622 – Prep Work • 05

The Wednesday Video

Since there was some recent discussion here about dating and attracting members of the opposite sex, I thought I’d put this video up here to help out. The tactics presented are just as valid for women as they are for men. Good luck!

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  1. About the video: funny concept, but the lyrics were disappointing. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the quality of College Humor’s music videos and am expecting too much from the things random strangers do to amuse me. But, eh, I felt there were missed opportunities.

    In the same vein as that, there’s Learning how to play guitar… Well enough to get laid.


    • I liked it, but the one you posted is pretty damn funny too.

      College Humor is on my list of YouTube subscriptions, but they don’t allow for people to embed their video, making inclusion problematic.

  2. Today’s comic is made of all kinds of awesome. :mrgreen:
    So once Chorka revived he was once again a valid target…*facepalm* My head hurts in sympathy. This is the kind of madness that you get when you follow an insane concept to the bitter end. 😆

    And I think we can safely take panels 2 and 6 as proof that Chorka was indeed a plush toy stuffed with filling. Did Mr. Unseen DM stitch Xs over the teddy bear’s eyes when Chorka “died” and then ripped out the threads again in a dramatic gesture? Hilarious.

  3. I liked today’s comic.

    The Song was ok, but I like stuff that Rocks a little bit more!
    Kevin you should check out Tendacious D – “F**k Her Gently”.

  4. saw that coming. You made an excellent setup for this scenario, now all you have to do is let bunker take control of the bear through severed nerve endings, and you’re set!

    And I guess I’ll have to start playing my guitar again. I was at least as good as the guy in the video, so a little practice will make me a god, right?

    • OMG, does Martin still have his warlock power to animate dead in 4E? And did 4E drop the HD restriction?

      Headless teddy bear zombie…. 🙁

      • Unfortunately no. 4e removed most of the warlock’s necro flavor. (At least so far.) You know, there really ought to be a necromancer class…

    • I’m confused. In the first of those vids, the Gnome is “now a monster” and in the second is “now a player character”. So, which is it? Sorry – never played D&D, and this Gnome back and forth makes no sense.

      • Clearly, it is both.

        Up until 4e, gnomes were a player race. In the release of 4e, they were changed from players to monsters. (And teiflings from monsters to players.) Later, when the Player’s Handbook II came out, gnomes were added back into the mix as an option for players to pick.

        The reasons for all this are of course so obvious that there is no need for me to go into them here.

    • I’d never seen those before. The guy who animated them, Adam Phillips, is awesome. I’ve been following his biteycastle.com stuff for a long time. Now I have to go and watch more of those. Wheeeeee!