652 – White Smoke Mountain • 21

The Wednesday Video

This is what happens when you feed your dogs treats made to smell like bacon. The poor things become confused and start thinking anything that smells like pork is for eating.

Here’s the local news report in case you want a bit more. I blame the parents.

And finally, in keeping with the questionable pet behavior, is something completely different.

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    • Reminds me of the time when these cybered dobermans with steel jaws chewed up our street sam’s body armor and… oh wait. That was Shadowrun. Drat.

      Maybe a marten had gotten into the car’s mechanics the night before and pissed all over it and the dog was smelling the marten’s scent and was trying to get at it?

      If the dog didn’t attack the police officer even after having been sprayed and tasered by the man, but kept attacking only the cars, as did another dog, why the heck do they want to euthanize the poor dog?? There was obviously something about those police cars.

      • Those cops were smuggling drugs in their police cars, simple as that. Now they’ll murder the only witness to their crimes. 🙁

        I need some more time working on my conspiracy theories.

        • Rules never apply to the police, or for that matter any body that’s supposed to make/uphold the rules.

      • It seems totally unfair to the dog in this case, but I understand where the owners would be concerned. How long before the dog does go after a person?

        This, incidentally, is one of the reasons I don’t own dogs. I’m aware enough of my own lack of skill in the field of dog training to know that I have no business owning a dog (that and I think they stink). I do not want to be responsible for when my poorly-trained dog does something like this.

            • My grandma has always been a pomeranian fanatic. They have to be the cutest dogs in the world, and they know it…and they’re insufferable showoffs once you start teaching them tricks and they realise it gets them more attention.

              “Mister Muggles” in the series “Heroes” is a Pomeranian, or “Pom” for short.

            • You can teach them lots of tricks, including “hush” or, if you prefer, “Shaddap you!”

              To teach them a ‘be quiet’ command, first teach them to bark on command (pretty easy, that part) then use that as a tool to teach them the “be quiet” command like so:

              You give them the “bark now” command 4 or 5 times in a row so they’re expecting it, then surprise them with the command you want to use for “shut up”, which will usually startle them into not barking, then do the “good boy, here’s a treat” bit.

          • Actually, Poms are really difficult dogs. They’re very short-tempered and whiny and etc. etc. etc.

            Not good first timer’s dogs AT ALL. You definitely need to know how to train them to be social from day 1.

  1. re: the comic

    Martin is a hacker? Sheesh. And only caring about “winning”. Why am I not surprised?

    Wait… wait wait wait… Isn’t the latest incarnation of Fleece played by the DM himself instead of by Martin (as previous Fleeces were)?? So did Martin just inadvertedly spill his secret to the DM? Wow, in that case, either the DM is really good at playing NPCs or Martin’s player is such a method actor and into his role that he completely screens out the people behind the characters. Whoopsy. 8)

    I look forward to seeing Martin the warlock spontaneously combust from that spontaneous combustion virus that’s going around; it infects only spontanous spellcasters (hence the name), especially users of fiend-tainted magic like i.e. warlocks. What, you didn’t hear of it? It’s called, um… The Sorcerous Flu, yeah. It bypasses even racial fire resistance and SR, because it’s a necromantic curse effect that makes your bones rot and, um, then explode in green hellfire. And it’s quite resistant to divine healing magic, too. 🙄

    • P.S. Fleece’s face in panel 2 looks very odd. Her head looks too small compared to Martin’s. 😐

    • I’ve been waiting for someone to mention this.

      Yes, Fleece is an NPC now being run by the DM. Which accounts for the difference in the way Martin treats her as opposed to previous incarnations that he himself ran. However, in Martin’s player’s mind, she should still be his cohort. Therefore he continues to have conversations with her, he just doesn’t tell the DM. (Like so many other things he does in the game.)

      P.S. I thought Fleece looked really cute in that panel. Guess I really am too close to it to tell.

      • So Martin is basically talking to himself inside his head, playing out scenarios? Well, OK, I do that with my characters, too, but… only with in-character conversations. Which this wasn’t.

        I wonder how long until the DM gets suspicious that something is odd about this module…

        • I can see it now…

          GM (reading) The old demon smiles and says “Ah, so you have a WARLOCK with you? That’s different…here, take all my treasure, and I’ll be glad to help you out later, just call my true name. It’s “Twinklebottom” (Don’t ask, you don’t want to know)”

  2. Haha those dogs were awesome, best tug of war ever. I especially liked when the second cop car comes into the seen, like he is going to help by adding more chew toys to the mix. It did not look like those dogs were human aggressive, they were not attacking the window (a sign of human aggression) simply looked like they were having a good time.

