605 – Chorka • 14

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I consider myself to be a reasonably competent cook. I enjoy the food I make and others often ask for specific dishes I like to prepare because they like them too. Lena is at least as good in the kitchen as I am, and we have a good time at the stove together.

So why is it these guys seem to be having so much more fun than me?

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  1. Dr. Chorka I presume ?

    I think one should try buying 50-100 liters of flavored gelatin, dump it directly on the kitchen table and see how much fun ensues…

  2. The reason they are having so much fun Kevin, is because they are monkeys. And they have jell-o. Ask any small child and they will tell you that jell-o is one of the more entertaining of dishes, and since small children are only slightly more intelligent than small monkeys (believe me, I have two. Children, not monkeys.) the monkeys are having just that much more fun than a small child would have. And small children love jell-o, as I said.

  3. I think it’s terrible that they hide the delicious blue berries in an anti-monkey bubble wrap.

    Kevin you mean to tell me you don’t get to play with bouncy, jiggly, playful round squishy dishes on a regular basis, I think you need to rethink your priorities in life.

      • Thanks. 😀 I was without regular internet access for, hm, the last two weeks or so? All this travelling over the holidays…

        What seriously amuses me is that Swillsberne, the Chaotic rogue, seems to be the only one who is looking for regular employment!

        (Fleece is another rogue working under contract, although IMO she doesnt really count because she’s just Martin’s henchwoman despite what she thinks.)

        All the other characters are technically homeless bums, wandering the landscape, or rather flying around in a stolen airship, beating people up, mugging innocent gold dragons and robbing its dragon lair. For shame!

        Well, I say “stolen” because they don’t have papers of ownership, do they?

  4. It’s because they’re using monkey hands for utensils.

    Get ahold of some monkey hands and eat off of ’em, and just TRY to tell me it wasn’t the funnest thing you’ve ever done.

  5. Wishes that always go horribly horribly wrong! So I’m assuming that Swillsberne just found Chorka, or maybe the remains of one of Chorka’s victims. The question now is whether or not he’s gonna come riding up on Chorka and use the bear to slaughter our intrepid heroes!!! Or get his head ripped off while standing there mouth agape. Either one works for me.