Blog Has Moved to Thursday!

Okay, the Web Monkey has been onto me for years to do this, but I continued to oppose it because of a fairly stupid technical reason that made zero real-world difference, but gave me a reason to dig in my heels and resist the change. However, Web Monkey finally pointed out that this move would result in me getting to visit with my web buds every day of the (work) week, and that did the trick.

So… the Wednesday Videos will now be the Tuesday Videos, and the Friday Blog will now be the Thursday Blog. The comic will continue to come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, just like normal. Comments will continue unabated, but at least have a slight chance of being (or at least starting out being) on-topic! 🙂

The Thursday Blog

I tried before. My SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friend told me to, Lena thought it was a good idea, friends bugged me about it, but no matter how many times I set myself before it, I just couldn’t find any enthusiasm for the facebooks. I did Twitter for awhile, but the constant pace of it was distracting and exhausting to me. Plus, it seemed like all of my Twitter friends were only there to sell me something. At some point everyone decided that Twitter was really a business tool instead of a way to find out what your friend’s wife was eating for lunch, and I decided that neither one of these things was really all that interesting to me.

But then something changed. Lena has a close buddy — who is both a wonderful person and a generous friend — who has fairly recently come to Religion. It’s actually a process I’ve witnessed twice now; the cheating husband leaves, the (now single-mom) wife finds god in some big church and becomes a Republican. Anyway, she began posting her Days of Thanks to god. The idea is that you set yourself a goal… 30 days, 90 days, whatever… and you find something good that you did or that someone else did for you, and then you snub the real person responsible by thanking your invisible friend for it. (Well, that may not be exactly what her thought processes were, but that’s how I saw it.)

Apparently the “Days” began with thanking god for things like the health of relatives and the survivors of tragedies, but then quickly deteriorated to being thankful she had enough gas to get back from the grocery store and that she didn’t miss LOST. (not real examples) I decided that I had a mission, and began my own “Matching” Days of Thanks. These were things like “I’m thankful for not having to share my oatmeal this morning.” and “I’m thankful for Jesus’ crucifixion. Can you imagine how much LONGER the bible would be if he had lived?” About the time I got around to being thankful for “growing up in the big country that kicks around all the little countries instead of the other way around.” she got fed up with me posting on her facebook page (whoops!) and asked if I would please cut it the fuck out. (Well, she didn’t say say that, exactly… she’s goddier than “cut it the fuck out”.) Now since I was only only trying to pull her pigtails instead of royally pissing her off, I sort of relented. She was in the midst of 90 days of thankfulness, and I decided I could do that too.

Therefore Kevin’s facebook page became the new location for the Matching 90 Days of Thanks, and continued apace. I got to be thankful for my dog who always lets me feel smug when we pass less well-behaved dogs on the street… thankful for cloned cashew nuts… thankful for the imminent Latinization of America finally giving me a compelling enough reason to learn Spanish…and thankful that the internet gives me a voice to do the most important task anyone in any society can perform — making fun of other people. In all I did 52 of the 90 days, (having started at 38) and really enjoyed myself. After it was over, I discovered that I had enough real people that I knew and wanted to talk to on the facebooks to make it worth it for me to keep going.

And then something wonderful happened.

People began asking me where the “Days of Thanks” had gone and would I be doing any more. “Really?” I thought. “You really love me?” So I began again, this time with just an open ended Days of Thanks. No “90 Days” or matching anything. I was thankful for Kate Beckinsale, who provides a positive role model to little girls who want to grow up to be strong, independent, vampire-ninjas… thankful for having discovered that when I talk with my leg stuck out and leaning slightly backwards, close-talkers will eventually give up and run away… thankful for the birthdays of my friends, for having a reason to celebrate one another, be joyous together, and for me to eat their cake… and thankful for George Lucas. Not many people are willing to admit this, but if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t even have HAD all those happy, oh-so-special memories for him to shit on.

Mostly though, I am thankful for Lena’s friend, (may she forgive me.) for giving me a reason to go have fun on the facebooks.

