Tuesday Video: Hometown Edition

Jefferson Airplane was a great band, but unfortunately as the the years progressed and the band went through various lineups and name changes, they gradually lost every bit of the magic that made them special and so amazing.

And then this happened.

And that’s the thing about civic pride, it isn’t real unless it hurts. Hurts you, sure — but also apparently everyone within earshot. Oh yeah, one more example…


12 Responses to Tuesday Video: Hometown Edition

  1. ok before we start mocking them Id just like to say props to the one guy who managed to do something cool,

    the fireman playing “guitar” with a fire hose

  2. I want to mock… I really do, the urge is high… yet… I find myself jealous. Looking past the butchering of the song, I can’t help but feel sad and left out that My Town doesn’t have a you-tube theme song. Then again I live in a small town so the theme song might just be Steve Martin and Earl Scruggs “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” – where’s my jug!?


    😛 😀

    Oh and Cleveland is going straight to hell for using “His” song and naming James “King” – shit, that is just so wrong on so many levels.

  3. Well what can you expect from a town called “enemy city” (‘Sioux’ was a pergorative term used to refer to the Lakota and Dakota tribes by their enemies…it pretty much means “the enemy”)

    (Yeah, there’s some debate on that point, but suffice to say, none of the tribes in the “Sioux nation” were actually called “The Sioux”)

  4. DUDE! at 4:05 isn’t that the original band members?!

    I wondered how they got the rights.