625 – Prep Work • 08

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It’s such a shame, but since Lena and I started minding our diet, we don’t even eat pizza anymore. But if I did, I’d be on a plane headed to Japan for some Pizza-La right now.

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  1. I’m sure that there are cultural differances, but some of the strangest stuff I’ve ever seen has been from Japan. I’ve seen stuff that weirded me out, freaked me out, made me scratch my head thinking “WTF?”, and almost killed me with laughter. I’ll say this though, the animation from there is at the top of my cool meter. Well, except for the REALLY weird stuff that I won’t attempt to describe.

      • That’s the thing, I’m not sure how to describe that pizza commercial you posted. The wierd stuff that they put out kinda defies description. But I could sum it up with SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME SAILOR SUIT NINJA PENGUIN NUMBER ONE GO! With maybe a side order of MEGA ULTIMATE HEAVENLY ARIA TSUNAMI ROCKSLIDE SUPER CANCEL COMBO! O.K., I’ll admit that I just made those up but if you look hard enough, you’ll probably find a pretty fair approximation somewhere. If you’ve ever seen the last hour and a half of Neo Genisis Evangelion then you’ve seen a prime example of what I’m talking about. Not in a funny way either. Killed a perfectly good story by going all existentially mystic and there isn’t one person I’ve talked to that has seen it that didn’t go “WTF?!” And their countrymen liked it even less than I did because they got a lot of death threats over that. That is pretty extreme but anime is taken VERY seriously over there. Also, there have been japanese commercials that I’ve seen that give no hint on what they are actually selling because it’s just seemingly random sights and sounds with no context. I’m sure the english translation would make very little sense. The next few times I run across something like that, Ill be sure to post a link.

  2. Sorry to hear you had to give up pizza, that is just too sad. Sometimes when I used to diet I’d take a day every fortnight for a ‘treat’ day. I’d not eat anything that was over my daily limit, but one item I really really wanted and some very small snacks for my other meals. Once it was a banana split lol, wiped out being about to eat anything else that day but was worth it.

    • For myself, the more time that goes by without me having a thing, the less I want it. I think if I did have pizza once every two weeks, I’d probably want it a lot more. (Plus dairy makes me really stuffy.)

  3. Hey, how about this: I whip over to Japan and have some of that pizza, and then I can tell you in excruciating detail how it is?

  4. Ah, I see, the leader represents the NWO, and everyone else is… everyone else. I would eat their pizza too. Incidentally, you can make your own pizza with all nat ingredients – not that hard, but mine always ends up being full of fatness as well. Although the seafood ingredients are nice. Oooh look, accidental political allegory with discrimination against the sea people! Seriously, sea people are people too. They just have gills and scales and big ole teeth and hypnotic powers and shit.

  5. Hah, i know what I#ll be eating (besides tons of raw fish…) when i go to Japan at the end of March! Hooray!!

  6. Yep, the Japanese are still wierd. I love how they can make a snappy commercial both cute and disturbing. It’s too bad the other commercials aren’t translated too- I found them all quite entertaining. I’d bet it would be a real kick in the ass to go there. Bet they have some VERY intersting pizza combinations there. I shudder to think…….

    • I read they have ice cream flavours that are rather… surprising to the Western palate. Like tuna. Or codfish oil. They’ve clearly thrown overboard the idea that ice cream is a dessert and thought, Why the hell limit ourselves to sweet and fruity flavours? I just wonder if lactose-intolerant Japanese can eat ice cream that contains cream, or if they limit themselves to sorbets, or if they use lactose-free milk or soy milk as cream.

      Hey, the ancient Romans (well those who could afford it) had fresh ice and snow from the Alps brought to the cities and poured fruit sirups over it or used it to chill fruit salads. Mankind has always tried out bizarre stuff in the hopes that’ll make their food even better. Like setting ice cream aflame.

  7. There is a show (forgive me I’m uncertain the name of it) I think it’s called Gaki no Tsuki. The whole premise of the show is there are 4 comedians and if they laugh, they get punished. The producers will have them do all kinds of stupid stuff to make them laugh. One skit they asked one of the guys to walk like 5 steps up the sidewalk and turn a sign around. Half way up was a small deadfall pit and he falls in (it doesn’t hurt him, but everyone laughs). He then turns the sign around and it says “beware of Deadfall!” witch cracks everyone up again.

  8. Now I know if I ever get the chance to travel to Japan never to watch television there. I love the culture and food, and the people there are wonderful to talk to, just I think the tv shows are past the point of sanity.

  9. So am I getting this right… Bunker’s evil brother is still alive somewhere? Paging Mss. Foreshadowing, loading Chekov’s Gun…
    But it can’t be Martin, cuz 1) we’re already met Martin’s family, and 2) that’d be too corny even for Mr. Unseen DM. Er, I mean, for Kevin. *cough* Besides, Martin’s player didn’t know anything about Bunker’s (the character’s) secret background.

    Where’s Tequal? Wait, I have the world map of Lesser Earth somewhere on my hard drive…hm, here it is. Where are they right now? Garadur? I don’t think the group has been to Tequal yet during the course of the comic, is that correct, Kevin? Sounds vaguely Middle American, so I expect fantasy-Aztecs or fantasy-Mayans with jungle kingdoms and tiered pyramids, and, since this is 4E, scorpion-god-worshipping jungle drow? No, that was Eberron. How about Lamiae (the D&D centauroid-catpeople version, not the Greek snakewomen version) with jaguar and panther bodies instead of lion bodies? Or lots of reptile people. And giant dire army ants! Lots of them! Or swarms of fiendish army ants that are immune to fire and Martin’s eldritch blast powers and love to paralyse naughty little warlocks and eat them with hot chili peppers! Mhwahahahaha!

    • Hey, I’m playing in the game Kevin is currently running in this setting. Please don’t give him any more nasty ideas for monsters that *I* will have to fight?

        • Oh, I am. Currently running a Cthulhu Now campaign and some d20 D&D Pathfinder homebrew adventures where everyone’s playing (homebrew template) goblins and kobolds, on the run from… well, everyone, basically. They were drafted into the Evil Army of goblinoids and demons, to fight an army of paladins and clerics who summoned angels. Then when the shit hit the fan (did anyone expect any different?) and an enemy assassin poisoned the army’s drow wizard with insanity mist, the goblin rogue shivved their own raving troup wizard in the back and looted him! And then they deserted and ran away like the little traitorous cowards they are. 😉

          Now they’re marauding across the countryside, looking for treasure and things/monsters/people to eat and for a way to get rid of their mystical army tattoo. Mayhem and bloodshed, I tell you. But they found out quickly that there’s people out there who can frag them good, so they willing to suck up to someone more powerful. (Someone told me I should run that campaign using the “Yes, Master” RPG rules.) 😆

          So far they left alive a dumb ogre deserter (Private Meatshield, who was promptly killed by a group of human pikemen and archers), a travelling archivist (he was useful), some shady high-level wizard on the run from… something (he might be useful), and a naive young apprentice student of languages they share a cabin with on the smuggling ship they’re on (because he amuses them, so they adopted him like a mascot).

          It’s scary to think that the player running the goblin rogue used to run the paladin of Heironeous in my previous high-level campaign.