25 Responses to 667 – White Smoke Mountain • 35

  1. Yikes, Tammi! You don’t have much of a survival instinct, do you?

    So… Abraxas is a mollusc-face by choice? Polymorph spell? Or is it trickier and is he going to assume the shape he had before his body was taken over and mutated by the baby mollusc-face, and was his dating time with Tammi before then?

  2. Guess they should stay away from the Japan equivalent in the game world…they could wind up fried in tempura batter…I forget, what’s the name of those octopus ball things?

  3. Those are squid tentacles on their faces?!? I thought they were just really bad mustaches. Man, I am sooo lost.

    • You’re fine. You were not supposed to be able to distinguish them. When their true nature was revealed… back in the 120s or so… it was meant to be a subtle surprise. Again, it A) isn’t that important to the plot, and B) dances around some intellectual property laws I’d prefer not to get involved with.

      • I think 125 and 126 pretty much is a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, saynomore!” as to what they are.

        One race of cthulhuoid brain-eating squidheads is pretty much the same as every other one, right? The AD&D ones don’t usually bother with a knife and fork though…our evil wizard and his girlfriend are more cultured.