613 – Chorka • 22

The Wednesday Video

It’s hard to have too much to say about this video (it’s actually a commercial for cheese… which you probably shouldn’t be eating) without giving anything away. It’s about a mouse… though I wouldn’t really put it in the “cute” category. I’d say it was awesome, but we all know how easy I am to entertain. However, it isn’t about Haiti, it’s not about politics, and it won’t make you fear the future. Enjoy… Nolan’s Cheddar.

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  1. Made me laugh. But then I was prepared to laugh at the poor mousie getting his neck broke. We used to have mice in my house. We set a bunch of traps and killed a ton of em. Found one with a trap snapped across its nose, all hunched up cause it had been dragging the trap across the floor before it died. Poor thing. Better the ones that had a trap across their necks. Quick and painless I hope.

      • When we had mice at our farm, we would use some makeshift traps made from 10liter buckets, half filled with water, then the lid cut so it just fit into the top and a piece of wire through the middle so it swivelled and flipped any mice into the water. Then it was just a matter of sticking some bait on the middle of the lid and making sure they could get to the top. They couldn’t climb out because the sides were too slippery, and after a while in there they eventually drowned. Of course, if you can’t bear to kill them you can just leave out the water, but if they made it in in the first place, they’ll come again and a again. We did once try to keep one we trapped as a pet in an old hamster cage, but it was too resilient and made it out eventually, only to be stomped when we found out it had escaped.

          • We always had cats. At least two, but at most three. Right now I have one and she kills mice, moles, gophers or whatever else she can get her claws into. Eats em too sometimes. Personally I don’t think letting a cat kill them is any nicer than snapping their mousy necks, but I guess that’s just the way cats are.

      • I can, I’m afraid, beat that. During the Invasion last winter, we had a mouse that somehow got caught in a trap by it’s eye.

        It… wasn’t pretty.

    • I understand about the mice, I grew up just a few houses away from a huge field and we would get field mice every time rained hard. Although it’s rare, they can and occasionally do carry rabies.
      I had one join me in the shower one morning. I was 13 and still groggy from having just woken up, and this particular mouse decided my shoulder was the best spot in the whole shower. I was not expecting a visitor and was less than thrilled. I learned that day that thrown soap is a useless weapon, but the bottom of an almost completely empty bottle of shampoo can pin the mouse for a few seconds against the bottom of the tub where upon the rodent will drown in less than 15 seconds while you try and figure out what you’re going to do with your pinned adversary. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t feel like a victory, it just leaves you feeling bad.
      …. wow that was a horrible story…
      way to tell an awful story, Aiki.

  2. WMG and Sony Music Entertainment are blocking the online content outside of USA. 😡 This is getting more and more common (free and public videos that you still cannot watch if you’re in a specific country, or rather, if you’re not in a specific country) and it’s pissing me off. Hulu is doing it, BBC online, MTV USA, Sony Entertainment, SyFy Channel…. stupid, stupid. Especially if it’s content that is totally free (provided you’re in the correct country), or short-lived, and not anything that will ever be available on DVD anywhere… like documentary video diaries of Stephen Fry that BBC put online as accompanyment to the “Last Chance to See” nature exploration tour with Mark Carwardine. You can buy the damn book, but if you’re German, you’re not allowed to see the videos. Unless you find them as “illegal” content on Youtube.

    • Wow. That really is irritating. Unexpected too since this thing is a commercial.

      I’m really sorry. I can’t tell what will play for you guys and what won’t, but if you go to YouTube and find a version of Nolan’s Cheddar that plays for you, I’ll post that one instead.

  3. I don’t know. I just don’t know. I really just don’t know. I’m afraid I really just don’t know. I’m afraid even I really just don’t know. I have to tell you I’m afraid even I really just don’t know. I’m afraid I have to tell you…
    *stops to drink some water*
    I do expect Orc-tongue, hero of the people, to save the day. Aside from that I don’t know.

  4. Too predictable to be that funny. The music made it, but still wasn’t laugh-out-loud funny. After eating all of that cheese, he really needs to do more cardio than weight training, anyway.

  5. Ok …. at 20.0 seconds to 22 seconds in the video the Mouse totally winks at you… damn mice are getting smarter by the day.

  6. Ooh – I love a good extra sharp cheddar. I wonder how Nolan’s seriously strong cheddar tastes? I’d risk a trap for that!

    90 seconds is a long time for a commercial.

  7. I love Bunkers remark. He doesn’t seem quite happy with his situation. Or maybe he’s all together too familiar with it, it’s hard to tell.

    That cheese commercial was a bit predictable, although I did expect the mouse to try and get to the cheese for a popeye-like transformation, but in any case, it made me want to try that cheese(I like strong cheese). Might I suggest you look for scandinavian or just plain norse commercials? There is a tradition in our societies to have commercials that are a bit absurd, although you may have trouble understanding most. I suggest starting with Tele2, a swedish communications corporation that is now one of the biggest in Europe, and as such their commercials are in english.

  8. Reminds me of the I Regret Nothing shirt. Dang I’m gonna get all off topic but the Wisconsin supreme court says Kevin T. Singer can’t have D&D in prison. Cause it promotes “escape fantasies” and it’s “own gang”. He’s a lifer – after his little sister came home all beat up he took a sledgehammer and killed the guy. My guess is he plays a Paladin. My point is this: you’re taking books away from prisoners because they play imagination games and stay out of real gangs. You know what we need to take out of prison? The Bible. It gives prisoners weird ideas about going to Heaven and being forgiven for their crimes. Hell needs soldiers!!!! Cmon Pat Robertson do your real job!

  9. The mouse commercial seriously needs an edit down to ~30 seconds. Original music would’ve helped it, too, because then it wouldn’t suffer the “5 seconds of Eye of the Tiger” problem.

    Seriously though, watching the same mouse be stuck in a trap for that long just gets boring. I do not want their cheese and I LOVE cheese. ):