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  1. I still can’t remeber or tell for that matter is the guy if you can even say that either is a guy. IMO I would make a cape or cloak.

  2. Tammi the Drow in a cowboy hat…yeah, with reversed hands, console games would be a bee-itch.

      • I just realized something… If the DM is your avatar in the H.O.L.E.-iverse, then… You’re the guy who Freya bribed with sexual favors to get her Kung Fu powers?

          • I know who is. But I promised Kevin I wouldn’t tell.

            I will confirm that the DM is not his avatar. I was the DM in the campaign that inspired the characters in this strip (and I sincerely hope the strip’s DM is NOT based on me, tho I’m probably just as bad a DM, but for different reasons 😛 )

      • I thought it was a sun-hat, like old ladies wear in their gardens. Or young ladies wear cause they look good with sun-dresses. I like the spider on the hat btw.

        • It can be any kind of hat you want it to be, Tim. There’s no wrong way to look at a picture. (Some disturbing and personally revealing ways, maybe, but no wrong way.)

  3. I must admit I’m clueless as to who this Tammi is(so many characters being absent for so long). A link to a relevant strip would be much appriciated.

    Also, nice drow-related spider motif on the hat.

    • We first met Tammi (dressed a bit more traditionally) in number 550. https://www.heroesoflesserearth.com/2009/08/550-the-council-of-erias-•-01/ She was one of Erias’ council members, all the rest of whom he has either directly or indirectly killed.

      Erias introduced Tammi as the bearer of a prophesy that foretold the coming of a “Golden Age” that would be brought about by the Heroes of Lesser Earth, which several of the other council members saw as a threat. They broke off and attacked HOLE, but were defeated. An arch-lich on the council attempted to wrest control from Erias, but is so doing fell victim to a trap Erias had laid for him, and was destroyed. That left Tony the Rakshasa, whom Erias killed with a blessed crossbow bolt.

      We still don’t know exactly who Tammi is or where she came from. She is obviously a drow, and it would therefore be safe to assume that she’s up to no damn good, racial stereotypes being what they are in D&D.

      • However, there is at least one well known exception to the “All Drow are evil” stereotype (Drizzt, of course) so that’s not necessarily true, though she IS hanging around with the masters of evil club, so yah, she’s probably up to no good.

        I always wondered if a LG Drow Paladin wouldn’t totally freak people out. You run into an obvious paladin fighting some bad monster…after the monster’s down he takes off his helmet and you see pointy ears, dark skin and white hair…

        (According to Wiki, they no longer need to be LG and can be any race, but a LG drow Pallie would still be a major oddity.)

        • Liriel Baenre is also a Drow who found her way to the light. You’ll find her in the Forgotten Realms’ “The Windwaker Trilogy.” She’s nowhere near as moody as Drizzt and I would recommend her story to Drow fans.

  4. Courtesy of the fine people at LULU i now have the 3 dead tree versions of H.O.L.E in my grasp.
    Excuse me while i do a mind meld with said books. :mrgreen: 😀 :mrgreen:

      • After said mindmeld i’m now grinning from ear to ear and i say thee Sir, that YOU are teh AWESOME, and you can qoute me on that. Martins song was hillarious.
        After reading the books i also think you should buy the guiding star of your life* an appriciative gift.
        I suggest chocolate. I have never met a woman who wasn’t a devoted fan of the stuff.
        I’m also wondering what on earth the “G” in GKP stands for.

        Gerald? ❓ Gottfried? ❓ Garry? ❓ Godfather?! 😯

        *That would be your wife Lena whom not only inspires you, but also put up with your various antics and insanities.

  5. Whatever happened to Cathulhu anyway? And more importantly, who is it that has to clean out his litterbox?

      • A Medusa? Aw come on…I would be pretty sure that unspeakable horrors from the outer planes would be immune…and besides, no one can outstare a cat!

          • Well Cathulhu is at the very least a minor God…it would have to have been the ORIGINAL medusa (The original cursed priestess, the one slain by Perseus about 2500 years ago) to even force a god to make a saving throw.

            I’d say it’s more likely Cathulhu just settled down for a catnap (and for Cthulhuoid beings, that means 1000-10,000 years minimum) – and while he sleeps, a pasty film covers his tentacles. He’ll wake with the worst breath of the millenium.

            (Reference to the “Worst breath of the day” commercials (I think they were for a mouthwash, but they could have been for a toothpaste too…I forget, it’s been so long…)

      • You should build that. Just crack open a controller, and grab a bicycle handlebar and a roll of duct tape.

        Would make for an interesting blog post.

        Make it so.

          • I’m pretty sure once you buy a controller, you can dismantle it any way you want…taping the buttons onto a pair of bicycle handlebars?

            What laws exactly? care to enlighten us with some actual law text?

      • Why buy when you have a natural one at your disposal to play with?

        @Rock: I believe that’s perfectly legal, or else people would get sued all over the place for modifications to all sorts of electronic appliances(mostly PCs).
        Man, I remember one a couple years back shaped like an old-school TD Nod Temple complete with glowing red lights.
        Awsome. 😀

          • Well, sure, voids your warrenty because you can’t claim afterwards that something was wrong with the device you yourself dismantled and tinkered with.
            But you won’t get sued or anything, which I believe was Rock’s point. I think he was confusing with modding it and reselling it under another brand as competition to the original manufacturer…which still wouldn’t be illigal, I think, since you’re selling your own property which you paid for.

    • Got one, and I like it. I was just thinking of a remote that fits the way anyone’s hands normally sit, but where you can see all of your fingertips.

  6. Just ran across something interesting…I was listening to the cast commentary on the extended Lord of the Rings DVDs, and noticed that apparently, even though the actors have been playing these characters through three very long movies, their knowledge of the lore is abysmal.

    Get this: They don’t even know what a Nazgûl is. They apparently think it refers to the ring-wraith’s flying mounts, and not the wraiths themselves. I mean come ON…all you have to do is look up the word in Tolkien’s indexes in the back of the books for crying out loud, or just check the Wiki entry!


    What ever happened to actors actually researching the source material for their roles and not just reading their own lines in the script?

    • Depends on which cast members you’re talking about. Ian McKellan and Christopher Lee are both huge fans who have read the books many, many times.

      A lot of actors don’t like to get too close to the source material. They want to be able to go into the work without the baggage of their own preconceptions. It’s not at all uncommon.

      • Thats fine during filming…but if you’re going to do a commentary, and you’re going to talk about the Nazgul, I would think it would be important to do at least a bit of research…and even if one of the actors didn’t know what a Nazgul was, you would think the others who were there with them bantering back and forth WOULD know and would say “Hey, the Nazgul are the ringwraiths, not the mini dragons they’re riding…”

        • Maybe. Personally I think it’s more interesting to find out that some of those guys didn’t know than if everyone lined up with exactly the same information. We’re talking about it after all, and I doubt you’d have bothered to mention it if you had watched the commentary and someone had happened to pipe up that they knew what a Nazgul was.