24 Responses to 677 – White Smoke Mountain • 45

  1. To reiterate, Martin is complicated.
    P.S. why would Bunker think that Martin would understand? I just don’t get it.
    P.S.S. am I the only one who just realized how big Martin’s nose is?

    • “why would Bunker think that Martin would understand? I just don’t get it.”

      Neither do I. I’d expect Martin to congratulate EvilClone!Bunker on destroying Bunker’s self-confidence.
      Geez, Bunker, Martin is CE. I was under the impression that you know that by now.

      Funny thing is, Bunker is not putting his hand on Martin’s shoulder, but grabbing him by the Standard Female Character Grab Area [1]. That’s saying… something. But I’m not quite sure what. 😆

      [1] http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StandardFemaleGrabArea
      “Gender Equality, Part 1 (Feena Rule): Your average female RPG character carries a variety of deadly weapons and can effortlessly hack or magic her way through armies of monsters, killer cyborgs, and mutated boss creatures without breaking a sweat. She may be an accomplished ninja, a superpowered secret agent, or the world’s greatest adventurer. However, if one of the game’s villains manages to sneak up and grab her by the Standard Female Character Grab Area (her upper arm) she will be rendered utterly helpless until rescued by the hero.
      — The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Cliches”

    • Damn right, he could have had a threesome with himself and Princess Biggie Ta-Tas. That’s what I’d call fan service. 😉
      No, wait, lesbian. Forget I said anything.

      • “Lesbian” played by a horny little (pre?)teen boy. Well, I guess some might call it fan service.

        I have to wonder though, wouldn’t an evil anti-paladin be somewhat unforgiving towards advances from our favorite evil Warlock? Unless the reversion process also affects his sexuality.
        But then again, shouldn’t a total opposite be gender-changed as well?

        • You know, you could always just start writing H.O.L.E slash fic. instead of waiting and hoping for some of this fan service you speak of. 😆

        • Anti-bunker is physically identical to normal bunker because he came out of a mirror, (well maybe reversed left/right handedness.) It’s only his personality that’s opposite so he wouldn’t switch genders, (physical) but might change orientations, (mental)

        • “Unless the reversion process also affects his sexuality.”

          That’s the most awesome idea ever. :mrgreen:
          Why didn’t I come up with it?

  2. Whoa. Public gay coming-out moment for Martin! 8)

    I mean… come on, the implications of Martin’s little outburst are pretty obvious aren’t they? At least the others should start to wonder why he reacted like that.

    Oh forget it, they’re either too naive (Bunker, Morty, Zobbie) or too self-centered (Enkidu, Freya) and don’t have two brain cells to rub together. 🙄

  3. Poor Bunker. He’s scraping the bottom of the barrel, looking for understanding and sympathy.

    Oddly, Martin might have been the only one to (pretend to) show sympathy, now that I think about it. (If only to cut him down harder, further down the line.) Complicated is the perfect word for Martin.