The Tuesday Video

The first video this week is of a new… um… “dance craze” isn’t exactly the right word… Brazilian dance… thing… that if it’s not sweeping that nation, is at least sweeping the internet.

I give you… Surra de bunda.

(This video is a bit longer than it needs to be, but if you make it to the second… gentleman in the yellow his face is priceless when the “hammer” drops.)

Next is a classic example of prime American journalism in action. Dan Noyes is da man with the reporting plan.

Just don’t touch him.

This final video for me is an exercise in nerves. Every time I see Mike Tyson I expect him to become an enraged animal and start yanking limbs of of people because someone scratched their elbow in a manner he found irritating. The guy is all about unreasonable escalation.  I suspect if I could get over my coiled-spring-and-bomb perception of the man I could watch the video without flinching when Reese Waters offers him a canoli… but I sure as hell wouldn’t do it.

18 Responses to The Tuesday Video

  1. Interesting choice for videos this week. Tea with Tyson was very provocative. I learned a lot about a man I had no interest in learning anything about. I’m pretty sure that guy in the second video was trying to get the reporter to hit him, so he could sue or have them escorted out by security or whatever reason. Dan Noyes did a good job of restraining himself I thought, cause man I woulda knocked that guy on his ass. The first video was just odd. That guy in yellow’s reaction made it worth watching though. Think she mighta landed right on his boys. Poor guy.

    • When the “Guy in Yellow” was responding afterwards, I heard a (Portuguese) word that seemed to be a likely cognate for “testicles”.

      • For those (like myself) that don’t speak or understand Portuguese, Google translates “Surra de bunda” as “ass licking.”

  2. The first video was…I’m not sure. I think “dumb” is the only word that can properly describe everyone in it.
    Also “stupid” and “idiot”.

    The second was amazing. Like Tim said, that Noyes guy has an excellent restraint, I’d have gone crazy all over him touching me like that(but then again I wholey approve of violence in such matters).
    I’m not exactly sure what was going on there, though. Was this Mark guy(justly?) protesting about the news team disrupting their meeting? He could’ve had a point there, but I couldn’t get the details straight.

    I skipped the Tyson video though, never cared much for boxing or escaped gorillas.

    • I think Noyes really was being a jerk by trying to get an interview in the middle of their meeting. From what I understand, he has a reputation for less than honorable tactics.

      I understand skipping the Tyson vid, though for me it has the quality of a train wreck that never quite happens. It’s fascinating because it IS a train wreck, and because even though you know it’s a train, it can pretend to be a puppy dog for short periods of time.

      • It appeared to me that Noyes tried to get an interview before the meeting, which might have been kinda jerky what with waiting until right before the meeting, but that Mark guy was way out of line. After being told not to touch Noyes, he continued. On purpose. Then he touches the camera.

        That’s a no-no. He’s just asking to be sued for a damaged camera.

        • It’s clear that “PR” guy was TRYING to get an excuse to call off the meeting and stop any interviews. That video is a guide on what NOT to do if you’re supposed to be in public relations. He found the reporter’s hot button and repeatedly pressed it, deliberately.

  3. I don’t care how cute the girl is, if my nose is going to be in that kind of proximity to anyone’s nether regions, they’d better be spending time in bed with me.

    As for the poor guy in yellow…Ouch. Just Ouch.

  4. Even though i am a day late, I want to comment on that second video, because it seems I disagree with everyone on it, the youtube poster, the youtube commenters, commeneters here, and especially Noyes. Maybe I am reading it wrong, and I do see that Slater got a bit carried away, and things then escalated, but even after watching it twice, it feels as if Dan was the offending party and was trying to play it off as if he wasn´t.

    • I read it the same way. Dan comes across as a douche bag who was told he wasn’t welcome at some point. I could be reading it wrong – but that was my take as well.