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  1. Apparently, by the third panel, Freya has convinced the DM to make her usual monk outfit magically reappear.

    I noticed on the second read-through that Fleece is fingering Bunker’s “modesty shield” in the first panel. 😯 Taking a peek? Naughty naughty. 🙄 But never mind her left hand, where did she put her right hand?

      • Wait… I come back and suddenly her outfit has been edited. By Thief’s law-ninjas, I should’ve saved the first version! Now I feel like Fox Mulder. I remember what I’ve seen but I don’t have proof. Proof… of aliens!

        Can we have Martin abducted by aliens and painfully probed? After some of the bizarre stuff that happened in this comic, bug-eyed space aliens would be perfectly normal. 😉

        Wasn’t there some old 1st edition D&D module with a spaceship in it? Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, or something? I only know about it from SomethingAwful’s “WTF, D&D!?” articles.

  2. Just curious, what is Bunker going to replace his “chicken suit” armor with? Any plans?

    • And what happened to his hair? It looked better all messed up. Now he looks like an old man.

    • “Chicken Suit?” A gold Dragon gave it’s life (Well not on purpose, but whatever) for that thing.

      Good thing dragons work for scale.

        • New armor for Bunker… well, it is certainly a priority for him.

          BTW, just a word about complaints about the art. I suck, I know I suck, but I do as well as I can in the time I’ve allotted myself and mostly try to draw what I see in my head. Now I do not want to discourage anyone from having their say on whatever they like here, but complaining about the art is like throwing eggs at a barn. You can’t miss, it leaves a mess, and afterwards people are going to wonder what you were hoping to accomplish. The barn already knows it can’t draw. LOL!

          Chicken suit. Heh heh.

          • Well, dragons ARE related to chickens. Kinda. They’ve got wings!

            But don’t go calling a dragon “chicken”.

            • “Chicken dragon”

              You know something.

              I bet that somewhere in those insane AD&D monster manuals there will be one of those.

          • Kevin, I wasn’t complaining about your artwork! I love it that all your characters look like individuums, not like cookie-cutter anime characters who all look uniform and if it wasn’t for different outfits or hairstyles you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. That’s why I don’t like comics done in anime style. Your characters have quirks.

            I merely meant that every time during the run of the comic that Bunker is shown without a helmet, he looks.. well, I think he looks better with his helmet on. Maybe it’s the hair. Or maybe he’s like one of those people who look stupid with a hat on, only in reverse. I always assumed Bunker was supposed to look that way because he’s a bit of a doofus.

      • Wait, what? You mean it WASN’T a chicken suit? I thought that was the whole gag – Bunker went on some dangerous quest and all he got was some silly yellow armor he had no choice but to wear. (sigh) First squid-faced non-mustache bad guys and now dragon scale non-chicken suit armor. I think I need to turn the left side of my brain off for a while.

        btw – if it WAS dragon armor, wouldn’t the ONE thing above all else it be able to handle would be a quick blast of fire-spell? Chicken feathers “poofing” in a puff of smoke I can get, but dragon scales? (sorry, that was my left-brain talking again wasn’t it?)

        Crawling back under my rock…

        • Ah but it was eaten by the acid for a few rounds first. Acid destroys the dragon scales, then fire destroys Bunker, then heal-do-ken destroys his modesty 😛

        • Yeah, the armor (and everything else) was eaten by the acidic green slime. The fireball was to burn away the slime.

          The armor was made by Morty from the scales of Glandiri, the undead gold dragon. Martin swiped the armor before Morty had a chance to give it to Bunker and presented it to him (Bunker) as a gift from himself. (Martin.) Chickens were never mentioned, ever, and a suit of armor made from the feathers of yellow chickens were entirely the product of your own beer-addled fever dreams.

          • I never meant to imply that you suck in any fasion dude- I love your artwork. It’s always original and suprising! The armor just always looked fluffy to me, as well as being bright yellow rather than more orangy-gold color, plus factor in the long sleeves (wings) and all he would need would have been a beaked helm to complete the ensemble. Perhaps this is why I always had a hard time taking Bunker’s bad-assness seriously, even after he whacked Chorka. I always imagined dragonscale to lie flat, more like fish scales. Anyway, beer-addled is an apt description, but it does make things more entertaining- if not always accurate.

            • Well don’t worry about it. I am surrounded by people who are WAY more talented than I am all the time. If I haven’t crawled under a rock by now, I’m not going to.

  3. Bunker (the character) is 39. He’s been around the block a few times, is a little worse for wear, but is still pretty vigorous with a sword. He’s got some wrinkles and more than a few gray hairs in his blond head, but mostly he looks older because I have been trying to put more detail into the drawings. In my head he has always looked that way.

    • I see. My comment about his hair is that i liked it messed up, not that I think your drawing stinks. It doesn’t BTW.

    • Being 39, having been around the block a few times a little worse for the wear, and yes, still pretty good with a sword… I wish I had his abs.

      • Thirty-nine??? Right, OK…. that explains a lot. In D&D terms, he is an old man then. Old enough to make aging rolls for middle age Age Category, at least.

      • LOL!

        Thanks for saying, Pulsa, but I’m not kidding myself. My artwork falls squarely in the middle of “good enough for cartooning” and nowhere else. Don’t feel bad for me though, I certainly don’t. I don’t need to be the best at anything to amuse me, and if anyone else likes it too, that’s just gravy.

        • well it beats my stick figures any day! (of course some comics are stick figures and they do ok…) But your drawing is much better than that. It’s hard to get across details without colour, (and when you were doing colour there weren’t as many shadows.)

          If you combined your current detail with the colour you used to do I’d say you’d be in the top 10% or so of the best drawn comics I’ve seen, (of course you’d also probably only get one done a week cause that’s a lot of effort.)

        • Hey, if I and just about anyone else reading webcomics can enjoy stick figures or pixelated 8-bit graphics thyen it just goes to show that the joke is more important than the graphical presentation, just like how huge explosions and lots of CGI alone don’t make a good movie(SW are a clear demonstration of that). That’s not to say your art isn’t any good, of course. The fact is that most people, myself sadly included, can’t draw like you.

          Speaking of shiney graphics, CAD, for example, has nice, clear, consistent graphics(though half of it looks like a copy-paste work, so no wonder it’s consistent), and I understand it’s very popular…it’s also somewhat boring most of the time. Unlike OOTS or HOLE, for example, I don’t really anticipate the next page, and have thought of kicking it out of my comic list lately.

  4. How does Bunker fit into those tighty whiteys?! After #655, my disbelief is not suspended. Or are those… briefs of holding?