21 Responses to 660 – White Smoke Mountain • 29

  1. Had a feeling Martin was up to no good…the others may not know why Martin had spare coveralls around, but WE does, my precious, don’t we? Yes, yes!

  2. wait, she cares about enkidu? that seems out of character… wouldent she get popcorn?

  3. If she just used Kung-Fu wouldn’t that splatter her sister all over the wall? Remember what it did when she first got it? Is it still that powerful, or have they toned it down a bit cause she hasn’t been putting out to the DM lately?

    • Freya’s Kung-Fu does more or less whatever she wants it to at the moment. However, what you’re really discussing is Zobbie’s toughness relative to a landshark. In other words, we’ll just have to see. 😀

  4. Am I the only one who will see a sister-sister fight and Enkidu totally flipping out at the sexy fight in front of him.

  5. Call me crazy but Martin looks be the kind of guy who runs the drive threw in a side verse with that hat.