603 – Chorka • 12

So all like, Happy New Year and junk!

Still-life, Ron, Tonya. That may be the wrong order.

For me though, the New Year isn’t about champagne and noisemakers, streamers, fireworks and kisses. (Okay, maybe a bit with the champagne and the kisses.) No, for me, New Year’s is all about Lena.

You see, New Year’s Eve is Lena’s birthday, and this year she will be ♗✌ years old. (That’s like six hundred and four in topless Vegas dancer years.) Tonight, which for you is yesterday though the miracle of “automated blog posting”, we and a group of good friends are all going out to eat at Nero’s, a birthday tradition for Lena for the past… four years? Maybe five now? It’s a cool place with good food that looks like it’s designer suffered a massive and fatal coronary somewhere around 1972. It’s kind of dark with roman statuary and wooden columns all over the place.

(Time passes…)

Okay, just got back from Nero’s, and then Ron and Tonya’s New Year’s party. We have had a great time, which I will tell you more about tomorrow. (And some pix.)

Till then, enjoy your New Years, and I’ll see you Friday!

(More time passes…)

"Spaghetti Straps"

It’s today! The dinner was fun and for the first time ever, I walked into a place that looked exactly like it did in my head when I went to Ron and Tonya’s house. It’s like this wonderful sort of treehouse off in the woods. (With electricity and jello shots!) There were HAPPY NEW YEAR banners painted on every glass surface in the house, a big, welcoming table of food, as well as a never-ending supply of margaritas, the official drink of the new decade. After an all-too short time there, those of us not smart enough to have taken the next day off headed home, where we retired Lena’s birthday in quiet style, with foot rubs, back rubs, and an episode of Farscape.

Happy birthday, my beautiful Lena.

Roxanne and Hal, the Dynamic-ish Duo!

Happy New Year, my fantastic friends.

And Happy Me, for having you both!

Carol, imagining how good those shields behind her are going to look in her living room. (She's kind of a klepto.)

16 Responses to 603 – Chorka • 12

  1. New Year’s is your birthday?

    You must get like, super-hammered. Hammered enough to make failed mandates in DF look like a misheard question.

  2. Happy B-Day Lena!!! And new years, whatever. I don’t care that it’s new years. But my wife’s b-day is on monday, so there’s that, and mine is on the 15th. So we’re all Capricorns. No wonder I always want to side with your wife when you talk about the stuff you guys do Kevin. Cause she’s always right. Just like mine.

  3. Happy b-day, Lena. Looking forward to some compromising pics of Kevin!

    PS: How do I make friends with people who live in tree-houses? It’s like being friends with elves, except that other people can see them too!

    • Hey Lavister, have you ever thought about writing something of your own? It wouldn’t have to be a comic, but it could be. I bet you’d really enjoy it! (I do!) 😀

      • I’ve been looking into developing and writing characters as a hobby, mostly seeing if I can imagine responses from characters in webcomics, based on what I know of them. Writing descriptions(locations, surroundings, items) is easier, not least because of my large vocabulary and active imagination. I am also skilled in drawing, and tried making comics from sessions I had with my gaming group. Unfortunately we’ve since broken up, and some of us moved quite a distance, and I haven’t found a new one yet. Time is also a factor, I have meny other things to take care of, but I hope I can produce something soon(I have a lot of ideas).