646 – White Smoke Mountain • 15

The Wednesday Video

Japanese bonus round! These were starting to accumulate a bit, so here’s some extras.

I MUST see this movie.

She’s a screamer, but she recovers fast. This commercial does make me hope that real aliens aren’t out there watching our TV trying to decide whether or not humans are safe to let live.

Not exactly on Japan, but it’s closer than Florida. The amazing thing to me about this is how the Admiral handles it. (And do be aware… this is entirely real. Hank Johnson, Democratic Representative of Georgia.)


(It is possible that Hank has some mental damage due to liver problems. I kind of hope so.)

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  1. I’ve heard England is slowly turning over, flipping like a couple inches a century or something like that. Maybe the Congressman heard of that too and worried more people could cause that to happen to Guam lol. I’m sure when England does finally flip we will find ancient structures built on the underside which will turn out to be Atlantis. Stay tuned over the coming millennia for further updates.

  2. just how do you choose representatives over there? I sure hope it’s not by voting on account of what that says about the mental state of voters.

    in other news, did her head turn into pants, or is she merely wearing a pant-hat now?

    • Over here, we let our media and special interest groups pick our candidates for us. They tell us who they want to win, then we have this big mock election to let everyone feel special and that their vote matters.

      It’s really so much easier that way since we don’t have to worry about reading up on the issues – instead we spend that time watching reality TV shows or playing Rock Band.

    • Typically, Representatives are elected based on how much money they promise to bring back to their district in pork projects (You know, funding multimilion dollar expansions of the local K-mart with federal cash, that kind of thing)

      Oh, and I used to live in Petersburg, Alaska, one town up from the now-infamous “bridge to nowhere” (which was not actually to nowhere, it was to connect the town of Ketchikan to it’s airport, which has no road access whatsoever…to get to the airport, you have to get on a BOAT currently) – this bridge was actually needed, but should have been funded locally, not with Federal funds, which is why it got deep-sixed by SP

    • Don’t let these yahoos bamboozle you. Representatives are chosen based on the amount of income they can bring to American corporate interests. Amurica!

      Pants hat.

    • At least you don’t have to worry about whether you’re carrying cheese alien or pepper alien’s rape-child.

      • When I watch the video I was reminded of Capt Krik in the Klingon Ice Prison when he kicked the alien in the “knee”; “not every species has it’s reproductive organs in the same place…”

  3. I think that if I was in attendance at that summit, or whatever it was, that I could not have stayed silent. Here’s me, fifteen rows back, “Are you fucking serious! Jackass!”

  4. On the “Current Strip” tab it says (today, at least):
    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 …644 645 646 Next
    If I click on “646” I get strip number 1. If I click on “1” I get strip number 646.
    Is that how it’s supposed to work? It seems backward to me.

  5. If politicians had brains they’d…have brains.

    I mean come ON…look at the Vice President “Jokin’ Joe” Biden…here’s a guy who, when he’s not plagarising someone else, puts his foot in his mouth every single time he opens it.

    (Edit) I do love it how the military guy heroicly refrains from calling this dimwit out on being possibly the only person ever born in the history of the universe with a negative IQ.

    • It was pretty heroic, I grant. Still, this congressman is positively eloquent and lucid compared to Mister Misunderestimated, the former White House occupant George W Bush.

    • The admiral deserves a medal for not even skipping a beat. It got me to thinking though, his peculiar unflappability. It’s almost like he EXPECTS members of congress to be that stupid. Now how do you suppose that would have happened?

      • This is just a theory, but I’d imagine the admiral has led a long life and had a long career. In that career he has spent a lot of time organizing human institutions where he had lots of opportunity and professional reason to learn about human nature. In all that time and experience he probably was either taught or managed to figure out on his own something that I observed and codified myself at a tender age: People are stupid, no exceptions.

  6. A symbol of pants. A symbol of pants. A symbol of pants. Kevin… thank you. This method for making fun of magic rune traps is very necessary.

    Japanese movies and commercials definitely come from a foreign set of sensibilities to us in AmeriCanada, no question. I’m surprised you haven’t linked any where products are sold by boob-jiggle or custom J-pop. Are you saving those ones?

    About the right honourable drunkard from whocareswhere I’d say he is sadly not that exceptional among politicians worldwide (unless I’m making a mistake in interpreting him as being drunk in that video). I wish I could still be easily outraged about that but the captains of industry and leaders of government are just pretty ordinary, flawed people with far too much privilege in their past, present and future.
    What I find more embarrassing is watching weekly Question Period in Canadian legislatures; everybody in the room turns into a bratty child.

    • Not drunk, but there remains the possibility of legitimate mental damage. Apparently he has long suffered from some liver disorder that can result in poofy brains.

      Glad you liked the Symbol.

      • Oh… well… I’m sorry for insulting your country and its politician, no harm intended.
        And I guess I should also apologize for loosing my hair-trigger Cawmyewnizzt ranting, sorry for soapboxing without cause or license.

        • No apology necessary I say. I don’t give a fuck if a big man with a hammer whacked him in the noggin when he was five. Islands are not floating land masses! If you are able to get into congress then you should just know that. If you are older than seven then you should have figure it out. That’s just so…so…stupid.

        • No offense taken! No matter what the cause of his… lapse… he shouldn’t be in congress, and the mental damage is only a possibility. Who knows?

  7. I guess as long as the population stays evenly distributed, they should be okey-dokey. However, if they should all run over to one side or the other, it probably would flip over and sink. If it didn’t sink, I suppose they could all paddle the overturned island to Japan and have some cheese and pepper noodles while Godzilla gets to work flipping thier island right-side up again.
    It makes me wish the guy would have answered with “What kind of dumb-ass question is that? It’s an ISLAND, not a BOAT!”

  8. Hey, free pants! Are they permanent? If so, Enkidu could move into the clothes manufacturing sector and drown the world in billions of pairs of trousers, made so cheaply that even sweatshops filled with half-starved goblin children cannot compete. And thus the collapse of civilisation began…

    • Depends how biodegradable they are, and how easily they can be salvaged for other materials.

    • Perhaps like the original symbol it has effects that wear off after a short time. Or in the case of pants in a few days.

      • Riiight. So you’re wandering the dungeon, wearing these free pants, until the moment, when, in the middle of the big End Boss fight scene, your pants… disappear. 😕
        Or worse (or maybe not), you’re already back in town, regaling the people in the tavern with your heroic adventures….*POOF* 😯
        …The Emperor’s Clothes, anyone?

  9. Well kids, you’re ruled by non humans – funny things like this happen all the time, but usually don’t get attention because they don’t crash quite so nicely. For more proof, go to work tomorrow and do your best to watch a meeting of the highest ups. It’s pretty hard to get in there I know. But they’re all like that. Don’t blame them – this is not their native environment.
    P.S. – Don’t go all Roddy Piper on their ass. That doesn’t help.
    P.P.S. – Tomorrow’s Friday so don’t bother, they’ll be at the bar. Wait till Wednesday.