    To all those non dog lovers… how could you not resist this face?

    This is Gretta. 😀

  3. Really loved the monty python-esque twist you applied at the end there. The traditionsal announcement(albeit a little reworded)”and now, something completely different” and it even ended with an explosion. Awesome!

  4. I too enjoyed the explosion at the end of the cat video. Very Monty Python. I don’t like that there are so many laws about animals anymore that when a dog is being aggressive you can’t just run it over. It’s what I would have wanted to do, but as a cop I can understand where he’d be hesitant. I’d seen that video before and my first thought was “shoot it.” I was at work a while back, and actually this has happened twice so maybe they just don’t like me, but I parked next to a minivan that had two big dogs in it and one of them started smashing itself up against the window trying to get through it to get at me. I carry a knife at all times, cause I’m like that, and honestly if that dog had gotten through I would have killed it. Been mauled in the process, probably. But I would have killed it, then sued the pants off the people who owned the dog. Assuming I didn’t bleed to death from bite marks. I’m willing to give up an arm to keep it’s mouth busy though while a bury a blade in it’s neck. Did I mention I’m not particularly fond of dogs? Might be from the time one almost killed me when I was 3. I don’t know.

    • In Germany you’d end up in prison for carrying a concealed weapon, especially if that knife exceeds a certain blade length and is not longer classified as a tool but a potentially lethal weapon.

      • What about carrying it openly (he never said it was concealed)? In many parts of the United States nobody would even look twice at someone wearing a large knife on his belt in public.

        • I think they look, Ron, they’re just nervous about saying anything.

          If a knife is in a sheath and you can only see the hilt is it concealed? What if it’s ONLY the hilt stuck on the sheath and the blade is at home in a box in your closet? Then you both have the knife on you AND the knife is hidden… out in the open!

          Weapons laws are so confusing.

          • You’ve never lived in Middleburg. 😉

            And in Florida at least, the laws are not all that confusing if you’ve actually looked into them. What’s confusing is all of the misinformation about weapons laws – for example, (since we’re talking about knives) many people here in Florida think that there’s some restriction on blade length if you have a pocket knife. I was once told the rule of thumb is that if the blade is longer than your palm is wide then it’s illegal.

            Bunk. There is no restriction on blade length. Technically, you can walk through downtown Jacksonville with a Claymore strapped to your back and be within the letter of the law. (note: I don’t recommend you do this)

            • Note – I admit it’s been several years since I actually read Florida’s weapon statutes. Things may have changed since that time.

              • And, of course, a Claymore could hardly ever be considered a “concealed weapon”

                What I’ve always wondered is, what is the actual name of the humungous swords you see sometimes in Anime that are nearly the size of a surfboard (For example, the leader of the “Gang of seven” in Inuyasha season five used one, and the subtitles called it a “halberd” but it’s clearly NOT a halberd of any kind)

            • There was a guy in Medford Oregon who used to walk around town with a sword strapped to his back. It was right there in the open so nobody could say anything. As for the knife I carry, it’s a pocket knife, bout three inch blade, foldable, and I keep it on my belt. Whether they call that concealed or not I don’t know, my shirt does tend to hang over it but not by design. I also keep a switchblade in my car and several swords and knives at my house. I just like bladed weapons.

  5. I didn’t watch the video of the dogs as I had seen it on the news already. But if I remember from a report the cops had been running a speed trap in the area and the dog had gotten fed up with hearing the siren constantly.

    • Yikes. Sirens? Dogs can hear ultrasound too.
      I can only imagine what it must be like for a dog if its owner or the neighbor installs one of those ultrasound motion sensors on the front porch to put on the light when someone approaches the door after dark.
      Bats, too, must be annoying to other animals. Some hunting bats can project ultrasound as loud as a sledgehammer, luckily, some even stun their insect prey with it. Luckily, those hunting calls are focused and directed, not just noise in general.

  6. ~sings~
    Pardon me Sir, have you seen the cat who ate my new shoes..
    da da da daaaa hmm hmmmm hm hm hmmmm hmm

    I know that’s what you were thinking when you put those two videos together. I’d move to Chattanooga just because of the name.