27 Responses to 664 – White Smoke Mountain • 33

    • Nah, she’s not good, just Gangster #1. Gotta love them arrows of slaying, I had forgotten all about ’em. I have to say that is the coolest use of one ever. Note to self: do that exact thing but have a second one in the off-hand pocket ready for when they go “OMG I got a nat 20 and made my save!!!!”

      • It’s actually a blessed crossbow bolt, but the effect is the same.

        And as for whether Erias is the good guy of the piece, I’d kinda doubt it, but who knows?

        • Well technically, we’re all the heroes of our own “stories”, right?

          From Erias’ point of view he’s the “good guy”…just cause everyone else disagrees doesn’t change that, but it does make killing them easier to justify…

  1. So what was the name of the one-strip Rakshasa Erias just stabbity stabbed with a blessed bolt?

    • Ha thought the same thing, although his Upside-Down thumbs up, would be entirely too cliche.

        • Err, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t their reversed hands just reversed in the inner/outer direction, not like a human turning his hands outwards and pointing with the thumb down? Their “thumbs up” should still be up, just the fist that’s turned out.
          Otherwise it’s not really that “special”, like I mentioned, people can immitate it as well(and their thumbs being down ruins their grip on tools etc).

          And I’ve missed Erias, he’s evilishly awsome.

          ETA: Looked for a Wizards related pic to be sure(hopefully the link will get through).

          • I based my comment on the first and last panel, if he were to make a fist and point the thumb it would point down.


            • No offense orald… but hunh? I can’t make MY hands imitate Tony’s without some major breakage. Can you?

              Yes Chris, you are correct. That’s why I thought it would have been funny.

  2. Erias doesn’t have to be Good. He or she or it just has to desire the coming of a Golden Age. Those don’t just offer bountiful opportunities for the good guys – which I am not entirely convinced H.O.L.E. are… They’re more like good guys than the Light Warriors of 8-bit theater, but less so than the Order of the Stick. :p On another note, does this prophecy for whom the coming age will be golden?

  3. If there were only “four great tyrants” to kill what are/were Tammi, Anorexus, and Erias/Abraxus?

  4. There is a reason why Starbucks no long have arrows available at their coffee shops.

  5. I wonder if blessed water tastes like… Perhaps its even carbonated!
    And would a blessed mountain dew have the same effect? It seems more likely to happen in a D&D campaign 😛