27 Responses to 662 – White Smoke Mountain • 31

  1. Freya totally had that coming. 😈 So she really does like Bunker. 😳 She still needs to openly admit it though. Were is Enkidu during this? I haven’t seen him in a few comics.

    • Getting Freya to admit anything she doesn’t want to will always be a challenge. As for Enkidu, he is still busy having just been savaged by Zobbie.

      • “Oh hi, Enkidu, didn’t see you lying there bleeding. Oops, sorry, did I step on your hands? That was totally an accident.”

          • I have a feeling that “totally an accident” will become Freya’s catchphrase. Or at least a long running jokes in the comments.

            • Also where is Morty? Shouldn’t he be healing Enkidu, or is he being a annoying cleric and holding out for some reason. If he is then he is a petty little furry. Ahh what the hell, I can’t stay mad at him. He’s sooooooooooo cute. 😀

  2. Or she is purposefully teasing her little sister to the full extent of the situation ^^

    • Freya’s too straightforward to be a teaser, I think. She prefers to pummel things into submission.

      It was Martin who previously suggested to her that she make her boyfriend envious or emotionally blackmail him with barely veiled threats of sex deprivation to get what she wants.

      This is what happens when a character has a higher Wisdom score than her player. 😉

  3. Freya, i’m pretty sure that is NOT a good moment to have flashbacks about Bunkers Huge, Hot Quartestaff of Luv! 😆

  4. This could be a bad take on the horrible Come on Eileen video except Freya is not as dirty looking as the people in the video. Just you know I have it on good authority that dexie’s Midnight Runner’s is in fact a British Band not Irish.

    Knowing is half the battle.

  5. That’s not as bad as the bloke who does Basic Instructions, though.

    Scott O. Meyer.

    Scott Oscar Meyer.