26 Responses to 666 – An Evil Interlude • 01

  1. 616? 661? So you mean all those days cutting myself and uttering badly scripted latin over a cold flame in my basement were all in vain? …sigh

    Congrats on the six hundred sixty six strip!

  2. Oh…damn.

    OTOH, let us just drop the whole human sacrifice thing. It gives me the willies.

    Hey, we can still have the party where we get drunk as skunks and run around annoying the Westboro Baptist Church by saying stuff like ; “Yes, i believe in God, and she is black!”
    Drives them crazy every time! :mrgreen:

      • The WBC isn’t a real baptist church anyway…they’re a bunch of freakjob nutcakes who use the facade of religion as an excuse to spew hatred and anti-USA bullcrap at the same time.

        I used to be a “Ronald Regan Carl Sagan San Diegan Pagan, who every other tuesday night would worship Israel’s Began” (That’s an old Filk song)…but I think my gods are all dead by now, so I’ll probably get into “Mr. Magoo, R2D2, Do-as-I-do Voodoo, where every week we’ll have a meeting where we praise Cathulhu.”

        It would make as much sense as a lot of the crackpot religions out there, right?

  3. If today is the cue to talk about the stupidity of evil perhaps I should share a link about how BP oil disaster management has failed in every way at every level, singling out one particular one where it’s obvious to the lay observer?

    Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6ZN6r5-1QE

    • …Because the Obama administration was SO quick to get the booms and other oil containment equipment that BP requested onsite…Oh, wait…they never DID deliver those.

      Convenient that the equipment that could have lessened the impact of the thing just happened to never be delivered, allowing Obama to do an about-face on his fake “Let’s look for more oil” speech so quickly, isnt it?

      There’s plenty of Stupid and Evil to go around.

      • If I may?

        You’re telling me that:
        – All this risky thing, with unsafe equipment, was approved by obama, not anyone else, and that they put up this giant offshore platform since his election, and not before? Or that, if it was before, it was perfectly safe until the obama administration came?
        – Our beloved G.W. Bush (the same man that didn’t sign the Kyoto protocol because the american lifestyle was not negociable) would have said “No, let’s protect the nature” to BP and did everything in its power to avoid any possible ecological disaster?

        Riiiight. I am not an obama-lover like so many europeans, far from it, but it seems to me you pick on him at every turn a little too much.

        Sure, if everything went right, he’d have done just as his predecessor, leaving BP mine precious oil to support the american way of life. But, at least in appearance (I’d say probably in appearance, but let’s hope), he learned something valuable today: You can’t revert ecological disasters by spending money. Once a species is gone, it’s gone.

        • IIRC supposedly Bush cited that oil platform for bad procedures and Obama praised it… until it leaked. FWIW I am not a fan of any of the 3 entities mentioned. That’s the safe approach anyway, to always oppose views and never support any so that one can never be wrong about something. Nobody could ever poke fun at someone for that right?

          And what went extinct from the oil spill?

          • Any shred of public perception that Obama had any competance whatsoever as a chief executive?

            • Not as far as I know. Seems like all marketing… and the product is so lousy people still won’t buy it.

              Anyway I looked it up and it looks like 250 turtles over the norm died to the oil spill so far, but they’re worried there might be more later. 35,000 die to poaching each year. Just saying. This oil spill is a horrible environmental thing but I’d like to put it into perspective before people start talking about extinction. It takes multiple doofuses working together to pull off something like that.

            • None whatsoever with me, he’s roughly as bad as the last guy.

              Foreign policy: Inexperience, overreach, getting beat up by Israel because the Clintons have a woody for dicking with the Palestinian-Israeli mess that can kill stronger politicians than Obama. I could go on but it’s just failure.
              Domestic policy: Bent over for the banks and Wall Street assholes too far, bent over for the oil industry too far, made an embarrassing re-run of the Hillary Clinton insurance-industry giveaway deal (whoops, healthcare plan thing) from the 90s that predictably burnt off his face.
              It’s an open question just how much of his poor showing is inexperience, stupidity and craven servitude of his sponsoring interests. It’s undeniable that there’s some of that traitorous sabotage thing going on like what sank Jimmy Carter and gave Bill Blowjob so much trouble. Speaking of Bill, Obama should grind Hillary into sausage and send that shit to Bill with a postcard and a hooker telling him to get the fuck out of Whitehouse business. Being less obvious of a butt-boy for his campaign contributors and cracking down on the Republican staffers that have been working overtime at making him look bad are just obvious things he should’ve been doing already.

              Right now I’d say the Obama presidency is every bit as embarrassing as the first year of GWB’s term in office. He might already be cooked unless something unexpected happens before 2012, and ordering up a fresh round of airplanes hitting the WTC site wouldn’t work half as well as it did for the last guy.
              Just man, don’t kid yourself that McCain would’ve been any better. He was promising to destroy America by going to war with Iran.

      • I’m not an American and I don’t know the full series of twists and turns of the regulatory frameworks involved, but I do know that the beginnings of federal, effective environmental protection were under Nixon of all people. Efforts to loosen regulations were propagandized under Reagan so that lobbying parties could ask for elimination of rules that bothered them, especially environmental and consumer safety ones. Look up the history of Aspartame and the doctrine of substantive equivalence for genetically modified organisms if you don’t believe me. That phenomenon rode in with the end of Carter but hasn’t stopped or slowed in the meantime, every President after and a sufficiency of the congress and senate have supported this carrying on at full steam ever since.
        The Republican party make a fetish out of gutting environmental protections, note the drill-baby-drill campaign of the Republican party in the last campaign, but I will agree they are not the only political whores to lobbyists. The Glass-Steagall act of 1933 was repealed under Clinton (a supposed red-tape Liberal), which you should know about because it was one of the most important parts of deregulation in making possible the massive global economic failures of the last couple years.
        All I have to say about you singling out Obama is that anyone who tries to point a finger at any one politician or political party in this is just trying to cover up the misdeeds of others. All the American elected federal politicians are filthy beyond rehabilitation as servants of the public good. There is no “our side” party in favour of your interests sir, they are all the agents of those who would harm America for shits and small-change.

        • I think it was Teddy Roosevelt that really got the environmentalism ball rolling, but Nixon was a huge proponent and activist for the cause. (He strangely believed that being a conservative meant conserving things. What a wacko.) Pretty much everybody else has been tearing everything down by degrees in exchange for political donations.

          This country would save unimaginable sums of money and treasure if the government just fully funded everyone’s elections.

          • But then who do you fund and how much? The porn star running for governor? Those that win the primaries? What about the massive donations and string pulling in the primaries?

            And I love how whenever USA “brings democracy” to a country that isn’t so excited about it, they don’t even try to hide the payments and citizens say things like “I’ll just vote for the guy who pays me the most money, it’s not like our country is really going to change anyway.” I’m in favor of ditching non-local direct elections like the way we used to do it. Then they’d have to give political donations to 10,000 city advertisers and even then some people would say “Hey Joe, wait a minute, I know that guy running for that city office never did any of the things in his ad.”

            • You fund everyone who qualifies for candidacy. (However many signatures that is.)

              As far as how much, that should be a set amount, tied to inflation, based on the amount of territory you need to cover.

              (Changing any country’s political system always begs the question of motive.)