20 Responses to 637 – White Smoke Mountain • 06

  1. 2:30 and I has insomnia…. Don’t know how that information is helpful to any of you, but I thought I’d share. It’s like Christmas only the only thing you get is an eyeful of granddad’s junk. Merry Christmas, kiddos.

  2. A geez, please don’t tell me today’s comic strip is an accurate representation of 4E magic “rituals”. I remember the strip, shortly after they’d switched to 4E, when Enkidu wanted to break out of a prison cell and the Knock spell, which in 3E was a simple 1st level spell able that didnt even need gestures (because usually the situation a wizard would be using it would be while having his hands tied up), but now in 4E was a endlessly long ritual that needed a spellbook to cast or whatnot, making it utterly useles sfor its intended purpose (unless your jailors are stupid enough to chuck a wizard and his spellbook into the same cell).

    I’m afraid to click on that youtube video link for fear of what I’ll be seeing…

    • Define “accurate.” If you mean “is Kevin’s presentation of the ritual technically correct according to 4e rules,” then yes, it is accurate.

      In 4e, casting a ritual requires the caster to spend a prescribed amount of time and material costs on performing the ritual, then making a skill check (appropriate to the type of ritual being cast – usually it’s an arcana or a religion check). Other characters may be able to assist in the casting of a ritual (very much like the “aid another” action you may be familiar with from 3.x). Beyond the component cost of the ritual, the exact details are generally left to the imagination of the DM and players.

      And apparently, the Unseen DM (or perhaps Morty’s player) thinks it’s funny to have part of the component cost be a dead cat and dead chicken being worn as mittens by Bunker.

    • Nothing there will get you, I promise.

      Don’t know if it’s possible to have an “accurate” portrayal of 4e rituals, as they are fairly soft on thee details. (That’s why I feel so comfortable filling them in!

  3. I would like to see a system where magic is really powerful, but is limited to only things that can be cast via rituals.

    That way, it would reward people who think and prepare ahead, rather than just load up on spells and blast away.

    Just my thoughts…

    • Reminds me of playing Baldur’s Gate, had to ‘prepare’ the spells you wanted to use, tons of risk if not done right, but very powerful.

    • Try cthulhutech.
      Although I wouldn’t qualify it as “really powerfull”, it’s still powerful and flexible. And ritual-based.

    • I like that. I actually dig the ritual system a lot. Give the player back a lot of flexibility and at the same time reduces the power curve. Well done I say.

  4. Hmmm, they had some pretty lips! I will admit i actually watched ‘Twilight’ I wish I had those 2 hrs back.

  5. Oh, and while we’re watching trailers, I guess you’ve seen Avatar II?
    For all those who loved cameron’s world originality and great scenario, it appears to be just the same, only better^^