptable to make jokes in the direction of establishment than away from establishment, so I do take your meaning. However, as homosexuality becomes more and more mainstream, there will be more and more people willing to make fun of them (have fun with them) from a place that is neither hateful nor bigoted.

            Like me.

  1. Love the Help Me video. There are SO many shots that are totally ridiculous. LOL. Thanks Kev. That started my day off well. Now if I can only find a way to use a power tool while I fix my hair and eat a bowl of cereal without killing myself.

  2. I always thought David Prowse got a raw deal. Poor guy. First, they get James Earl Jones to overdub all his lines, then after wearing that freaking helmet through THREE major motion pictures George Lucas swaps in another dude to be “the man behind the mask” in Return of the Jedi.

    Dude got hosed if you ask me.

  3. Actually in the Special Features on the SW DVDs, they have some of the original Dave Prowse lines…and he speaks with a very pronounced Scots Brogue…funny as hell to listen to

    “Where are thaes transmissions ye intercepted?” (Sounds like Scottie)