If you want to join up with me on the facebooks, I’m on as Kevin Pettway with the familiar icon from the comments. Be sure and say you are from HOLE so I’ll know to accept you.

26 Responses to Blog Has Moved to Thursday!

  1. Had to laugh about the Days of God and thanking your invisible friend.

    A guy I used to work with came across a car accident, braved the (small but frightening flames) a did a movie classic of dragging the girl carefully to safety from the burning wreck and administered first aid.

    He later bought some flowers and went to visit her in hospital. She wanted to know why he was there and did he come to pray with her family.

    Pray for what? he asked, genuinely surprised (and not just a little put-out by a complete and utter lack of appreciation or recognition for his good deed)

    “For God choosing you to come and rescue me”

    He gave the flowers to a little old lady in another ward (who was very appreciative for the gift)…

  2. Gosh I know that James Urbaniak (Venture Brothers) and Frank Coniff (MSTK3000) and Trace Beleue (RiffTRax), who follow me and I them, have never tried to sell me anything. You obviously have the wrong Twitter friends.

    Ken Plume, he might try to sell me something.

    • I think I must have gotten on a list or something. There were a million internet marketers attached to my account, all of whom were constantly tweeting about their services, and I got a little frustrated trying to weed them all out. And of course they signed their clients up too, and then tweeted about their clients’ services… it was all a bit much.

  3. I’ve long thought that Twitter was kind of pointless (as much as I like my friends, I do not need up-to-the-minute status updates on everything in their lives), so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything – especially now that it’s become a marketing tool.

  4. Didn’t George Carlin do a routine on that?

    “religion wants me to believe in the invisible man. There’s an invisible man in the sky who can see everything and do anything…but he needs money.”

  5. Random thought, inspired by “growing up in the big country that kicks around all the little countries instead of the other way around.”

    I find amusing that there are people in this world who seem to think that the United States is the only country in the history of the planet Earth that ever so much as bullied another, or expanded it’s borders through conquest. Now I’m pretty sure that Kevin was being sarcastic with that one, but there are plenty of people who believe, with their hearts and souls, that the problem with the world today is that the US is “imperialist” or some such nonsense.

    Those guys need to take a look at history. From at least the year 5000BC (And no, I don’t use the politically correct “BCE” bullcrap – the current calender is linked to a specific event. Live with it) Conquest was pretty much the ONLY way a country expanded it’s borders or became an Empire. You marched in, Kicked the enemy’s soldiers’ rear ends, and killed anyone who answered the question “OK…who’s in charge?” wrong.

    The very first country in the history of the WORLD to exand it’s borders by buying land from a country that had previously conquored it was the United States, who did something unprecedented in 1803 ( ) and again in 1867 ( )

    • Not to be contrary, (I come by it naturally) but I’m not aware of ANYONE who thinks the US is the only country in the history of the planet Earth that ever bullied another country. There might be some who do think that the US is the cause of all the world’s current woes though… which is admittedly silly.

      BTW, neither the Louisiana nor the Alaska purchases are exactly good examples of benign stewardship. It’s better than being killed, but in both cases the THREAT of being killed (or at least losing the land to armed aggression) was used as a “bargaining” tool.

        • I saw her naked quite a while back. Just look for her National Anthem pics from her Xena days. She was at some Ice Hockey rink singing in this patriotic strapless number. During the big finale, she lifted her arms and the twins popped out.

          I guess you don’t have the right sites marked in your bookmark list…. 😉

  6. Thanks for making me giggle all the while I was reading today’s blog. :mrgreen:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have Facebook.

  7. Actually I first learned about your strip on FB from an old friend who is a HOLE FB fan! It’s a good thing.

    • I first learned of this strip from a song about Enkidu. I don’t even remember where I heard this song, but I followed the link and have happily been here ever since. Oh, and I added you as a friend on FB Kevin.

      • Supercool! I love that song. I also love the fact that you can write song lyrics, and then find people online who will put it to music and record it for you. I heart the internets.