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        • Nobody noticed my Firefly refrence? 😥

          BTW, all the monster talk got me wondering, how exactly are the “random” avatars here generated? I mean, it’s good that mine’s got a nice purple dress and all to match its(many) eyes, but was it completely random the first time I posted and now sticks with my IP or what?

  1. so wait, Tami was with a tentacle monster? o.O

    wow, well some people do say if tentacle monsters existed women would never date human males ever again

  2. Y’know, I’m amazed that those two chose to become mollusc-faces. I can’t wait to find out why they did it. Except I’ll have to, what with the weekend coming up.

  3. Had a horrifying experience last night…I’m a big Dragonball fan, so I figured I’d at least take a look at Dragonball Evolution.

    Worst. Adaptation. Ever.

    So Goku and Roshi, who both are supposed to live way out in the wilds in isolation, live in the city…and Goku goes to high school while his Grandpa Gohan is still alive….and Roshi, who still says he trained the really old Gohan, looks like he’s in his late 20s, and ISN’T bald? And Goku “Goes ape” not during the full moon but an eclipse (and without having a tail, his only real weakness in that form) and is only a bit bigger than human size?

    And they made the Hoi Poi capsules “fold out” like transformers instead of particalizing/departicalising whatever’s stored inside like Bulma explained at the beginning of DBZ season 7.

    As for the Dragonballs, they actually look like Dragonballs, but since when did they have to be used in any particular place?

    I had difficulty figuring out anything they actually got right…The only character who was actually doing what he should have been doing at the start of the story was Yamucha.

    • I never liked Dragon Ball anyway, but let me ask you this: What makes you think anyone here cares? I’m sorry dude, but this is a comic about Dungeons and Dragons, and sometimes Kevin’s amusing blog. So why do you keep bringing up anime? Unless maybe you talked about Record of Lodoss War, which was totally D&D in anime form I don’t think anime matters to most of us. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I’ll be sure not to watch that show. Thanks for the heads up.

      • There’s plenty of fantasy Manga and anime out there…just because you’ve apparently only encountered one Fantasy anime and apparently don’t like Anime in general doesn’t mean nobody’d be interested in the occasional mention of it.

        Why so confrontational? You tryin to start up a flamewar or somethin, Timmy-chan?

        • I don’t really mind if someone wants to talk about something important, or even just something they felt like the wanted to share here. the only rules are about personal attacks. I am personally not all that into anime. I know a little about Macross, I own a copy of Akira, and I dig most of Hayao Miyazaki’s stuff that I’ve seen. (Who doesn’t?)

          I have seen Dragonball on TV, but it really never looked like my cup of tea.

          • Well anything you saw on TV in the US dragonballwise is crapola.

            When they broadcast it in the US, the dubs were awful beyond belief…they went so far as to insert lines like these:

            “Oh No…they’ve blown up the Cargo robot” (When a news reporter’s aircraft got blown up)
            “They’re OK…There are their parachutes” (Parachutes…riiiight…)
            “An evacuated part of the city was destroyed” (So what were all those people walking around just before the explosion?”)

            If you want to get a REAL feel for Dragonball, the Real Stuff is over on Netflix – Just look for “Dragonball Season 1” and make sure it’s the DVDs with “Season One” in a black box in the lower left corner of the DVD picture shown…those are the remastered versions with unaltered animation and full Japanese audio and subtitles (you can listen to the dubbed audio on the disks if you don’t like subbed, but I can’t vouch for them not having the “PC Filter” on that version of the audio)

            Oh, and be sure it’s “Dragonball” not “Dragonball Z” or “Dragonball GT” – Skipping ahead to Z or GT is like reading “The Two Towers” or “The Return of the King” without having read “The Fellowship of the Ring” – both Z and GT assume you know what happened in Dragonball.

  4. No. And I apologize for being confrontational. You just bring it up a lot. And I like anime just fine. But not Dragon Ball. And please, don’t call me Timmy. I have no dog named Lassie, and I have never been in a well, or a burning barn, or old man MacAllister’s mine.

