619 – Prep Work • 02

The Wednesday Video

It is amazing to me how far this came before the whole project was scrubbed. It kinda makes me sad. I was really excited about playing D&D with my friends in Texas. It’s just sort of sadly interesting now.

We had grand plans and we were overly ambitious in what could actually be accomplished in the time we had. We don’t want to overextend or overpromise anymore. We’re going to finish the D&D Character Builder, then take stock of where we are and what we can and should concentrate on next. Things are in the works, and I look forward to the day when the whole grand plan comes together. But we’ll be more realistic in our goals and timelines moving forward.

17 Responses to 619 – Prep Work • 02

  1. Basically a version of GameTable that wanted to be 3D.

    But GameTable exists already (and supports so many different games) so I never really got interested in the 4e thing. Since GameTable is, you know, free and all.

    On the other hand, maybe the map making was easier. Oh well.

  2. Ahhhh, classic Enkidu style. Classic.

    So, Mr. Dear GM, is Enkidu ever getting his charming looks back? I mean, the pig face matches his pig spirit, but he kinda looks like a crossover between a pig, an orc and a meatball. It’s insulting, degrading and an excellent punishment, but c’mon, did you have to take away his cigar?! 👿

  3. I kinda like the pig look, but him as a him again would be sweet. And I agree, we need the cigar back. Cigars = cool. Or so people like Enkidu assume.

  4. OMG – that presentation was boring… I love roleplaying, have played my part of different systems and have rarely seen something that can beat good old GM-imagination and a bit of the oldfasioned hard work… finding nice pictures, photocopying, printing, cutting out, gluing and making handouts… But HEY – the real deal is (…spoiler, guys!) it’s all in the head!
    The modern media is trying to monopolize our imaginations – so that we no longer can entertain ourselvers without their products… we become poor, both in monetary means but most important in using our imaginations!

    • I think you may have been missing something… (Not that it wasn’t a boring presentation.)

      The virtual table wasn’t meant as a replacement for getting together, but as an aid for people who couldn’t get together. My hope was to use it to play with my friends who now live over a thousand miles away. The old fashioned hard work falls a little short here.