649 – White Smoke Mountain • 18

The Wednesday Video

First, in honor of the final closing of the amazing TV series, LOST, is a contemplative reflection of glimpses from seasons past…

Next, in keeping with the language theme of the day, is a retelling of the classic final scene from Scarface, for the stage.

And finally, just because I think it’s awesome, is another recasting of a favorite classic, proving that the old man still has his chops.

19 Responses to 649 – White Smoke Mountain • 18

  1. Don’t worry, Morty. We’re kindred spirits. Those are more or less exactly the kind of thoughts running through my head whenever I encounter a (living) monster guarding a single room or stretch of hallway.
    Worse, the question arises, if she eats, where does she keep the litter box?

    The amusing thing is that Enkidu looks down on our ex-dwarven cleric in the literal as well as in the figurative sense; he has apparently forgotten that Morty is still a troll and in reality much taller than any half-orc. 😉
    Technically Morty’s voice should come from empty air above dwarf-Morty’s head, but I guess a speech ballon pointing at empty air would look odd.

    (P.S. Why don’t the tags for the comic mention “Enkidu” and “Morty”? I thought the tags were for archive purposes?)

    • They’re for searching, and I figured someone looking for this particular strip would more likely be keying in to the action, rather than the characters, who could be anywhere in the series.

      • I’ve looked a bit…what’s the first strip where Freya starts using “Kung Fu” – I tried searching for “Kung Fu” but that didn’t work…

  2. That little adorable angry, popcorn snorting child is having entirely too much fun shooting people. Obviously popcorn is having a negative affect on children today, especially cheesy popcorn, I call for an age restriction on popcorn, say 24.

    Carmelized popcorn should also only be given to those with a high school diploma because of the extra sugar content, we need educated minds using this stuff that know how to not abuse it.

    Standard air popped corn should be heavily regulated as it is the “gateway” corn.

    We don’t want our children adorable and angry now do we?

  3. I had actually seen that Scarface play the other day. It made me smile, and wonder what the fudge was wrong with those people that they let the kids do that play. And yes, Hell Yes! Tom Jones! I didn’t watch the first video. I lost interest in Lost a few years back.

      • I’m familiar with Mysterious Island. Somewhere on here is a review I wrote of one of the movie versions. LOST is nothing like that… at all.

        I don’t know why (Allison Mack) but I dig the Smallville too. Am I crazy or has that show started getting better recently? I know better is a very sqidgy term where Smallville is concerned, but i’ve sort of started paying attention to the bits that don’t have Chloe in them, and that never happens.

  4. Thanks for the Tome Jones video, I might have missed it otherwise. MTV was awesome when it first started, I lost interest when they started filling it up with reality and game shows. Long live MUSIC!
    (and please Morty, get a life!)

  5. So what’s with dancers in music videos anyways?

    I mean, sure, they’re talented people who deserve a paycheck for their talents, but it never made sense to me that so many different music videos involve choreographed dancing. Seriously. Why?

    Aren’t music videos a way to add to the artistic expression contained within the song? How often does dancing ACTUALLY add to that?

    • It was the shindig in the late 80’s through the 90’s. Music Videos have nothing to do with Music, but rather popularity, and thanks to MTV dancing in videos brought more viewers than bands or vocal artists without. Boy Bands also had a large role in having dance be alongside singing, but this concept has really been around since near forever – look at tribal music, dancing played a major role.

      All said and done though it is all about how entertaining you can make your stage performance, leave the music to the record album.

      • For me the dancers are simply another way to “see” the music… which is what you turned the thing on for. Makes sense to me for turning an auditory experience into a visual one. I don’t mind videos without dancers, but those are pretty much either “story” videos or just some strain of concert footage.

        Unless it’s just badly done, I almost always feel that the dance adds to my enjoyment. It’s one more way to connect with what you’re looking at.

      • Dancing was popular in programs like “Solid Gold”. In the 70’s

        But initial TV survived on the back of dance shows, although back then it was basically shows of programmed prom (dance floor, band/sound system, a host to be MC). Most of the cool folk liked the music (which they could buy the singles) and would learn the “latest” dance moves.

        Gameshows hadn’t been invented, And sitcoms were only just starting up (from soaps).

        Solid Gold broke the mould because the dancers were professional eyecandy, and rather than get kids dancing and promoting concerts, it was streamlined to get them to buy the “top ten” singles. Also about this time they started to realise that not many people watching want to see the band and are watching the visual medium purely for its entertainment (soft porn?) value.

        Personally I get sick of watch modern, especially American or try hards trying to copy American videos. Just because we have the internet doesn’t mean watching professional dancers do pretend sex is worth watching. It got old with Madonna music-dudes, find something more interesting.