656 – White Smoke Mountain • 25

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  1. Being at the pointy end of Bunkers personal “assets” must be rather disquieting. 😆

    I now await the “tool”-comments.

      • You should have said “throw you gals one bone”. I didn’t even see that side of the panels……too busy looking at the other side. 😀

        That and hoping that noone walked up behind me because I was reading it at work.

        • I would feel really bad if I got you fired, Layne. Not like, financially responsible-bad… but certainly key-your-boss’-car-bad.

  2. Wait, I only just realized when I saw the broken helmet… not only are their clothes gone, Bunker’s cool golden dragon scale armor is no more!! 🙁 I realize it was Rule of Funny in effect here, but shouldn’t golden dragon scales be immune to acid, or at least highly resistant? Maybe the scales are lying scattered at their feet.

    Freya as a monk won’t have much problems fighting without armor, but, um, for a warrior it’s kinda essential.

    • Sorry, I looked it up to be sure when I was writing it, but the only item not specifically on the green slime’s list of destruction in Bunker’s possession was the Brooch of Shielding. (I’ve said too much!)

      Armor and weapons ARE essential for an effective fighter. Whatever is Bunker going to do?

      • Golden Dragonscales would be resistant to fire but not acid…just made a lousy save I guess.

        I think he should make a sword like the one Guts used in the first episode of “berserk” before it went into the flashbacks…you spend most of the rest of the series imagining him thinking “Yes, it’s a big sword…but it’s not quite big enough!”

        (you see it being made in the first scene of this one, and being used at the end)


        When a 2-handed sword just isn’t macho enough…that thing’s even bigger than Tetsaiga (Time for the “Kaze-no Kizu” video again!)


      • Use Morty’s Hat of Disguise to at least appear decently clothed? And then jump out on monsters and scare them to death when he drops the illusion?

        Maybe the friendly sphinx has something lying around among those piles of bones we saw. Or they could just leave the dungeon, buy some stuff in town, and return. It’s not like they’ve gone far in yet.

        The real question is, if Martin hacked the module, why did he leave the greenslime in the module? Suspicious.

      • He can grapp- aw, 4e. Wait, I thought 4e avoided equipment destruction b/c of issues like this. In any case I assume he runs through the dungeon in a loin cloth all bummed that he can’t do anything, then the whole party pitches in and buys him new gear after. I’m more bummed that Glandari (or whatever the gold dragon’s name was) lost his nearly last chance at resurrection, from the PCs or otherwise.

        • Can’t be rezzed once you’re zombified nohow.

          4e doesn’t have any rules for equipment destruction. The green slime’s description however specifically lists metal and organic materials as things it eats away. I’d say it was a DM call — and you know the DM…

          • well if Martin hacked the adventure, no doubt there is a treasure room nearby with plenty of gear upgrades over what everyone was wearing, since he either left the slime in or put it in himself…

              • Oh geez… then I bet Martin did it on purpose and hung back, letting Bunker and Freya take the lead through the green slime corridor, because 1) he doesnt like Freya anyway and 2) he hoped Bunker’s whole gear including sword and armor would be wiped out.

                Because without gear naked Bunker will have a hard time whooping the cocky warlock’s ass[*] or reining in Enkidu’s destructive instincts if the two morons start getting out of line.

                [*] Eh, that sounds way more dirty than I intended.

          • At least in 3E, if your corpse was turned into an undead, you could still be raised or resurrected if the undead creature was destroyed first, leaving once again only a corpse (or pieces of a corpse).

            Poor Glandiri.
            Actually, I wondered that no-one ever commented on how the LG fighter went around wearing golden dragon hide scale armor. Usually it’s the evil types who slay the good dragons and skin them and go around in fancy (fabulous!) golden or silver dragon armor, and the paladin types have to wear red or black dragon armor. It’s kinda counter-intuitive, I mean… in your basic standard fantasy universe, if you see someone in intimidating black armor with a horned helmet in the form of a dragon’s head, you’d expect him to wield a black rune sword and be Evil with a capital E, whereas someone in shining golden armor usually rides a white horse and has a name like Sir Pious Invictus. Only in D&D, it’s the other way ’round, with dragons being Colorcoded For Your Convenience. 😐

            • Well technically Glandiri wasn’t really a dragon anymore, just an undead, which are pretty much fair game as far as Paladins are concerned…

              On the subject of Dragons, I really love the T-shirt over at the Exiern online comic that reads: “It’s a Giant, Flying, Magical, Armor-Plated, Hyper-Intelegent Killing Machine — YOU slay it!”

                • I remember an article in Dragon Magazine called “Self Defense for dragons” where they listed an alternate set of attacks like tail lash, wing buffet and rear claw attacks, as well as, for example, intelligent dragons filling parts of their lairs with fine sand that they could whip up with their wings to blind attackers…

  3. i think any enemies would be distracted by his “greatsword” ((what was it, 16 inches again?)) long enought for a KUNG -FU-DOKEN to be performed.

    ps, we youw you said 9 inches, but you think we can really let you live it down?

  4. Freya’s hair is starting to become an entity in its own right.
    A pretty-looking entity, to be certain. 😉

    But if it grows any longer, I will have flashbacks to those female ghosts in countless Hong-Kong kung-fu fantasy movies (like Chinese Ghost Story) who attack and strangle people with the floating, animated strands of their evil hair.