631 – Prep Work • 14

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Modern adult cartoons like South Park, Archer, and the Simpsons may seem racy and cutting edge, but they tread the same ground first blazed back in 1960 by a groundbreaking cartoon called the Flintstones. (Itself a copycat of the Honeymooners, but that’s not what was so special about it.) The Flintstones was the first cartoon to cater to adults and to cover subject matter such as married relationships and jobs.

Today’s adult cartoons might look wild and hedonistic by comparison… but here’s one trick I bet they can’t do…

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  1. Dude….I *finally* get it.

    [possible spoiler]
    White Plume Mountain. Only the greatest module of all time. Blackrazor, Whelm, Wave? These are the weapons they seek. I’m ready to see the suspended disks, the glowing orbs, the manticore, the “hall of heat”. I read that module *SOOOO* many times (still have it, too). http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/oa/20051207a
    [/end spoiler]

  2. Layne… your spoiler tags fail hard, but luckily I don’t care 😛

    I want to know what Bunker is smiling about, because I am pretty sure that Gorch is only wearing a Hat and a Club and frame 1 and 2 Martin is looking a little uncomfortable… just sayin.


  3. This just leads back to the age old question that men have been debating over for decades…

    Wilma or Betty?

      • I disagree – I think Betty is the one who would be a real freak behind closed doors.

        But really, why choose one over the other?

        • Betty, less resistant to exploration. Wilma just seems like a control freak.

          Where do you think BAM BAM learned about Bam Bam? – Betty. 😈

    • Wilma such a naggy housewife, but Betty’s such an air head.
      Personally I think Barney would be more interesting and more fun than both (let’s see them put that in an old ad).

    • There is a phrase that I first read on 4chan. To this day it cracks me up. “I bet she f@#$ like an epileptic tiger”
      I use it whenever I can work it into conversation without risking being fired.

      All hail DM.

  4. “Blackrazor. Let’s hope Michael Moorcock is looking the other way.”

    One of my least successful pickup lines involved “the beast in the boiling bubble.”

    A Cousin

  5. LOLZ. South Park did have the balls to show the kids take a tour of a cigarette factory where people sang about the joys of smoke breaks, then the kids fight Rob Reiner (who is addicted to butter) for the rights of people to choose to smoke. But yeah, still not as blatant. Then again, Winstons are kinda crap. Did they taste better then?
    Fun fact: Partnership For a Drug Free America = Liqour and Tobacco companies:)

    • Next the NRA will come out with a “Don’t let your toddlers play with knives. Guns are 99% safer.” campaign.

      Peoples is so stoopid.

      • The legal drugs companies gotta remove the competition. And is the NRA promoting guns in the hands of toddlers now? I need them to legalize that in time for my friend’s kid’s 2nd birthday b/c I’m having trouble thinking of another gift.

  6. i remember white plume mountain i have a copy also, which we played not too long ago. it was fun. our thief ended up with black razor and then promptly quit playing with us so we never got to use it in combat.im old enough to remember the old cig commercials. anyone remember john wayne saying he’d walk a mile for a camel? im also old enough to remember the american cancer society’s anti smoking campaign in the late 60’s early 70’s. the thing that really pissed me off when the new smoking laws were passed was all the poeple saying that they didnt know that smoking caused cancer.well thats funny ive known that since 1970

    like the new site been away for a while will have to catch up when i have time

    • It wan’t “news” in the 60s. I rember seeing cigarettes called “cancer sticks” 1n a detective novel that was published in early 50s.

      • I think most people who say they didn’t know about the cancer are either involved in a lawsuit with a tobacco company or are too stoopid to live. I suppose a case could be made for being too embarrassed to admit that they were thinking that the cancer thing was anti-smoking hype. All I can say as a smoker is that I knew that smoking causes cancer BEFORE I started.