657 – White Smoke Mountain • 26

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20 Responses to 657 – White Smoke Mountain • 26

  1. Come on, Zobbie, you have visited the other side of the Gender fence.
    As for Freyas question; No, not really. Those “things” have always been out and out trouble magnets… 🙄

    Also “SPROING!”…… :mrgreen: *sniggers evilly*

      • Next stop… a harem! Oh wait, those ladies wear lots of jewelry and veils… hm.
        Visit ancient Crete during the time of the minotaur. All the Minoan women (or at least the rich women and priestesses, as far as we know from the artwork) went around bare-breasted. Of course, if you see nipples everywhere everyday, you stop obsessing over it. Like at the nude bathing beaches for nudists in Germany. (Although those were far more prevalent in East Germany prior to 1990 than in West Germany.)

  2. All I could think was “Awkwaaaard!” Kinda strange having male Zobbie be a girl who’s upset that her sister got Bunker all “up in arms.” Seriously, if I didn’t know what was going on from reading all the backstory I’d be very confused. As it is though I’m just highly amused. Kudos sir!