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  1. I have the bad feeling you’ll make it to some awful furry sex joke soon.
    Am I the only one disturbed by furries?

    And what is she anyway, a werebadger? Mind you, badgers are seriously badass. 8) And they have cute little button noses too.

    • Druids are supposed to be able to turn into any animal they want… but I decided that wasn’t “charactery” enough for me. I wanted whatever Zobbie turned into to still be immediately identifiable as Zobbie. So no, not really a werebadger, (though that’s kinda awesome) just a “typical” druid form.

      • So what do you actually call someone who’s transformed into an animal? Even at will it’s a were-animal, so I’ll still call it a werebadger.
        And yes, it’s awsome.

        And Elfguy, isn’t that also a furry? I’m sorry, it just seems like I’m the only one not into anime, furries and furries in anime these days.
        It’s like living in the 60’s and not being into drugs and free love, or in the 80’s and not liking leather and bad hair.

        • Actually, Nuku Nuku is only an animal mentally.

          She’s an unstoppable robotic killing machine with the body of a teenage girl, and the brain of a kitten.

          Cat Girls are fairly common in Anime….and the full name of the series is “All-purpose cultural cat-girl Nuku Nuku”

        • Were-anything is lycanthropy, which refers to a specific type of curse, and often leads to killing your loved ones, being hunted with pitchforks and torches, and peeing on the rug.

          A druid’s ability to transform into an animal stems from their deep level of understanding and harmony with the natural world. It is not a curse, does not affect their judgement, and would not generally bring out the xenophobic villagers… though this should not be understood to mean that your carpets are any safer.

          “Furry” is a sort of catch-all term for any kind of anthropomorphized animal, and has many different meanings and nuances for many different people… most of which are unseemly and kind of unsettling. A “werewolf” does technically fit the definition for a furry, but a “rabid, uncontrollable, lupine death machine” would probably not be welcome at any of their conventions.

    • You are not the only one creeped out by furries. Remember, if you are going to a gaming convention really read the game description or you will find yourself in a Furries GURPS game. You have been warned dear reader.

  2. arn’t most animals touchy? so is it so surprising when a human who can turn into a animal would be touchy?

  3. My greatest fear is not death, nor a thousand years tickling, it is in fact that one day I will come home to my puppy and she will ask how my day was in perfect human speak.

  4. Let’s see… nudity, transgender, furries… I think I remember bondage in 1 or more forms. So what’s left? The comic is already blocked from your workplace, might as well go all out now.

  5. I just figured s/he was being shown mid-transformation… but then I’m enough of a nerd that if I wanted to I could find places where the story departs from the rules…

    • If the DM decides druids can use “Transitional forms” like Wolfsbane, that’s his decision.

  6. I don’t know if you still do this or not but here I go.

    @Pulsa: Dear Rev. DM, I play D&D with a bunch of my friends and none of us are willing to give up playing a character to be the DM. So my best friend volunteered to DM and play his character. Isn’t a conflict of interest to play the DM and a character? BTW I’m too new to D&D to DM quite yet.

    • As this is a game played for fun I’d say that it’s totally dependant on how honest and objective your friend can be. If they can stand back and let bad things happen to their character just like everyone elses, I don’t see a problem. At least on a temporary basis. Who Knows? They might even be good at it.