616 – Chorka • 25

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Y’know, I’ve always thought this, but I would never say so. Because… y’know…

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  1. So very, very true. I recently defriended a social acquaintance on FB because after she found out EVERY SINGLE UPDATE said something about her pregnancy. And she’s still got at least 4-5 months to go. I was over it real fast. She was someone I only see at mutual friends’ parties anyway and kind of annoying pre-pregnancy to boot, so it was no great loss.

  2. Monster-Mash! 8)
    I can’t help imagining the Unseen DM pulling out a second plush animal from under the table and making them fight, with lots of RARR and GRAAR noises, while his players look at him like he’s lost it. But of course they’re not saying anything because they don’t want their characters stepped on by a giant killer bunny. (As if small, white killer bunnies aren’t dangerous enough already.) 😉

    • My favorite monster movie as a kid was Gargantua!, which was about about these two brother monsters (they looked sort of like fur-covered weightlifters with vampire teeth) and their fun with poor, benighted Tokyo. The green gargantua was bad, and liked to knock down houses and eat the people inside. The brown gargantua was good and atended mall openings and was probably a vegetarian. They fought. (I never said it was a good movie!)

  3. Oh hey its gooch…. gouche?

    You know what, nevermind what her name is. She was on scrubs, and I totally love that song.

  4. I was just talking to my soon to be wife about this very subject… she promptly left and went shopping.

  5. You know I think that song really only pertains to smug pregnant women. My brother’s wife was like that when she was pregnant. My wife on the other hand was mostly just pissed off. Guess it depends on the attitude pre-pregnancy as well.

    Bunker’s into the kink. Heh. Makes me think of The Frighteners, when the cowboy ghost has a go with the mummy at the museum. “I like it when they lie still like that.”

  6. Rannom thought…

    If’n Bunker were to find out about Velvet and Orctongue, would that be grounds for divorce?

    *Do* Orcs divorce? Or go straight to ‘Widow’?