    • You’d be surprised how many Anime have D&D like references…you can find similar critters and settings in a lot of them. Dragonball, of course, has lots more references to Journey To The West, since that’s what the original characters are pretty much based on ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_west )

      However, you can find fantasy monsters remeniscent of D&D in such anime as “Those who hunt Elves”, “Dragon Half”, “Yu Yu Hakusho”, “Vampire Princess Miyu” and “Inuyasha” (Sure, most of these monsters are really from Japanese mythology, but isn’t an Ogre Mage really an Oni?)

      I’m more of a general fan of Animation, not just the specific Anime genre, as well as a fan of Fantasy novels like Saberhagen’s “Swords” series (If you could have just one of those 12 swords in an AD&D setting, which one would you pick? I would favor Doomgiver myself…Shieldbreaker would be fun, at least until you ran into a monk), The Elric of Melnibone novels, Diskworld, Xanth, A Wizard in Rhyme, the Amber novels, that kind of thing.

      I’m not the only one who’s mentioned Anime recently…I seem to recall someone mentioning Tentacle Hentai recently…

  5. fucking hate dragonball, now Bleach and Fullmetal Brotherhood is a different story

    you said hentai not me o.O I merely stated a well known fact that anyone whos ever been to satire wikis know =O

    • Eh? I’m sure someone around here mentioned T.H. films at some point…

      Keep in mind, there are two versions of DB…the original Japanese and the lame “americanized” version where you don’t get to see Bulma’s goodies and they (very cheaply and obviously) draw in extra things to hide Lil Goku’s…er…dragonballs when he’s swimming or after his ozoru transformation.

      Whenever I watch Anime, I always go for the original and avoid “cleaned up” versions like the plague….and I certainly like DB better than DBZ or DBGT – After Furiza, DBZ degenerated into a constant parade of stronger and stronger villains, none of whom (until GT) were competing with the goodguys to get the dragonballs, which was pretty much the whole point of the series up to that point.

      • Well, I mentioned “Tenticle Love” and “Tenticle Porn” in comments to this strip, but to tell the truth I’m really not into any kind of anime at all(and, uh, hentai…I prefer my porn to be “real”…and without any tenticles*), or Japanese culture for that matter. I can understand some people being fascinated by it, but I can’t fathom this Japanophillic(and other East Asian cultures) craze.

        I prefer the Nordic culture.

        *Tenticles just remind me some hentai-related jokes on Commissioned Comic.

        • Yep I agree this top style navigation works better.

          2 things I’d like to see changed though are:
          -If you click on the link in the notification email for this message board if takes you to https://www.heroesoflesserearth.com/2010/06/668-white-smoke-mountain-%E2%80%A2-36/ When you are on that page there is no previous button. Only a current, archives, and first. If you hit current it shows the same comic, but the previous button is now visible.
          -I’d like a box somewhere I can type in a comic number and jump directly to it. You have archives by date or by number, but you still have to guess which of the 34 pages in the archive has that number. (Another way of doing this is making https://www.heroesoflesserearth.com/123 take you to comic 123)

        • One small problem with it though: For some reason, when you open up the comments to read ’em, the options for “Next” and “Previous” disappear, and all that is left is “First post” “Archives” and “Current Post”.
          Though, it is far easier, but for the small glitch.

          • I think that the Previous button problem is fixed now… at least I see it. And the Search box will take you to a specific comic if you type in the number.

            • well the previous, (and now next since another comic is out) is still not showing for me…

              as for the search it’s close, but if you search for 123 it gives you 4 results. It would be nice to be able to link to a specific comic without knowing the date it was out or the name of the comic.

  6. I’m a big fan of Dragonball, but not Dragonball Z/GT. I really don’t see Dragonball as an essential prequel to see Dragonball Z. Heck, I think Z was on American TV first. Dragonball has a far better story, whereas Z is mostly a bunch of fighting, 3/4 of which is powering up filler. Btw the comics are better than the cartoons in either case, not so much for the typical reasons as much for the fact that the comics don’t have all that annoying filler.

    • My entire (albeit limited) experience with Dragonball is the fighting and the strutting. “I am the most powerful bad guy around and I’ll kick your ass!” “Well I am Goku and I’ll kick your ass!” “I am an even more powerful bad guy around and I’ll kick your ass!” “Well now I am Super-Goku and I’ll kick your ass!”

      Insert fights where appropriate…