22 Responses to 663 – White Smoke Mountain • 32

  1. To be fair, Freya didn’t know that Zobbie (the character) had turned himself female.
    And then into a badger.

    On the other hand, how many two-legged she-badgers to you expect to see running around in a dungeon, Freya?
    Wait… this is D&D. Forget I said anything.

    Makes me wonder how they rolled the fight without Freya’s player noticing she is rolling attacks against her own sister’s character. Hm, maybe Mr. Unseen DM said, “[Insert name of sister here], you roll for the badger.”

    • You’re jack-hammering the 4th wall; if you ask that question and expect an answer a whole tidal-wave of other things that don’t make sense–if you realize the players aren’t actually the characters–need explaining too.
      Sometimes suspension of disbelief is your friend if you want to get value out of a fiction. Just don’t overdo it like the people who deliberately leave out the, “Any similarities between people, places and events in real life and the contents of this book are purely coincidental and wholly unintentional,” boilerplate at the front of their mythology books.

      • This came to me right after I hit post:
        I should’ve replaced jack-hammeringabove with drilling for oil in and tidal-wave with Gulf of Mexico oil spill. My congratulations to anyone who comes up with an even better set of replacements.

    • GMs are sneaky that way.

      It is pretty much a job requirement….and occationally one of the perks. :mrgreen:

        • Geez, it’s your own website too on top of all the other reasons why you’re allowed to have your own sense of taste. Just try not to abuse that privilege as much as I do eh?

            • ….Point. Don’t stop yourself from posting comics about asinine sex-related antics in a group of capital-g Gamers on my account; it’s funny enough that I’d draft you a writ of redeeming value if the taste police came knocking.

  2. Off topic, but I was just checking your “business” site, Kevin, and I noticed the comic banner on the front page has a very outdated schedule for the comic.

    And I liked the pink-bunny space-marine. 😆